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Promotional Artwork Updated

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Signature slivers for series represented in ISML 2011 are now available. Visit the promotional page either from the tab here in the News blog or on the main site. Thanks to melange for putting this together.

I forgot to credit KholdStare in the last post for taking the lead in preparing the community artwork page and hosting the contests for exhibition poster and signature-banner submissions.

Thanks also to hinakatbklyn who is our latest donor. ISML would not be possible without the generous efforts of all the community and staff. Thanks for voting and thanks for spreading the word to new people.

Community Artwork Portal

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

We’re happy to announce our portal for community artwork, currently featuring posters from Aquamarine Exhibition and support (signature) banners from Topaz Period.

A few weeks ago we started art contests on the Forum. Anyone in the community may participate to share their talents and learn from others. For now, they are mainly Photoshop/GIMP contests about ISML’s Exhibition competitors, but more types and categories may be hosted in the future.

The main artwork page lists the winners of the contests, but there are also links to view the entire entrant list for each Period. So almost all submissions will be featured on the main site.

Congratulations to all our participants and winners, both artists and competitors alike.

Where stuff is

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Site navigation is mostly unchanged from ISML 2010, but if you’re new to us this year:

  • Past match results are found at the Statistics Portal. Aquamarine results are here.
  • Past featured match writeups are here.
  • Previous ISML tournaments are in our archive.
  • The navigation bar at the top of every ISML page typically has all the links you need to traverse the site.
  • A full regular-season schedule will not be released this year, though we plan to release some information once the regular season is over so you can search for specific matchups.

What’s still missing:

  • Space-Opera-themed maps are a little late; we expect them to be ready by the end of the week.
  • In 2010 there was a module on the main Statistics page that lets you scroll through cumulative standings after each round. This will be ready soon, too.


  • The ISML Seitokai is a new addition to community-related activities. Top Contestants are nominated and then elected by Forum members to serve a single-Period term, in which some roleplaying opportunities are available for the Seitokai to represent the Contestants in ISML-related events and discussions. Seitokai participation and membership does not affect any Contestant’s ranking in the official tournament.

Thanks to all our visitors and regulars for voting and being a part of ISML.

Yay, Twitter

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Thanks to everyone tweeting about us and sharing their votes on #ISML (and, alternatively #ISML2011 and also #saimoe). They’ve been very fun to read; we’re happy that interest in the tournament and our overall voter-base is growing and spreading worldwide.

New community video

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Thanks to Hachiko for putting together a video previewing the Postseason. It covers all the matches and vote totals of our 16 finalists as they made their way through the regular season. See it on the community page.

Banners for Korea Best Moe 2010 and the Anime Saimoe Tournament of Japan 2010 have been added to the main page at the bottom. We’re happy to support the other moe tournaments on the web, especially since some of our season qualifiers refer to the final results of those tournaments. While you wait the postseason of ISML, please explore the other sites as well.

In other news, I’ve momentarily forgotten our Twitter password; WordPress tells me that I have to sign up for an app to be able to copy news posts to Twitter now…

International Contributions

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Thanks to the community at CHISML, a Chinese-language forum dedicated to ISML, we now have properly translated biographies in Chinese (简体中文) for our 50 Contestants.

This was a completely volunteer effort by the members of CHISML, and we greatly appreciate it. It motivates our staff to know that independent communities devoted to ISML are appearing throughout the world and helping out our mission. We’d like to know about more non-English sites and forums!

Thanks to Vv4474, Sanfour, CK, shinz_zhu, and other translators.

Visit CHISML at (国际「最萌」大会中文论坛 |萌战|世萌|Moe爱聚集)

Schedule Release

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Today we are releasing the regular season schedule for ISML 2010. It is currently available only in English; translations and other improvements are on the way.

We withheld the schedule at first in order to give more focus to each present match as it occurred. Last year we observed that some of our voting community were too focused on future matches, voting for reasons other than a Contestant being more moe than her opponent in a particular arena. Saimoe is still the top priority and goal of the tournament, and we try to preserve that every day.

After three Periods of releasing the schedule one match at a time, we came to additional observations. We took a lot of care devising our schedule for fairness, and as a result, it had a formulaic construction that some of our community were soon able to decipher. Fortunately, even with that knowledge available, we did not discover the same voting patterns that had impacted certain Rounds in ISML 2009.

We want to keep things exciting and fun for our community as a whole. We believe the schedule release will generate more interest and discussion in ISML without sacrificing match integrity. This is mostly thanks to our large and diverse (and still growing) community! Everybody’s participation keeps ISML balanced, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Reading the schedule is optional; if you would prefer to view matches one-by-one, continue watching the main page and voting page, as the “next match preview” will still be available. In addition to the schedule page, Contestant biographies will feature a schedule, but this will be hidden until you click on the link to view it.

If you lurked our forums, you may have noticed a sneak preview of the regular season schedule. A small discussion is available there if you want more information on this release or if you want to contribute your own comment or question. Visit

We hope you enjoy the second half of the regular season; it has been exciting for me, and I look forward to more interesting results. Sapphire will start on Sunday!


Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Space Opera signature images and slivers have been added to the “Promotional” page on this news blog. Thanks to melange for the design and concept along with ithekro, who has been the principal writer. More information is on the forums regarding this fun side project.

Long overdue but I have added a video submitted by Hachiko which previews Contestant statistics as they enter the Regular Season. We appreciate the research work, and it’s a great video for those who like to keep up with all the numbers and totals related to Saimoe.

More stuff in the works~

Saimoe Illustrated

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

We have a lot of side projects going on to occupy our time between voting rounds. In addition to Fantasy and Space Opera, some of our community members have drafted mock magazine covers to detail the happenings in ISML. The following three are courtesy of amdrag:

Currently we have no articles, but interest is spreading on the forums to expand this idea. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

Archived featured matches, timer change

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Older featured match previews and teasers can now be viewed at this page. Thanks to all those who contributed and continue to write for us!

Everyone in the ISML Community is invited to submit match descriptions for upcoming matches (in multiple languages as well). Selected writeups (which are usually all of them) get posted on the front page while voting takes place.

Want to write for us? Visit the forums to share what you have. During the Preliminary Period, we are accepting submissions on this thread.

In other news, today we have reduced the voting timer to 4 minutes (240 seconds). We hope for everyone’s continuing cooperation with the timer in our effort to collect legitimate ballots and to help ensure the accuracy of voting results.