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M2 – Arena 1 error

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

We apologize for the late results tonight. They were on the website at around 03:18 GMT.

Additionally, the results had an error in Arena 1. This was corrected at 04:35.

The official result is
Yatogami Tōka – 2766
Chitanda Eru – 2955

Point totals, standings, rankings, and regional tables have been updated.

We’re sorry again for the confusion.

Welcome to Amethyst Period

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Voting is now open for Round 1 of Amethyst Period. Cast your votes today!

Congratulations last week to Misaka Mikoto for winning the Aquamarine Necklace, which she last claimed in 2011. Amethyst’s defending Necklace recipient is Gokō Ruri, two-years running. Will she be able to take it a third time?

The Staff has spent the break week improving on the CAPTCHA on our voting page. We hope it is more efficient and easy to use today. As always, don’t forget proper order of operations!

Good luck to all our Contestants, and thank you again to our entire community for voting.

CAPTCHA for today

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Throughout Aquamarine Period, we have been implementing various CAPTCHAs to help fight against multivotes and similar methods of cheating. The CAPTCHA is the “human verification” widget at the bottom of the voting ballot, which asks you either to type what you see or to answer a question. The goal is to ensure that votes come from real people and not scripted programs.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our community during these few weeks, so we are very appreciative. We’re proud to say this year’s vote-checking has been its best yet; it’s always our goal to deliver the most accurate results as all our Contestants make their journey towards the Tiara.

Today for the Aquamarine Necklace Showdown, we have made a few more adjustments to the CAPTCHA. The questions should be more compatible with mobile phone users and non-English voters. The voting ballot will no longer tell you to try again if your answer is incorrect. So please answer the question carefully and accurately before you submit your vote today. Only those ballots with a correct answer to the CAPTCHA question will be counted.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Good luck to our Contestants today! The Aquamarine Necklace is nigh!