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Site updates

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Aquamarine page is now ready; all results from the Period will be stored in there. Similar pages for future Periods will appear when their time arrives. Cumulative statistics for the whole season are viewable on the main Statistics page.

Some clarifications were needed on the 2010 Charter to reflect the extra seeding matches that occured during the Preliminaries in addition to describing part of the Regular Season tiebreaker process in more detail. Nothing major was affected in this update.

The Rules FAQ has a few statements regarding the Regular Season statistics and how we define Strength of Schedule (SoS) and other indices.

Character biographies are steadily being updated this week with current statistics and tournament information. A page archiving all the exhibition competitors is in development.

Today we received a new donation. Thank you, Snape!

Results – Aquamarine 1

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

And the first Round ends with great success — record-breaking vote totals! We’re happy for the great turnout.

First to appear are the text tables similar to those used in 2009, but I’ve just now finished the more graphical ones that were used during the Preliminary Period. All should be available after the next Round. The tables are useful for copying into spreadsheet software if you wanted to follow along ISML statistics in your own way.

All tables will find their home on the proper Statistics page perhaps later this week. The space opera maps seen in 2009 will be making an appearance soon, too.

Aquamarine 1 in progress

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Welcome to the ISML Regular Season!

Things are going smoothly; votes are coming in at a record pace. Fantasy participation is also at a high. Thank you, everyone, for your support.

The front page got a bit buggy when the wrong schedule was displayed for a few hours, but that has been corrected. Featured matches previewed by members of our community are now displayed on the front page.

Aquamarine 1 Preview, plus Contestant Bios

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The wait is almost over! We’re two days away from the start of ISML 2010’s Regular Season — get excited!

The match preview for Aquamarine 1 is now available. It includes one Exhibition Match at the end in Arena 26; we’ll have a different exhibition matchup every Round in addition to our regular round-robin shuffling of our fifty Contestants.

The same basic rules apply: vote in at least 8 arenas, voting stays open for 24 hours with results coming out 12 hours after voting closes. Please check our Charter and Constitution for further details, or ask a question here or on the forums.

The Contestant biographies should all be available, but we are still behind on updating everybody’s statistics. We have some staff members on the project, but we are open to new volunteers who’d like to help as well. Profiles such as Shana or Haruhi are more complete, and you can use theirs as an idea to how to populate our other biography pages.

Thanks for your patience!

Saimoe Illustrated

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

We have a lot of side projects going on to occupy our time between voting rounds. In addition to Fantasy and Space Opera, some of our community members have drafted mock magazine covers to detail the happenings in ISML. The following three are courtesy of amdrag:

Currently we have no articles, but interest is spreading on the forums to expand this idea. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

Aquamarine skin

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

The colors on the website will change over time to reflect the current Period in the Regular Season. While we still have one more week left before the kickoff, I wanted to get the Aquamarine “skin” applied early to have a change from the Preliminary colors which have been with us since January.

A special shuffling gallery is on the front page to showcase our Contestants while we await the start of the Regular Season. Clicking on the avatars will link to profile pages, which are a work in progress. Our newest Contestants don’t have pages just yet, but they will be in place before the end of next week. Most pages are still copies of the 2009 profiles, but both biographies and statistical data will be updated for 2010. Images will be updated, too.

Staff updates

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

We have a small change in our senior staff. Juice is stepping down in order to concentrate more on some real-life issues that have recently come up, one of which is a new full-time job he’s very happy about. We’re proud of him and wish him the best. Juice has been a great help in reforming our scheduling procedures since 2009.

chaosprophet has been appointed to take his place. chaos has devoted a lot of time to the tournament since the end of last year, organizing information and helping out with a lot of the busy work needed to get all our I’s dotted and T’s crossed. :)

SirWence joins staff as an advisor; he also helps as a moderator on the forums.

Preliminary Period over

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

With the close of Phase III, we are finished with the Preliminaries! Congratulations to our final six Contestants. Our 50-character roster is now full, and the Regular Season is ahead.

We’ll be taking a break for two weeks to [recuperate and] get everything set up for the kickoff on March 21. It shall be an exciting year, full of great matches and races for the necklaces and then the 16 spots for the postseason double-elimination tournament.

While you wait, please visit our forums and join in the Fantasy league among other discussions. Our IRC chatroom needs some new life, too…

More website updates to come throughout the break, too.

Phase III under way

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

First off, a thank you to zmjhgvn for his fourth donation of the year!

Round 1 is now over in Phase III; we’ve had to say farewell to several (56) Candidates. We wish them luck next year, and perhaps some of them may make an appearance in exhibition matches throughout the season.

In the final round tomorrow, we’ve grouped the remaining 42 Candidates into groups of 7 again. Except this time you may select only one (1) character from each group. The winner of each group will continue into the Regular Season while the rest will be sent home. This may be one of the most challenging matches yet!

Also we hope you have enjoyed the extra Seeding rounds this week. We discovered that we don’t quite have enough data yet on our current Contestants, so these extra matches have been a great help to us. The final round tomorrow will feature two Seeding arenas instead of one; we appreciate your help!