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Updated necklace score calculation

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

We have updated the ISML 2014 Charter today.

Only one line is changed, which is the calculation for the Necklace Score this year.

At the conclusion of the Necklace Showdown (Round 8) in each Period, the Necklace Score is calculated as SDO + (220 * Vote%).

Last year it was (1/3 * SDO) + Vote%.

All other rules are still the same.

We arrived at the new formula after studying the Necklace Rounds of the last three years. This new calculation provides more balance between SDO and vote percentage.

Regular Season PV for 2014

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Our PV is ready! It is now on the main page, or view it directly on YouTube.

Thanks so much to our volunteer team of editors!! (Their names are at the end of the video.)

We’re pleased to know our community is great and full of talent. We hope it excites you, too, and adds to the enjoyment of ISML this year. Thanks to everyone!

New stat columns

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

This year we have added some new columns to the statistics tables. They are not used in any tiebreakers this year, but we are considering using them in future tournament years. This year we will be tracking these new statistics to get a feel for how they can help better balance our ranking system in the future.

A short overview of what they are:

(1) VP = Vote Points

VP is calculated by taking a Contestant’s VF and dividing by the average votes received for the entire round in all 38 arenas. For Aquamarine 1, the average is 3621 votes.

(2) SVDO = Sum of VP of all Defeated Opponents
(3) SVAO = Sum of VP of All Opponents

This is similar to SDO and SAO. Add up the VP total of defeated opponents and all opponents.

(4) SWVO = Sum of Weighted VP of All Opponents

Weighted VP in each round is calculated by multiplying the Contestant’s VP in that particular round with her opponent’s total VP to date. This means that a round’s Weighted VP will change as the tournament progresses, because the opponents’ total VP will change. The weighted VPs are all summed together. So this is an evolving metric as more rounds take place.

Regular Season begins!

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Welcome back to ISML! Our Regular Season kicks off with Aquamarine Period, Round 1! Voting is now open.

Good luck to all our Contestants! Thanks to all our voters and supporters! We’re all looking forward to a great year.