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Postby ISML Seitokai » Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:00 pm

"Attractive and intelligent boys like this chump is someone I can never be a good match for" -Tomori Nao

Council Directive 1526

Proposal: The Seitokai shall announce the winners of ISML 2015 Awards: Art Contest
Proposed by: Nakamura Yuri
Consent: Sanzen'in Nagi, Nakamura Yuri, Tokisaki Kurumi, Nagato Yuki, Katsuragi Keima, Tomori Nao
Dissent: None
Abstain: None


~One fine afternoon, our beloved Seitokai members were enjoying some high tea sponsored by Nagi when Yuki came into the room holding a peculiar-looking report~

Yuki: Yuri, we have received a report from the Magistrate.

Yuri: Let me take a look.

*Yurippe opens the report and was taken slightly aback when she saw the contents*

Nao: What's it about?

Yuri: It's the results of the ISML Awards Art Contest! It had completely slipped my mind, considering the amount of 'work' we were doing.

Nao: Same here, I forgot that it even existed in the first place considering how underwhelming it was.

Nagi: Oh! I want to know the result! Hayate!

*Hayate peeks at the report that Yuri was currently holding*

Hayate: Hmm, ojou-sama, it seems that the first award is dedicated towards the Po-

Nao: *kicks Hayate out of the window* Hey, butler dude, don't spoil it for anyone yet!


Nagi: Hey! How dare you kick my butler out of the window like that!

Nao: Come on now, he'll definitely live. After all, he's a pretty strong dude and he's packing some thick armour underneath that clo-

Nagi: That's not what I meant! Only I, his master, has the right to kick him out of any window.

Kurumi: Ooo~ Looks like the welfare of the butler is ignored here, ufufu~

Yuri: Alright, everybody settle down. It's clear that we need to set up an official ceremony for this. Yuki, please help me send all the necessary invitations to our poster winners and other relevant guests. Also, help me book the ISML Auditorium and get a room permit to furnish it for the event.

Nagato: Affirmative.

Nagi: Seems like Yuki would need some help. Hayate!

-Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hayate appears in a dishevelled state, yet rather alert-

Nagi: Help Yuki with the procedures.

Hayate: As you wish, ojou-sama.

Yuri: The rest of you, I'll be assigning you roles as well. Nao, act as my co-host!

Nao: Alrighty then, boss.

Yuri: Keima and Nagi, could you two be our guest commentators to represent the judges?

Keima: I would like to kindly reject that off-

Yuri: What?

Keima: N-nevermind, I accept.

Yuri: Alright, that just leaves Kurumi. Could you handle the security of the area?

Kurumi: Ara ara~ with pleasure, my dear Yurippe~

-1 month later, at the newly furnished ISML Auditorium-

Nao: *ehem* Check 1, 2 and 3 mic seems to be working Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Second edition of the ISML Awards Art Contest! My name is Tomori Nao!

Yuri: And I am Nakamura Yuri. We shall be your hosts for today's ceremony!

Yuri: Without further ado, let us begin the ceremony. First and foremost, let us introduce to you our guest commentators, who will be representing the judges today. They are Miss Sazen'in Nagi and Mr. Katsuragi Keima!

-Nagi and Keima approach the judge's panel, each dressed to the occasion with Nagi in a sleek and elegant flaming red dress while Keima was equipped with a staple formal black suit, perfectly complementing each other-

Keima: *grumbles* I hope this ends quickly. The new game 'Re:Love' just came out and I want to be the first to 100% it.

Nao: And now, let us welcome the five winners of the ISML Awards up onto the stage as their winning posters will be revealed along with other miscellaneous awards to commend some others for their posters!

*A round of applause echoes the auditorium*

Yuri: First off, while she may be small in size, her personality and looks very much make up for the size deficit. Winner of the ISML 2015 Awards: Best Female Character in Postseason WITHOUT AN OFFICIAL POSTER: Yoshino!

