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Charter update

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Our 2011 Charter must be amended to address the pools for Phase III.

“On 28 March 2011, clauses VI.B.1, VI.E.1, and VI.H.1 were removed because this was discovered to be very impractical, difficult, and potentially unfair to Candidates. Instead, Staff will do their best to minimize repeat opponents, but group balance takes higher priority.”

The original clauses state that each round of Phase III will match up Candidates that did not face each other in the previous round (or in Phase II in the case of Round 1). This sounded like a good idea when drafting the Charter, but as we have now observed in practice, this is very impractical … if not nearly impossible to do given the combinations available to us. Most importantly, it is potentially unfair if we have to force an unfavorable matchup for some Candidates just to meet this requirement. Our seeding throughout the Preliminaries has been based on performance in previous rounds and saimoe events, and that criteria should continue to take top priority in order to generate balanced groupings. We will still make adjustments to minimize repeated opponents or same-series opponents, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Phase III overview

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

The pools for Phase III, Round 1, are now available on our Contestants and Candidates Portal. These groupings are valid for Round 1 only. After we process votes and announce winners, new pools will be generated for Round 2 (after eliminating some Candidates).

Phase III is a free-for-all tournament (you may also want to call it a “deathmatch”) involving pools of eight Candidates in each round. You can select up to three Candidates in each pool during voting. Don’t forget this!

In Round 1, 112 Candidates are shuffled into fourteen pools.
The top five Candidates in each pool (plus two more who received high votes) advance to Round 2. The rest are eliminated.
In Round 2, 72 Candidates are shuffled into nine new pools.
The top five Candidates in each pool (plus three more) advance to Round 3. The rest are eliminated.
In Round 3, 48 Candidates are shuffled into six new pools.
The top three Candidates in each pool advance to the Regular Season. The rest are eliminated.

So Phase III is where we will be saying farewell to some Candidates for the year. It is the last chance for the runner-ups (as well as some special underdogs) from Phases I and II to make it to the Regular Season. Choose wisely, and good luck to all our competitors!

ISML 2011 Charter with detailed rules
Phase III Results Page to be filled in as information becomes available

Phase II Finale

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Congratulations to the Phase II winners! The second set of Contestants for the ISML 2011 Regular Season has been decided. Profiles are available on our Contestants page; portraits will be available soon. I realize that some of the existing portraits are a little buggy or corrupted, so that will be corrected at the start of next week (as unfortunately I do not have the source files at my current location this weekend). Thanks to everyone for your patience while we transition from Phase II to Phase III.

Bracket images will be updating shortly.

More updates to come. Phase III is next!

Phase I completed

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Congratulations to the Phase I winners! We now have our first set of Contestants for the ISML 2011 Regular Season. You can view their profiles at our Contestants page. Biographies are available in English and Chinese. We do not yet have portraits for our newest characters; we are working on them right away and apologize for the delay.

It’s been quite a busy week as we transition from Phase I to II with no break in between. Up next is a single-elimination tournament with brackets of 8. Also on the Contestants page at the bottom is the bracket list for our remaining 128 Candidates. They each face new competitors than in Phase I. May the best girl win! Sixteen more Regular Season Contesants will be known by the end of next week. We will have bracket images prepared soon, too, to help you visualize the tournament bracket more easily.

Thanks to all the voters, our community, and supporters. We received one donation last week; thanks to leekinghin for the gift. No matter how large or small, each contribution helps pay our server costs for future years of ISML. As of right now, 2011 is paid for, and we are about $80 into the $350 cost for 2012.

The first day of voting for Phase II starts soon; please look forward to it!

Daylight Saving

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Daylight Saving has no effect on ISML, which uses GMT as its official time.

However, the voting times may appear to change for you if you live in an area that observes DST. For example, in the United States (sans Arizona) the clock will jump forward one hour today, meaning that if voting rounds began at 10 AM last week, they will now start at 11 AM.

It is still 1500 GMT, though.

Voting graphs available

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Beginning with today’s results, graphs are now available depicting each character’s accumulated votes over time. Click on the graph icon below the globe icon on the results page to view the data. Thanks to KholdStare for calculating and providing these images.

Graphs for the previous days will not be generated.

Congratulations to our winners today. Next week will be the final 4th Round in Phase I. Many group winners will be decided in the next match, so please look forward to Days 7 and 8. When Day 8 results are announced, we will have the brackets ready for Phase II.

Hang in there, Japan

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Our thoughts go out to Japan in this critical time with the earthquake and tsunami. We hope and pray for everyone’s safety and regret the loss of life that has already occurred.

(ISML will continue as scheduled; the event has not caused delays for us.)

Yay, Twitter

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Thanks to everyone tweeting about us and sharing their votes on #ISML (and, alternatively #ISML2011 and also #saimoe). They’ve been very fun to read; we’re happy that interest in the tournament and our overall voter-base is growing and spreading worldwide.

Ad-blocking ‘bug’

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

I just found out that some Firefox users might not have been able to see the Phase I scoreboard. This is if you have the AdBlock Plus extension or something similar that prevents certain HTML elements from appearing. In our case it was because I used a CSS identifier named “leaderboard.” I have changed that to a different name, so that issue should clear up. You may need to refresh your browser cache if you don’t see the fix right away.

On a side note, you may want to disable blocking for entirely. Our site is funded through donations from the community and staff, so I have no plans at all to place advertisements on the site (especially not the pop-up kind).

Phase I Scoreboard

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

A scoreboard has been added to the bottom of the main page to keep track of our Candidates’ progress throughout Phase I. Group winners after 4 rounds will advance to the Regular Season while everybody else is reshuffled into new groups for Phase II. Ties will be broken per the criteria in our Charter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this second day of voting. Day 3 will begin very soon.