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The Conclusion to Emerald Period!

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

With a fierce and gruesome battle, we can finally conclude Emerald Period with some very close calls as our necklace match was very intense even to the very end. With a second necklace going to the way of a Nova contestant, a big congratulations to Takanashi Rikka who narrowly claimed the Emerald Necklace as her own even though there was much support for Misaka Mikoto. The two fought a very tough battle but we still have one last necklace up for grabs before our Regular Season is over, and that is the Topaz Necklace.

But we’d also like to congratulate Last Order for her win of the Emerald Anklet and gaining much support in her exhibition match-up. As we begin to transition towards our last Regular Season of the year, please take the time to stop by and discuss at the ISML Forums¬†with other voters how you think ISML 2013 has gone so far. We’d also like to thank all of our voters for staying with us even as we encounter occasional server errors and downtime; we’re working very hard to ensure that voting goes smoothly for everyone as our tournaments grow larger every year.

Stick with us as we go into Topaz Period, and good luck to all contestants who have yet to claim a necklace of their own. Even without a necklace, a larger prize awaits the top 16 contestants for each division as we take a step closer to Postseason: the 2013 Heavenly Tiara.

Emerald 1 voting

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Welcome to Emerald Period!

If you voted in the first 23 minutes of the match, please submit your vote again. The database was out of sync, and nothing got recorded. But we’re all set now! Sorry for the inconvenience.