-The youthful blue-haired spirit walks up onto the stage, dressed in a lovely white hat and a matching sundress-

Nao: Next, the magical red lady of the esteemed Tōsaka family and Winner of the ISML 2015 Award: Best Female Character in Regular Season without an official Poster: Tōsaka Rin!

-The gracious magician walks up to the stage with much confidence, wearing a shimmery purple dress-

Nao: Our next winner has faced so much, endured many hardships and is heavily commended as one of the toughest girls around; The winner of the ISML 2015 Awards: Best Female Character in the Preliminaries without an Offical Poster- Akemi Homura!

-The stoic, yet elegant girl enters the auditorium. Her stare is brave and undaunted as she makes her way to the center of the stage, dressed in a simple black dress-

Yuri: Moving on to the Males, we have a man who might as well be labelled the SDHS Amusement Park Manager due to his incredible feats, the winner of the ISML 2015 Awards: Best Male Character in the Regular Season without an Official Poster- Kanie Seiya!

-A dashing young man walks in with a fabulous white suit on, a pompous expression on his face as he takes to the center-

Nao: And last but not least, this man might be cunning and slippery, but with his looks giving off a dignified nature that many can't help noticing, Winner of the ISML 2015 Awards: Best Male in the Preliminaries without an Official Poster- Kaiki Deishu!

~A man looking in his late 40s creeps in, with an old yet seasoned looking overcoat and a black shirt and pants.-

Rin: I feel like she's intentionally mocking us somehow...

Yuri: I'm sure you're just imagining things. Anyway, for our very first award, we have the Judge's Pick! This pick is specially picked from our judges, whom we shall dub, M-san, H-san, and T-san.

Nao: The winner of this award is....from Yoshino's Group, entry #Y1 by Kurogarasu!


Yuri: Let us hear from the commentators on why they chose this poster as the winner. Nagi-san, Keima-san, do you have anything say?

Nagi: Eh? This one's the winner? Looks like yet another mainstream loli character that serves no purpose whatsoever...

Nao: Nagi, refrain from personal comments, please. Also, you're one of those mainstream loli characters yourself you know..

Keima: A-anyways, I think she looks rather lively. The poster presents a nice depiction of this side of Yoshino-chan, the Yoshino who is smiling cheerfully without any weight in her mind. Reminds me a bit of Yokkyun in a way.

Nagi: Well, the color choices are great, and the abstract background sure helps to bring out that gradation. But, maybe it would have been better if the background was a scenery? Regardless, it's a gorgeous poster either way.

Yuri: Thank you very much for the comments. Our next poster will be the Best Kaiki Poster. Among all the choices chosen, we have seen various sides of Kaiki being produced, from a more serious side to a casual side of Kaiki that we have never seen before.

Nao: But ultimately, we can only have one winner and our winner is.... from Kaiki's group, entry #D1 by kukimunstir!


Nagi: Well, it is rather bold and straight to the point. It shows the main traits of the characters and gives this solemn elegance to him.

Kaiki: My, my this is lovely. Could make some solid money with this picture....

Nao: Next up, the best Kanie Seiya Poster. The team had a really hard time to narrow down which Kanie Poster did they like the most. Combine it with the votes and it turned into a rather close battle!

Yuri: But the results have been finalized. And that winner is....from Kanie Seiya's group, entry #K1 by kukimunstir again!


Kanie: Wow, this looks like one of those portraits you see of kings and queens from the golden ages. Perhaps I could hang this up in my office...

Yuri: Right, next up, the Best Rin Poster. Another nail-biter, as reported by the tallying team. But, one poster stood out and that was.... entry #T3 by Kurogarasu!


Rin:Fabulous work done by the artist. To whomever it was, I give my thumbs up to you.

Nagi: I agree, this just looks gorgeous all around. That twilight/sunset scenery really added to the effect of making it look overall, a masterpiece.

Nao: We are nearing the end right now as we approach the second last poster, the Best Yoshino Poster. The team had lots of 'fun' looking at the various styles used to depict the cute and cuddly Yoshino.

Yuri: But, one poster was the clear winner and that was entry #Y4 by XxPurple-CrystalxX!


