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Yay, Twitter

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Thanks to everyone tweeting about us and sharing their votes on #ISML (and, alternatively #ISML2011 and also #saimoe). They’ve been very fun to read; we’re happy that interest in the tournament and our overall voter-base is growing and spreading worldwide.

Double-Elimination PV ready

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

KholdStare has finished the PV for the ISML 2010 Double Elimination. It is absolutely amazing; it gets me excited about the postseason, and I hope everyone in our community enjoys it, too.

Every new video is better than the last, in my opinion; I’m very thankful for the talent he has shared with us. This video is now on the front page. Also check out his YouTube account for other videos, including the PVs from ISML 2009.

Note: If you cannot access YouTube where you live, you can download the PV here —

(And I think I got our Twitter working again.)

New community video

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Thanks to Hachiko for putting together a video previewing the Postseason. It covers all the matches and vote totals of our 16 finalists as they made their way through the regular season. See it on the community page.

Banners for Korea Best Moe 2010 and the Anime Saimoe Tournament of Japan 2010 have been added to the main page at the bottom. We’re happy to support the other moe tournaments on the web, especially since some of our season qualifiers refer to the final results of those tournaments. While you wait the postseason of ISML, please explore the other sites as well.

In other news, I’ve momentarily forgotten our Twitter password; WordPress tells me that I have to sign up for an app to be able to copy news posts to Twitter now…

Twitter plugin and Firefox

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Testing a new plugin that updates our Twitter whenever a WordPress post is made.

Also, we heavily recommend using Firefox to view and vote in ISML. I do all my primary development and testing using that browser. But I try to make things as compatible as possible for Internet Explorer and other browsers, too. There are some transparency settings that are optimized on Firefox but can be hit or miss on IE. Google Chrome is okay, though, except for the loss of rounded border corners. And I have a few reports that things look okay on Safari.

Happy holidays again!

We’re considering giving voters another nomination slot or two, since the general opinion is that 10 is causing you a lot of stress to rank your personal moe list. And I admit I didn’t consider how many of you may have been banking on the automatic entries to make your nomination selections easier.