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Test ballot

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

A test ballot is on our voting page. After our server move, we have been curious about server performance. Please vote on the ballot to generate some activity in our database. (It’s okay in this instance to vote multiple times.)

Nomination form beta testing

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Please help us test our new nomination form this year.

IP checking is disabled, so please vote as many times as you like. My goal is to discover bugs and errors I may have overlooked while developing the form. It would also be useful to learn how well the form performs under heavy traffic.

Please comment if you discover an error or incompatibility or security hole. I use Firefox and Internet Explorer, but we do have users on Safari, Chrome, Opera, and other browsers. I’m interested to know if our site works on iPhones, Wiis, PS3’s, X-Box, etc. Try all sorts of things including breaking the listed rules or using foreign characters in your input.

The language translation buttons (and the two links on the page) don’t work yet. Our staff is working on getting proper translations for the rules listed. Although I do have a Google Translate API I could work in, too.

Submissions will be recorded only for testing purposes. When the nominations really begin on January 1, the database will be cleared, and IP checking will be put in place.

The tournament rules and official introduction will be ready later this month. Thanks for your help and patience!