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A new Sapphire Period champion

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Congratulations to GokĊ Ruri for winning the 2011 Sapphire Necklace! Like in Amethyst, we had another close match with very exciting results. Thanks to our creative staff as always for designing our posters on such short notice after results are fully tallied.

We’re past halfway in the Regular Season, and three Necklaces remain before the final tournament for the Heavenly Tiara. With the conclusion of Sapphire Period, we take a short break until Emerald Period on Sunday, July 31. Match previews will be available by the end of this coming week.

Our exhibition winner this Period is Shiomiya Shiori, who wins the Sapphire Amulet. Congratulations! And the voting results were very nice for our other exhibition arenas as well; we hope you’ve been enjoying the themed groupings.

Thank you again for all your votes and support for ISML.

Sapphire over

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Congratulations to Shana for winning the Sapphire Necklace; she is the first Contestant to have defended a Necklace in consecutive years, also winning it in 2009.

We move on to Emerald Period next week. The usual preview will be available on Friday, but if you can’t wait, you can visit the full schedule page to look at the rest of the matchups.

Schedule Release

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Today we are releasing the regular season schedule for ISML 2010. It is currently available only in English; translations and other improvements are on the way.

We withheld the schedule at first in order to give more focus to each present match as it occurred. Last year we observed that some of our voting community were too focused on future matches, voting for reasons other than a Contestant being more moe than her opponent in a particular arena. Saimoe is still the top priority and goal of the tournament, and we try to preserve that every day.

After three Periods of releasing the schedule one match at a time, we came to additional observations. We took a lot of care devising our schedule for fairness, and as a result, it had a formulaic construction that some of our community were soon able to decipher. Fortunately, even with that knowledge available, we did not discover the same voting patterns that had impacted certain Rounds in ISML 2009.

We want to keep things exciting and fun for our community as a whole. We believe the schedule release will generate more interest and discussion in ISML without sacrificing match integrity. This is mostly thanks to our large and diverse (and still growing) community! Everybody’s participation keeps ISML balanced, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Reading the schedule is optional; if you would prefer to view matches one-by-one, continue watching the main page and voting page, as the “next match preview” will still be available. In addition to the schedule page, Contestant biographies will feature a schedule, but this will be hidden until you click on the link to view it.

If you lurked our forums, you may have noticed a sneak preview of the regular season schedule. A small discussion is available there if you want more information on this release or if you want to contribute your own comment or question. Visit

We hope you enjoy the second half of the regular season; it has been exciting for me, and I look forward to more interesting results. Sapphire will start on Sunday!