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2017 Ruby Campaigning Thread

2017 Ruby Campaigning Thread

Postby maglor » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:34 pm

This is the thread where you can do some campaigning in whatever language of your choice. Some discussions are also allowed here. There will be a link to this thread from ISML home page, that is a link that will connect this thread to the page you will see at , perhaps directing some visitors to ISML home page to this thread. This means outside people may see what is being said here so think carefully before posting things here. Below is a general guideline. It is not a strictly enforced guideline, but if your post do stray too far from it, it may be edited or deleted without warning.

(a) No excessively negative comments or offensive materials.
We don't want the place to become trash pit
(b) You may use various medias and forms to discuss or campaigns
Being able to post pictures, art creations, related video clips and musics, suggesting rallying cries, and giving pep talk to supporters would be what this thread can do well
(c) Avoid repetitive post
No one likes to see something again and again
(d) Discussions and questions/answers about a match, character, or series is welcome
People should be allowed to do other things related to the matches.
(e) Non-English posts are allowed
We will be doing our best to moderate all languages. Any one caught posting anything obscene or offensive will be punished
(f) You can "spam" with cute pictures of your character a little.
Make sure you don't overdo it, and try to avoid posting a picture someone already posted before.
(g) Make sure the picture you post will entirely fit inside 1000 X 1000 pixel square.
Since many people will be browsing from devices with small screens, it might be to your advantage to limit all dimension to be less than 800 pixels
(h) Do not campaign for characters not in the match.
It is best to campaign for them in the campaign thread for the match day that the character will appear in.
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