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Phase II over

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Congratulations to our 14 new Contestants! Our roster is nearly complete — only six more slots are left.

Phase III will begin on Sunday. The remaining Candidates have been placed into 14 groups of 7. Sunday will feature Groups 1-7 and Tuesday will feature Groups 8-14. You will be able to vote for up to two Candidates per group.

The top 3 winners in each group will advance to the second (and final) round on Thursday. Everybody else will be eliminated. Thursday’s round will consist of 6 groups of 7, and you will vote for just one Candidate in each group. The winners will be our final set of Contestants.

In addition to Phase III we need a little more seeding data for our 14 new Contestants. So the third and fourth round of Seeding will take place on Sunday and Tuesday in the form of an 8th arena on the ballot. Please vote for up to two Contestants in this arena as well. The data will help us write the schedule for the Regular Season.

Thanks for voting in ISML!

Archived featured matches, timer change

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Older featured match previews and teasers can now be viewed at this page. Thanks to all those who contributed and continue to write for us!

Everyone in the ISML Community is invited to submit match descriptions for upcoming matches (in multiple languages as well). Selected writeups (which are usually all of them) get posted on the front page while voting takes place.

Want to write for us? Visit the forums to share what you have. During the Preliminary Period, we are accepting submissions on this thread.

In other news, today we have reduced the voting timer to 4 minutes (240 seconds). We hope for everyone’s continuing cooperation with the timer in our effort to collect legitimate ballots and to help ensure the accuracy of voting results.

Bug report

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

If you voted for the first time in ISML today, you may have gotten this error:

“Insert error (IPVoteCount)”

This issue has been resolved. Your ballot was still recorded, but a typo in the script caused this message to show up in place of the “Thank you for voting” message. This is why you may have gotten the “This IP has already submitted a vote” message if you tried to submit your ballot a second time, because it was already recorded on the first try.

A different error that caused the voting form not to load in the first 4 minutes of the polling period was also fixed. It was a short enough period of time that we will not need to extend voting hours.

Thanks everyone for helping out and for your patience with the issue. 😀

End of seeding

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

And that concludes the seeding tournament; thank you to everyone who voted and helped us collect data.

There are no winners or losers in this event, necessarily; the final rankings on the front page simply provide a good estimate of Contestant strength, and we will use this to set up the Regular Season schedule for all our Contestants once the Preliminary Period concludes.

Preliminaries Phase II begins tomorrow, so more ISML action is ahead.

This week, we also thank our latest donor from Russia, who would like to be known as |/◕‿‿◕|x/.

Match Preview

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Between matches, the voting arena now shows a preview for the next upcoming match.

A brief confirmation error

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Voters in the first 20 minutes or so of Seeding 2 experienced an error in the confirmation screen, which lit up the wrong character portraits after a ballot was submitted.

This was an error in the display only; your ballot was still recorded correctly as you intended on the voting screen. The code provided in the text boxes was still consistent with your votes.

Sorry for the confusion!

…And while I’m on the topic, Shana and Hinagiku will receive points equal to the highest % of votes received in this round by any one Contestant. Don’t worry too much if the final seeding results are not what you may have wanted; the purpose of this tournament is to give us a recent measure of relative Contestant strength, so we are able to build a balanced Regular Season schedule. The difference between, say, 1st and 5th place won’t be very large.

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with us through this. :)

Site updates and donations

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Third post of the night! 😛 Make sure you read all three news posts.

Some initial Phase II information is available on the preliminaries homepage. What you can view are the brackets (courtesy of melange) for Phase II’s single-elimination tournament starting Thursday. More tables will be available later in the week.

Despite the tournament being called “elimination,” the Candidates who do not win Phase II still get one last chance in Phase III.

All Phase I results have been moved to this page in the Statistics realm.

Finally we take a moment to recognize and thank our latest donors — Vincent Valentine Chang (a.k.a. Newgunden) from Taiwan, zmjhgvn from Germany (repeat donor), and shinz_zhu from Canada (repeat donor). Your generosity is amazing, and our appreciation shall grow to match it.

Revised Phase III, Aquamarine delayed

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

In addition to the seeding tournament mentioned in the previous news entry, the other changes to the Charter this weekend include a rewrite of Phase III and the resulting delay of the Regular Season by one week.

Some difficulty in programming the original Phase III proposal had arisen (though its organization was perhaps a little confusing or even overly ambitious), so we have devised an alternate plan for the final preliminary phase — one that still retains balance and gives our less fortunate Candidates a few final shots at making it into the Regular Season.

Instead of a free-for-all pool, we will organize the remaining (98) Candidates into groups again for Round 1, but it will be just one match in which you can vote for up to two girls per group/arena. The top 3 winners from each group (total of 42) advance to Round 2 where they are grouped again for a single match. Here is where we decide our final 6 Contestant slots.

The Phase III revision requires two extra days on the Preliminary schedule. And because we still need some preparation time for Regular Season, Aquamarine will be pushed back one week. The Regular Season will start on 21 March instead of 14 March. (Also, the last round of Phase II and the first round of Phase III won’t occur on the same day like on the old plan. Things will be much better separated.)

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding. There’s still a lot more excitement to come.

Phase I concludes; seeding tournament next

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Congratulations to Holo, Nadeko, Mei, Konata, Minatsu, Rika, Ami, Ruiko, and Mikoto for advancing to the Regular Season!

Now they join the rest of the Phase I winners in a game with our 16 auto-qualified Contestants — the seeding tournament is coming up next. We need some pre-ranking data prior to the Regular Season, so this two-day event will help us figure that out. In Round 1, you will see the 30 Contestants split into five groups. Your job is to vote for up to 2 of them. Yes, two.

Round 2 will be the same way but with some of the girls shuffled around — and still two votes maximum per group/arena. The data we get will help us build a fair and balanced Regular Season schedule.

Our charter has been amended to include information about the seeding tournament. There are also extra things to be noted in the next news post.

First winners

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Congratulations to Mio, Nagi, Mafuyu, Kurimu, and Saber on their advancing to the Regular Season!

The Contestants page has been updated. The Phase I graph section of the preliminaries page has been updated, too, with a menu to view one group at a time (saving bandwidth as well as the length of the page).

Tomorrow is the last day of Phase I, where we will advance 9 more Candidates to the Regular Season.

The Seeding Tournament will start on Sunday. Rules will be properly added to the FAQ and Charter, soon, but I’ll give you an early heads-up of the process: the 14 Phase I winners plus the 16 auto-entrants will be organized into various groups. You will then vote for two (2) characters out of each group. Contestants gain points based on the results and then are shuffled again for the second (and last) day of the tournament. The important thing is that you vote for two girls instead of one; we’ll post another reminder as the event gets closer.