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Exhibition Directory

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

The exhibition directory for the 2012 regular season is ready for viewing.

It’s a much larger page because of the amount of exhibition characters this year compared to last, but it is still modeled after last year’s page where each column represents one Round in the Period, going from 1 to 7, left to right.

At the very bottom are still the posters for exhibition winners after each Necklace Round.

And Folks… Regular Season is Over!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

First of all, a big congratulations to the winner of the Topaz Necklace. She made the push she needed at the end in order to win above the others and managed to grab hold of that Necklace, so congratulations to Akiyama Mio! In addition, we’d like to congratulate Yuzuriha Inori who won the Topaz Earrings, as she took the victory in her exhibition inter-division matchup! We’ve had a wonderful run with Topaz Period and that’s all thanks to those who visit and vote every day and make this a successful tournament. ¬†And as the curtains fall on Regular Season, we’d like to thank you all for these past five months in voting and giving your favorite contestants your utmost support.

But even though Regular Season is over, there’s no need to fret yet! The fun’s just getting started—we’re preparing for Postseason which will decide the champion for the two Divisions, and the top eight of each Division will move on to the second phase, where they will compete for the 2012 Heavenly Tiara.

We’ll be ready for the final event of the year on September 30th. Good luck to all our wonderful contestants, and to you, our voters: Are you prepared to support your favorite girls to the very end?