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ISML 2015

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

Happy new year! Welcome to 2015; we hope everyone has had a great holiday.

ISML in 2015 will have changes, the first one being that nominations are not opening in the first week of January like before. We will begin March 1 as part of a new plan to compress our schedule. The nomination period at that time will last for two weeks instead of one.

Staff is still working on the new Preliminary Period, and therefore the 2015 Charter is not yet ready. We will update on this blog when the new rules are published.

Our Constitution has had an amendment over the offseason. We see growth in the Tournament and in our voter base by adding a division devoted to male characters. Voters won’t be required to participate in both male and female sides of the tournament. More details to come when we release our Charter.

Thanks for being with us for seven years; we hope for another great regular season ahead.

Also thanks to our community who have designed new banners for our front page. Your browser may still have the old ones cached, so please double-check to make sure you’re seeing the latest artwork from our talented volunteers!