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Match preview available

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

The match preview is now available on the voting page. Each round of the Postseason will have 10 arenas. The arenas not occupied by official Double Elimination Matches will be Exhibition Matches. For this first round, 8 are official (which you’ve known for a while since we posted the tournament bracket on the front page) and 2 are exhibition.

Expect at least 6 Exhibition Matches for each of the subsequent rounds. Please consider them all as they appear; some of them were community picks, which we’re excited about. Characters from new series in 2010 will be featured, so some matches should be indicators of potential future saimoe rivalries to come.

We’re one week away from the start of ISML Postseason. Thanks for all your support, and good luck to our finalists!

Double-Elimination PV ready

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

KholdStare has finished the PV for the ISML 2010 Double Elimination. It is absolutely amazing; it gets me excited about the postseason, and I hope everyone in our community enjoys it, too.

Every new video is better than the last, in my opinion; I’m very thankful for the talent he has shared with us. This video is now on the front page. Also check out his YouTube account for other videos, including the PVs from ISML 2009.

Note: If you cannot access YouTube where you live, you can download the PV here —

(And I think I got our Twitter working again.)

New community video

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Thanks to Hachiko for putting together a video previewing the Postseason. It covers all the matches and vote totals of our 16 finalists as they made their way through the regular season. See it on the community page.

Banners for Korea Best Moe 2010 and the Anime Saimoe Tournament of Japan 2010 have been added to the main page at the bottom. We’re happy to support the other moe tournaments on the web, especially since some of our season qualifiers refer to the final results of those tournaments. While you wait the postseason of ISML, please explore the other sites as well.

In other news, I’ve momentarily forgotten our Twitter password; WordPress tells me that I have to sign up for an app to be able to copy news posts to Twitter now…

Prep for Double Elim

Friday, August 13th, 2010

The site is rolling into the Double-Elimination skin. Thanks to Ichigo-Sora for designing our promotional poster on the front page; it’s wonderful. melange also continues to handle the statistics graphics — this time in the form of the tournament bracket. We’ll be following the standard double-elimination format pretty closely. It’s possible for there to be two championship matches if the winner’s bracket winner loses first. This hasn’t happened in the past two years, though.

We’re still finalizing all of the exhibition matches that will occur during the Postseason; a full preview of the first round’s matches including exhibition will be ready in a few weeks. Expect a new PV soon, too.

Diamond over; Regular Season concludes

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Congratulations to Shana on winning the Diamond Necklace! This is her third for the year and fifth overall — a record that will be difficult to beat in future years. But the final prize of the Tiara still eludes her; how will Shana fare in the postseason? Fifteen other competitors have the same goal and have the same chance this year.

Now that the regular season is over, the cumulative standings finally have the head-to-head tiebreaker applied. This tiebreaker precedes SDO, which had been the dominant tiebreaker all season long until now. Here, the tie is first broken by the Contestant who won the one-on-one (head-to-head) match between the two who are tied. For example, Suzumiya Haruhi finishes above Sakagami Tomoyo despite having a lower SDO, because she won her match against Tomoyo in Ruby 4.

The effects can compound, as with the case of Fate Testarossa, who drops below both Furukawa Nagisa and Shiina Mafuyu after losing to them in Ruby 3 and Sapphire 4 respectively. Mafuyu ends up on top for her defeat of Nagisa in Topaz 3.

Sometimes a “loop” occurs. Towards the bottom of the rankings, we have Ushio who defeated Nymph (Sapphire 7). But Nymph defeated Chiaki (Aquamarine 1) who then defeated Ushio (Aquamarine 7). Because nobody has the advantage, the tiebreaker is dropped from consideration, and SDO is the next tiebreaker to be applied.

Overall, not too many changes were made as a result of this tiebreaker. It did not play a role in deciding the very last Top 16 slot.

We go on break to prepare for the postseason; congratulations to the Contestants who advanced! We have to say goodbye to the other 34 for now, but many of them are likely to return in the preseason of ISML 2011. Thanks to everyone who has voted and stayed with us so far; we hope you come back soon for the grand finale!