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Saimoé CivVI

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:19 pm
by HaloCapella
since i havent got any civs to be made in-game for Civ5. might as well make ideas for the next game, Civ6.

first things first, a few points about Civ6:

Each empire in Civ6 has a Civilization ability, Leader Ability, Unique Unit, and Unique Infrastructure.
(Infrastructure can be either a building, district, or improvment.)
*keep on mind that Leaders can have more than one unique unit so theres less limits*
*Also, there can be more than one leader for each empire.*

recent change: Haruhi is placed by Akiyama Mio. and JCS now added.

KyoAni Empire
Stars of Fortune: +5% production towards all units, buildings and districts.

Akiyama Mio - Ho-kago Tea Time: Units get +2 combat bonus when defending for every nearby great work of writing, art, or music in a city you own by 6 tiles away. +1 amenities for every slot filled by a great work of writing, art, or music in a city.
(Singing to the World: Will try to collect as much great works available. Dislikes leaders possessing less great works than her.)

Sakagami Tomoyo - Chain Combo: Gain an extra slot for a Diplomatic policy slot regardless of government type (needs Political Philsophy civic). All units get +5 attack bonus if nearby support units. Gains the Key Force unique unit with the Diplomatic Service civic.
(Sakuranoki Guardian: Friendly towards leaders with weak militaries. Dislikes leaders who delares war against City-States.)

Key Force - Unique unit for Sakagami Tomoyo. Renaissance Anti-Cavalry Unit. 50 strength. Available in Diplomatic Service. Generates influence points for envoys from killing units.
Mo~e Marine - (replaces Infantry) +10 Attack bonus and +1 movement when moving/attacking from sea or river. Killing units causes the enemy civilization to generate extra war weariness.
KyoAni Shop - (replaces Market) unique building. +2 faith. +1 points for Great Writer, Great Artist, and Great Musician.

Joint Council of Stars
Kugimiya Knights: +1 great person point to specialty districts for every other specialty district constructed on another city.

Shana - Nietono no Shana: Can train units on cities without their required strategic resources. Units requiring strategic resources get +1 combat strength for every strategic resource you have.
(Burning-Eyed Hunter: Accumulates as much strategic resources as she can. Dislikes leaders with more strategic resources than her.)

Misaka Mikoto - Scientific Railgun: Combat bonus against units from earlier ages. Earns science from killing units that are not from an earlier age.
(Ace of Tokiwadai: Dislikes leaders who are behind in technology and lacking science.)

Familiar - (replaces Knight) Faster movement on woods, jungles, and hills.
Dormitory - (replaces Campus) unique district. +1 science for each adjacent district, and cheaper to build.

will put in more soon~

Re: Saimoé CivVI

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:04 am
by HaloCapella
here's the Civ6 version for AIC

Aperture Interstellar Confederation (AIC)
Order of the Lotus: Missionaries and Apostles can spend charges to claim neutral tiles, and spend charges to improve tiles.

Tachibana Kanade - Servant of God: Type bonuses from City-States if following your religion are 50% more powerful. (If following your religion, they're now 100% more powerful with the Papal Primacy founder belief.) Gains Kanade clones instead of Swordsmen.
(Angel against Rebellion: Dislikes leaders converting City-States theyre suzerain with to their religion)

Gokou Ruri - Dark Vortex: Regional effects from your Industrial Zone and Entertainment Complex causes nearby enemy cities to lower production up to -30% and amenities up to -3. Build Campus, Industrial Zone, and Entertainment Complex half the time.
(Kuroneko: Likes leaders with advanced technology and strong production and amenities. Dislikes leaders with advanced technology but low production and amenities.)

Kanade Clone - unique unit for Tachibana Kanade. replaces Swordsmen. can be purchased with faith. greater strength. Boosts nearby religious units' strength for theological combat by +10.
BR Shooter - (replaces Machine Gun) +1 movement. can move after attack.
Flower Garden - unique improvement. available in Theology. +1 faith and +1 culture. Additional faith and culture for every adjacent district. extra defense. must be adjacent to city tile.

EDIT: added Gokou Ruri, and did some changes on the other leader.
EDIT2: Tachibana Kanade now gains the Kanade Clone unique unit. fixed abit of leader ability.