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Character portraits in place

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

The preliminary groups page now has avatars. Many thanks to our community on the forums for submitting images to us for consideration. You have helped the organization and setup of this tournament become much easier than in years past, and we greatly appreciate it.

We are about one day away from the start of Phase I. Remember that we adjusted our schedule recently, so matches will start this coming Sunday rather than Thursday. Look forward to the matchups!

At the moment, I am not sure if match previews will be available prior to the start of voting in the Preliminaries. We might delay that feature until the Regular Season.

Preliminary Period over

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

With the close of Phase III, we are finished with the Preliminaries! Congratulations to our final six Contestants. Our 50-character roster is now full, and the Regular Season is ahead.

We’ll be taking a break for two weeks to [recuperate and] get everything set up for the kickoff on March 21. It shall be an exciting year, full of great matches and races for the necklaces and then the 16 spots for the postseason double-elimination tournament.

While you wait, please visit our forums and join in the Fantasy league among other discussions. Our IRC chatroom needs some new life, too…

More website updates to come throughout the break, too.

Phase III under way

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

First off, a thank you to zmjhgvn for his fourth donation of the year!

Round 1 is now over in Phase III; we’ve had to say farewell to several (56) Candidates. We wish them luck next year, and perhaps some of them may make an appearance in exhibition matches throughout the season.

In the final round tomorrow, we’ve grouped the remaining 42 Candidates into groups of 7 again. Except this time you may select only one (1) character from each group. The winner of each group will continue into the Regular Season while the rest will be sent home. This may be one of the most challenging matches yet!

Also we hope you have enjoyed the extra Seeding rounds this week. We discovered that we don’t quite have enough data yet on our current Contestants, so these extra matches have been a great help to us. The final round tomorrow will feature two Seeding arenas instead of one; we appreciate your help!

New Candidates Announced

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The list of characters who advance from the Nomination Period are now posted on the front page. In addition, version 1 of our Contestants page is online at and is also accessible from the menu bar up top. The voting arena has been removed temporarily while we prepare for the Preliminary Period.

The Contestants page lists our 16 Contestants already in the Regular Season and our 126 Candidates who will participate in the preliminary rounds. Character profiles will be available soon.

Nomination totals will be released at a later date. Groupings for Phase I of the Preliminary Period will be released at a later date as well. Round 1 begins on 31 January.

Congratulations to the winners!