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Test ballot

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

A test ballot is on our voting page. After our server move, we have been curious about server performance. Please vote on the ballot to generate some activity in our database. (It’s okay in this instance to vote multiple times.)

First round preview

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Postseason Day 1 matchup previews are now available. While a single-elimination tournament could be completed in 4 days, we’re stretching it to 7 to include consolation matches and several exhibition matches. Some translations are available but not all just yet.

Regarding the new server, I think we are having some email issues with the forum; I am investigating that. Otherwise, I think the new server should be visible to everybody by this point. I am unsure about slowdowns when the first voting round starts; our settings could still be tweaked depending on the kind of load we get.

Server moves

Friday, October 21st, 2011

This news post is made on the new server. On the old server I left a notice saying we’d be switching servers. This has happened. Most users should have gone through DNS updates by now to see the new site. If you’re still on the old site, there would be notices on the main page indicating such.

We’re working hard to make sure things are in top shape for the start of the Postseason. Thanks for being a part of ISML.

Diamond Period concluded

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Congratulations to Eucliwood for winning the 2011 Diamond Necklace! Despite a 5-2 record, she had a competitive SDO rating; winning the round certainly made it look easy, but Eu has fought hard since her close loss to Nagato Yuki in the Amethyst Showdown. She now gets to take home a Diamond Necklace as a reward.

We are done with the Regular Season! It has been very exciting these past seven Periods; we hope you enjoyed them, too. Preparations for the Postseason are next. We’ll take a few weeks to prepare some new avatars and set up exhibition matches to accompany our Top 16 Contestants. This break period is also an opportunity for me to fix these server issues once and for all. The rush of visits right as results came out tonight knocked us out for a few minutes, but no worries.

The first match is scheduled for Sunday, 30 October. I’ll update again when we have a match preview ready.

Our exhibition winner this Period is Kaname Madoka, who wins the Diamond Anklet. Congratulations! A final exhibition match 7-way with all of the winners this season is planned; more details to come later on.

Thank you for voting and supporting ISML! The donations page will reopen once the postseason starts, as the time to renew our hosting services is coming this month.

We have big plans for ISML 2012 as well. If you visit our Forums, you’ve had sneak peeks at our proposed ideas. A formal charter is expected by mid-December. The staff is working hard to keep ISML fresh but also fair each passing year; we appreciate all of your feedback as well!

Last Necklace Round

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Congratulations to Tachibana Kanade for finishing the Regular Season with a perfect record. The final match versus Misaka Mikoto was the closest yet; we should expect more fireworks in the Postseason later this month. The final standings are now known, and all tiebreakers have been applied. Sengoku Nadeko claims the final Top 16 slot. All 50 of our Contestants have fought hard, and we appreciate their sportsmanship. We hope to see many of them on the nomination ballot for ISML 2012.

The Necklace Round is up next. We are adding two extra exhibition arenas in an attempt to try and finish the exhibition tournament idea we had earlier in the season. Please vote in all arenas!

Diamond 7 is open

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Match started 8 minutes late. Sorry for the unintended additional suspense. We’ll continue to run as scheduled.

One more match to go

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

15 of the Top 16 slots are locked in. Only one remains contested for Diamond 7. Victorique holds it currently, but Nadeko and Saber are at the doorstep. How will the final round play out? Other big matches today will also decide the seeding order for the Postseason among our higher-ranked Contestants.

And who will finish this Regular Season with an undefeated record? It all depends on your votes.