Keima: This one's really bright and brimming with energy. You can see Yoshino in a rather cute overall dress, wearing a really cute beret. Combined with the body posture and once again, the fantastical use of colours, it's no wonder this was the winner.

Yoshino: This looks lovely <3

Yuri: And now, the final poster and what could be considered as the overall Champion Poster of them all. This poster has won two awards, including the Popular Pick amongst the voters.

Nao: Without further ado, that poster is...

Nao: From Akemi Homura's group, entry #H4 by everyone's lovable new staff member, avery-kun!


Keima: I must say, splendid use of colours here and great editing overall. That poster is sending me what I believe is Homura's personality- cool, stoic and a beauty all around.

Nagi: I totally agree. Plus, Homura even is blushing a bit, adding that moe factor to it as well. Truly worthy of being identified as a Champion Poster!

Yuri: And thus, we have come to the end of this awards ceremony. We would like to thank all participants for participating in the art contest for you shall receive 5 ICS per poster!

Nao: The winners will receive a total of 150 ICS and 2 random cards for each category won. We will now commence the after-performance to commemorate the end of today's ceremony with my fav-

Yuri: *forcefully covers Nao's mouth* S-she means the lovely Sakamoto Maaya and her newest single, Million Clouds!

Nao: *muffled noises* (Translation: WHY IS IT NOT ZHIEND)

Nakamura Yuri
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Chibasa » Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:05 pm

Lovely =3

Spoiler for "much more stuff than Toady":

Hikarin is the best

After facing the rain, you'll become an even cuter rainbow !Keep believe in yourself. <3
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Toady » Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:16 pm

Congratulations to all the winners: Gara, PurpleCrystal, kuki and avery-kun. Awesome work, I really love them all.

I totally want to hug this Homura <3
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Hikarin <3

Thank you Secret Santa :3
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Kiwigiwi » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:13 pm

Waaaaahhh <3 Thank youuuu <3

And congratulations to Crystal, Kuki and avery too~~!

Hope to see you guys again in the next poster contest~
Merry Christmas, Tonakai-san!
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Euphony » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:42 pm

ISML Seitokai wrote:Image

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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby shadowhunter » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:48 pm

Grats to winners!
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Shmion84 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:56 pm

shadowhunter wrote:Grats to winners!
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby maglor » Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:23 pm

Congratulation, avery for taking over the art side of ISML in addition to coding side. I think Hikari-chan and KS may want to revise your contract.
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby BugH » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:39 pm

congratz kuki, crow and of course a-kun...!!
>Thanks to my secret santa<
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Hikari-chan » Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:10 am

i would like to hire all of you to be my slaves lovely helpful friends <33
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Lulu » Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:10 pm

Shmion84 wrote:
shadowhunter wrote:Grats to winners!
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby kukimunstir » Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:22 pm

wehoo congratulations evrynyan <3
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby XxPurple-CrystalxX » Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:20 pm


Congrats to Gara, avery, and kuki~~
Much love to Grish and Kiwi for the sigs ♡

Spoiler for Umi Umi Uuu~:
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Just » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:00 am

Congrats to all! ^^

*adds avery to a certain mysterious list*

Hikari-chan wrote:i would like to hire all of you to be my slaves lovely helpful friends <33


Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby Rupy » Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:46 am

Lulu wrote:
Shmion84 wrote:
shadowhunter wrote:Grats to winners!
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Re: STARTING NOW!! (CD 1526)

Postby LeaderMagnet » Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:19 pm

Best posters ever.
Spoiler for Top 10 contestants in ISML history with the highest number of main tournament votes (till the end of 2015 postseason):
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#7 Nakano Azusa - 958393 votes (874549+14690+69154)
#6 Saber - 963255 votes (922528+1700+39027)
#5 Suzumiya Haruhi - 1011372 votes (964735+5865+40772)
#4 Nagato Yuki - 1020730 votes (948237+8208+64195)
#3 Misaka Mikoto - 1046061 votes (886405+20869+138787)
#2 Aisaka Taiga - 1126069 votes (1007236+15573+103260)
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