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Archived featured matches, timer change

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Older featured match previews and teasers can now be viewed at this page. Thanks to all those who contributed and continue to write for us!

Everyone in the ISML Community is invited to submit match descriptions for upcoming matches (in multiple languages as well). Selected writeups (which are usually all of them) get posted on the front page while voting takes place.

Want to write for us? Visit the forums to share what you have. During the Preliminary Period, we are accepting submissions on this thread.

In other news, today we have reduced the voting timer to 4 minutes (240 seconds). We hope for everyone’s continuing cooperation with the timer in our effort to collect legitimate ballots and to help ensure the accuracy of voting results.

Graphic fixes

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Last night while updating the match visualization graphs for Day 1, we noticed an incorrect ordering of Candidates for Groups 5 and 14. These errors have now been fixed. The matchups in Group 5 that took place yesterday were correct, so we are properly on track. We apologize, though, if the graphics had thrown off your anticipation for a particular match day.

Much thanks to melange for taking the time to design, update, and repair all the match visualizations. Also on the front page, we welcome back amdrag as a contributor for our featured match previews.

Preliminaries have begun!

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The wait is over! Voting for Phase I, Round 1, Day 1 is now open.

We mentioned that the four rounds of Phase I will be split into six days. Day 1 will cover the first 9 Groups for Round 1. On Tuesday, Day 2, we will have voting for Groups 10-14 of Round 1 as well as Groups 1-5 of Round 2. This keeps the amount of groups at 9 or 10 per day.

The voting page may still seem a little long compared to last year’s, but we just have that many eager Candidates hoping to enter the ISML main tournament. :) Good luck to everyone!

Thanks also to maglor who provided featured match descriptions on the front page. We wanted to have a little discussion/promotion on matches that we found particularly interesting today; however, system-wise, they are not any more important than all the other matches today. Please be sure to vote in all of them!

Voting will stay open for 24 hours. After polls close, we will have results ready on the front page in 12 hours.