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Mikoto Poster and Donation Goal

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

After considering feedback from the community, we have updated the Ruby Necklace poster this year for Misaka Mikoto. Please view the updated poster as well as other posters in our Winners Gallery.

Thanks to our new sales widget, we have met our donation goal for ISML 2013. Thanks so much to everyone who shopped from our website; we were able to earn a portion of the sale and put it into the website fund. In retrospect, this is a much better way to maintain our site, as it does not require direct money from our community. You get to shop for personal items and support ISML at the same time. We have closed our PayPal donations in favor of the affiliate sales widgets. While we are paid through the end of next year, please continue to consider our site if you are shopping online; recommend us new affiliates if you know any!

Emerald Period has been going smoothly; thanks to everyone for voting.

Affiliate shopping thank you

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Over the last month, we’ve been notified of lots of orders through our Amazon widget, found on the donation page. We just want to say thank you for taking the time to shop through our site and helping out ISML while also getting great products for yourself.

Since Amazon does not send us a check until about 8 weeks after the sale, we will wait until funds are received before reporting it here on the website. The outlook is very good, however, for ISML being paid through 2013. Thanks again to all who have used the widget. It will be open all year, so you can use it anytime.

Phase I concluded

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Congratulations to our first set of 2012 Contestants! Twelve Candidates in each of the Nova and Stella Divisions advance to the Regular Season after this week’s matches. They are now listed on our Contestants page; we will have their biographies updated this weekend to update their performance statistics.

Phases II and III are still ahead for all our remaining Candidates, so please keep campaigning for your favorites as they try for a chance at the International Saimoe title this year.

The next two voting rounds will make up the Seeding Phase. These are additional matches where we collect data in order to seed the Contestants come Regular Season. The first arena of each day will be the 12 winners from either Nova or Stella Divisions. Then eight groups will follow with nine Candidates each. Vote for up to two girls in each arena like in Phase I. Nobody will advance or be eliminated from this Phase, but it will help us to know how certain girls rank above others.

We received a donation this week; thank you to netvope! And thanks to everyone for voting in the tournament. Please look forward to future upcoming rounds!

Exhibition Tournament approaching

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Our exhibition male tournament begins on Tuesday. It will last nine voting days and follow the usual schedule pattern. The front page now shows our tournament bracket, starting with 96 characters. A series of 3-way matches will occur until the field is reduced to 32. And then 1-vs-1 matches will follow until a single champion remains.

Exhibition matches will be featured with additional males and even some guest female characters. If you don’t see a particular male you’re fond of in the bracket, maybe he’ll show up in exhibition! In the end, we do realize there are still far more characters available, but we unfortunately do not have the space to feature everybody. If this tournament is successful, we’ll aim to do better next time. For now, good luck to our competitors!

Our latest donors are ntaee and Z.G. Thank you very much for your contributions!

Busy server

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The rush of connections is always very large in the first hour of a voting round. If you are unable to connect to the site to vote, or the site is responding too slowly for you, please try coming back later in the day. Polls are open for 24 hours, and voting at the end of the day is exactly the same as voting at the start of the day; we will still count it.

Thanks to everyone for making this postseason successful with a very large voter turnout and new records set with this past semifinal round. The staff would also like to thank Kyouko and thx_to_staff for their donations this week. Our server is paid for the 2012 season, and we have begun early collection for 2013.

Donation goal reached

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I’m happy to announce we have met our donation goal for ISML 2012. Thank you so much to all of our contributors and all who have voiced their support for our tournament and spread the word to friends and communities.

Our latest gifts came from MiiNiiPaa, superunature, and adorend_1990. Our current total is now USD $361.48, completing our goal of $350.00 for the year. This means our server and domain registration will last through the end of the ISML 2012 year, which is great news since we are currently not even halfway through 2011. Thank you again.

On the donation page, a new Affiliate Shopping section is open. Some community members have wanted this feature to complement their usual online purchases. By shopping with an affiliate ID, they help ISML earn a small commission — effectively a donation at no additional cost. Currently we only have Play-Asia listed, but if anyone has a suggestion for additional affiliate links, please let us know.

