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Amethyst 3 schedule

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

We had another delay today and apologize for the late start.

Today’s match will go an extra 90 minutes to 1630 GMT.

Thank you for voting.

Amethyst 2 extended three hours

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Downtime occured during voting earlier today for 3 hours. We apologize for the site unavailability and will be extending the voting period to 1800 GMT to make up the time.

Results for this round are still scheduled for 0300 as usual.

Improved voting form

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Welcome to Amethyst Period. We’re looking forward to another great set of matches; good luck to all our Contestants who are vying for the Amethyst Necklace.

Today the staff is also happy to roll out an update to the voting form, which now features randomized ordering of arenas. The matchups are still the same as you saw in the preview over the weekend. But they will not be in the same position on the ballot itself when you load it. Our system will keep track of it, though, and make sure your vote gets processed properly. After you submit, the sharing code will be the same as always.

This upgrade is designed to combat against cheating, which we have seen a lot of through the years and continue to work and develop ways against it. We hope that the new form will help ensure the accuracy of our results on top of our existing vote-checking measures. The staff always encourages everyone to vote honestly in each match.

As always, thank you for your support. We hope you like the dynamic feel of the new form!

Welcome to Regular Season!

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

While Aquamarine Period has ended, our Contestants still have a long battle ahead of them. With the conclusion of the first period in Regular Season, we’d like to congratulate Tachibana Kanade for her outstanding efforts in the League’s first set of matches! Despite the fact that the fight for the Aquamarine Necklace was very fierce, she managed to defend the Aquamarine Necklace and claim it two years in a row. We’d also like to acknowledge Aragaki Ayase, who, in a close exhibition match, won the Aquamarine Bracelet! Both Contestants this period worked hard with your support and managed to stand on top, but they both still have a long way to go as we head deeper into Regular Season.

And with that, we’ll be taking a short break as we prepare for Amethyst Period, resuming on May 14th. As you’re waiting to support your favorite girls for Amethyst, feel free to visit our forums¬†and discuss with other fellow voters about the season so far! Thanks so much for a successful Aquamarine Period this year, and we hope you continue to support your favorites until the very end!