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Champion for 2013

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

A new champion is crowned. Congratulations to GokĊ Ruri for winning the ISML 2013 Heavenly Tiara! Along with an undefeated regular season, Ruri survives the final matchup against the defending champion Tachibana Kanade. It was a tough battle to the end. But the voters have spoken. Thank you everyone for another fantastic year.

All of our Contestants deserve praise and congratulations for advancing as far as they have and representing the best of moe for fans worldwide. And to the new and upcoming faces, we recognize Kurousagi and Tokisaki Kurumi for winning the Diadems of the Winter and Spring anime seasons. We expect great accomplishments from them in next year’s tournament.

The Summer and Fall seasonal tournaments will be held later this year during our Exhibition Bonus tournament, which will feature male characters again along with additional surprises. For now we take a long break for the off-season. I would like to thank all our great Staff and contributors for helping to keep this tournament running strongly and as smoothly as possible. Thanks to those who have donated money or shopped using our affiliate links. We have enough funding to last us through all of next year, so ISML will definitely return for a seventh season.

The fun doesn’t have to stop; our forums will be open all year round, and we have a great community here. Also become a fan of our Facebook page as well for a regular dose of moe on your feed — as well as a way to keep up with the latest ISML news.

See you again in November for our Exhibition tournament!