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Emerald Concluded

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Congratulations to Aisaka Taiga for winning the 2011 Emerald Necklace! The Regular Season is starting to wind down, and time is running out to secure a spot in the Top 16 for the Postseason. On our overall rankings table, those Contestants highlighted in red unfortunately have missed the opportunity this year; however, we still wish the best of luck for them in securing wins in the remaining 14 rounds. At this point, nobody at the top of the list is locked into the Top 16, though it is estimated to happen around Ruby 4.

Voting for Ruby Period, Round 1 will begin on Tuesday, August 23. Match previews will be available on Sunday. Two Necklaces remain as the competition gets more fierce.

Our exhibition winner this Period is Remilia Scarlet, who wins the Emerald Ring. Congratulations! Ruby and Diamond Period exhibitions will feature new faces in all Rounds.

Thank you for voting!