Staff also says welcome to Rizwan, who joined as a translator for Chinese. In the few weeks he has been with us so far, we have had updates to our current list of Chinese character names and series titles. Some featured match descriptions are translated, and we have an ongoing project to update Contestant biographies this year in Chinese. Thanks for your help, Riz!

We all hope Amethyst Period has been exciting for everyone so far. As always, our forum is open to anyone for discussion, questions, or ideas. Thank you for helping to make and keep ISML great.

Promotional Artwork Updated

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Signature slivers for series represented in ISML 2011 are now available. Visit the promotional page either from the tab here in the News blog or on the main site. Thanks to melange for putting this together.

I forgot to credit KholdStare in the last post for taking the lead in preparing the community artwork page and hosting the contests for exhibition poster and signature-banner submissions.

Thanks also to hinakatbklyn who is our latest donor. ISML would not be possible without the generous efforts of all the community and staff. Thanks for voting and thanks for spreading the word to new people.

Aquamarine Concluded

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Congratulations to Misaka Mikoto for winning the 2011 Aquamarine Necklace. This concludes Aquamarine Period, and Topaz will begin in about a week on Tuesday. The match preview for Topaz 1 will be available Friday along with the website skin changing to Topaz colors.

Hatsune Miku also wins the Aquamarine Bracelet for her performance in this Period’s exhibition matches. A different piece of jewelry will be awarded each Period to recognize the best competitors in the exhibition setting. As always, this is separate from the main tournament, but we hope you enjoy the matches and posters as they come; we are always excited about showcasing new characters and learning about how the world rates their moe potential.

Our Exhibition Gallery continues to update each match day, and now translations are available as well as a poster gallery for the Period winners.

Voting for the Topaz Seitokai has begun on our forum. The Seitokai program has been very entertaining in the past few weeks and well received by our community. We look forward to the new leadership for Topaz Period.

Finally, a belated but huge thank you to Elouda, our latest donor. His humbling gift puts us very nearly at our financial goal for 2012, and the Regular Season has only barely started. The staff and community appreciate it very much.

Preliminary Period over

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

The seeding phase has ended, and that concludes the Preliminary Period. Thanks so much to all our voters for participating so far. It only gets better when the Regular Season starts in approximately two weeks.

Congratulations again to our 50 Contestants. They will be undergoing difficult trials ahead as they compete for each of the seven Necklaces and then possibly the coveted Tiara. Their destiny depends on you, the voters.

During the break, we’ll be working on building the schedule for the round-robin tournament. Also Contestant biographies will be updated, and we’ll have some new voting avatars as well. Aquamarine Period will be colorful and exciting; the new Necklace Round will be debuting, too! Please look forward to it, and thank you again for voting.

In donation news, ISML Staff would like to thank stephenbanks for his gift to the League. We appreciate your generosity.

Phase III Completed

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Congratulations to our final 18 Contestants who advance from the final phase of the Preliminaries. It has been very difficult to say goodbye to those who did not make it, but the space on our main roster is limited. Some characters may appear again in future Exhibition Matches, so their participation in ISML is not necessarily over for the year. However, we hope to see many of them get nominated again for a chance at the Tiara next year.

Thanks for voting in Phase III; we hope that the pick-3 format has been interesting, as it is new to ISML this year. Last year it was a pick-2 format.

Three more rounds remain in our Preseason, which make up the seeding tournament. These are a series of exhibition rounds featuring our 50 Contestants. Wins and losses do not count towards Regular Season statistics, but we do use this data to help seed our Contestants in the Regular Season schedule. Good seeding information allows us to balance the matchups of each Period (phase) of the Regular Season, so all our Contestants have a fair shot at Necklaces. Plus we can put some more exciting matchups on key days, and make the tournament a lot more fun for everyone.

Round 1 splits the 50 Contestants into five groups of ten. You will vote for up to two girls per group.
Round 2 changes it up to ten groups of five. Again, you will pick up to two girls.
Round 3 is seven groups of seven — pick two (the 50th seed coming out of the previous rounds does not participate).

More details are in our 2011 Charter.

Finally, the ISML team gives a thank you to amai-chan, who is our latest donor. Thank you for supporting our tournament and keeping our servers online for the year ahead. :)