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And Folks… Regular Season is Over!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

First of all, a big congratulations to the winner of the Topaz Necklace. She made the push she needed at the end in order to win above the others and managed to grab hold of that Necklace, so congratulations to Akiyama Mio! In addition, we’d like to congratulate Yuzuriha Inori who won the Topaz Earrings, as she took the victory in her exhibition inter-division matchup! We’ve had a wonderful run with Topaz Period and that’s all thanks to those who visit and vote every day and make this a successful tournament. ¬†And as the curtains fall on Regular Season, we’d like to thank you all for these past five months in voting and giving your favorite contestants your utmost support.

But even though Regular Season is over, there’s no need to fret yet! The fun’s just getting started—we’re preparing for Postseason which will decide the champion for the two Divisions, and the top eight of each Division will move on to the second phase, where they will compete for the 2012 Heavenly Tiara.

We’ll be ready for the final event of the year on September 30th. Good luck to all our wonderful contestants, and to you, our voters: Are you prepared to support your favorite girls to the very end?

Topaz Necklace Awarded

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Congratulations to Tachibana Kanade for winning the 2011 Topaz Necklace! Topaz Period is concluded, and we have a week break until Amethyst Period on Sunday, June 12. The Amethyst 1 match preview is expected to be ready by Wednesday.

Our exhibition winner this Period is Kinomoto Sakura, who wins the Topaz Earrings. Congratulations!

Seitokai voting for Amethyst will begin soon on our forum. Fantasy for Amethyst is planned to change as well.

Corrected statistics

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Topaz 1 rankings were incorrect upon release, but they are now corrected. This is for the rankings calculations (both Topaz and Overall) only. The vote totals and winners from yesterday’s matches have not changed.

Thanks to the many keen eyes in our Community for discovering it first; ISML Staff apologizes for not catching the error prior to release.

EDIT: Was alerted to a few more corrections that were needed. Those are now applied; more details in the first comment below.

Topaz over

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Congratulations to Aisaka Taiga for winning the 2010 Topaz Necklace!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this past month of matches; Amethyst Period is next! The preview for Round 1 will be available on Friday.

(Maybe I’ll get to finish developing that exhibition page… >_>)

Topaz 1

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Results are out; Topaz is having a great start just like Aquamarine did. The space map will be a bit tardy today, but it should be on the website before the start of Topaz 2.

Beginning with Topaz, the period statistics and the cumulative statistics will have different values. The period statistics reset to count only the matches in Topaz Period; this is how we determine the winner of the Topaz Necklace. The cumulative statistics (which can be seen on the Statistics page at any time) will collect numbers from the entire Regular Season, deciding our Top 16 who will enter the Double Elimination tournment this fall.

Today we thank zmjhgvn once again for another donation to our project. :)

Topaz preview online

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Topaz 1 matches can now be previewed on the voting page. Our site has shifted to the Topaz skin; the posters at the bottom of the main page honor the Necklace’s previous holders, Sakurazaki Setsuna and Nagato Yuki. In three weeks we will have a new Topaz champion. Voting begins on Sunday.

Aquamarine information has been archived, and the Tiara posters have moved to the Statistics main page.

Thanks to LYJ who is our most recent donor. :)