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Ready for Regular Season?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Today was the final day for the Preliminary Period! Many matches ended in very close calls and all of our Candidates worked hard to make the final cut for the 2013 Regular Season. However, only 16 are able to make it through today, and the others will have to bid farewell to their chances at the Tiara this year — but don’t think of it as the end for them! It’s likely that they’ll appear in exhibition matches, and they’ll have always have an opportunity to make it in next year with the support of their voters.

But to the 72 total Contestants who have made it through, a big congratulations! Please wish them the best of luck in Regular Season, which will begin the third week of April, the 14th, with Aquamarine. We’ll be taking the break from now until then to prepare, so please feel free to discuss and have fun in the meantime in our ISML Forums!

Let’s look forward to a successful 2013, and make sure to gather all the support for your favorite characters this year!