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Phase I concluded

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Congratulations to our first set of 2012 Contestants! Twelve Candidates in each of the Nova and Stella Divisions advance to the Regular Season after this week’s matches. They are now listed on our Contestants page; we will have their biographies updated this weekend to update their performance statistics.

Phases II and III are still ahead for all our remaining Candidates, so please keep campaigning for your favorites as they try for a chance at the International Saimoe title this year.

The next two voting rounds will make up the Seeding Phase. These are additional matches where we collect data in order to seed the Contestants come Regular Season. The first arena of each day will be the 12 winners from either Nova or Stella Divisions. Then eight groups will follow with nine Candidates each. Vote for up to two girls in each arena like in Phase I. Nobody will advance or be eliminated from this Phase, but it will help us to know how certain girls rank above others.

We received a donation this week; thank you to netvope! And thanks to everyone for voting in the tournament. Please look forward to future upcoming rounds!

Viewing older results

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Voting for Day 2 has begun! If you missed the results of Day 1, you can always visit the Statistics Portal.

Future results will be archived here as well.

Round 1 preview available

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

The match preview for tomorrow’s round is now available on the voting page. We apologize for not having it ready sooner, but we’re still just in time for the start of the Preliminary Period. Tomorrow is the start of Phase I, where our Candidates are placed in groups of 7. You can vote up to 2 girls in each group.

Each round will take two days to complete. Tomorrow will feature Groups 1-6 of the Nova Division and Groups 7-12 of the Stella Division. Tuesday will be the other half. Then we will regroup everybody based on voting results and repeat the process for round two. After three rounds (six voting days), we will admit 12 winners to the Regular Season and then move on to the next preliminary phase.

See the full list of Candidates at

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