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Bilibili Moe 2017

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Bilibili Moe 2017

Postby smartboyhw » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:29 pm

3rd edition of the tournament hosted by Bilibili with female and male divisions. See the 2016 and 2015 tournament threads.

Main site

Reservation mechanism (Why I posted this now):
If you have a Lv2 or above Bilibili account registered on or before 30th April, 2017 with attachment to a phone number, you are allowed to "reserve". The reservation shall end on 19th June, 2017, 0:00 a.m.

Reservation mechanism benefits:
1. Easier access to the voting page from homepage and mobile client
2. Notifications on voting activities
3. No SMS verification needed when voting (for voters who do not reserve, they will have to go through SMS verification every time they vote)
4. Able to nominate any character NOT on the pre-set list of participating characters

Tournament (Japanese anime division) starts on 22nd July, 2017.
Characters with new material between 1st October, 2016 and 30th June, 2017 (both dates inclusive) are eligible.
Matches run for 23 hours (00:00 - 23:00 UTC+8).

Spoiler for Tournament schedule:
22nd July - 4th August: Preliminaries (1 group per day for both genders, Top 8 of each group advance to main tournament, 9th-12th place of each group into repechage, groupings to be allocated by random)
5th - 6th August: Preliminaries repechage (1 group per day for both genders, Top 8 of each group advance to main tournamen, groupings to be allocated by random)
Main Tournament (Elimination style, draw to be decided by live lot drawing on 7th August. The 8 players with higher VF% in Preliminaries (exclusive of repechage) shall be seeded and avoid meeting each other before the finals)
8th - 15th August: 128 --> 32 (4 groups per day for both genders)
16th - 19th August: 32 --> 16 (4 groups per day for both genders)
20th - 21st August: 16 --> 8 (4 groups per day for both genders)
Finals (Elimination style, draw to be decided by live lot drawing on 22nd August):
23rd - 24th August: Quarterfinals (2 groups per day for both genders)
25th August: Semi-finals
26th August: Final

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Re: Bilibili Moe 2017

Postby IGNITE » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:17 am

So this thing ended recently and we are getting some extra votes coming in, I guess this is where they are coming from.
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