ISML Rules and Guidelines - FAQ

International Saimoe League is governed by a Constitution and supported by Annual Charters. Please read both documents for a full understanding of our processes, but if you are short on time, the highlights are summarized in a brief, convenient FAQ below.
Last updated: 11 June 2014

Tournament Flowchart

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What is ISML and how do I participate?
  • ISML hopes to find the most moe among anime girls, and it's up to you to decide by casting your vote!
  • Voting is free of charge; you are not required to register an account.
  • Join the forum to discuss ISML with fellow fans. Subscribe to the news blog for tournament updates.
  • Your participation means that you agree to our rules and policies.

What is the schedule of 2014?
  • The calendar at right highlights all the scheduled match days.
  • Matches start at 1500 GMT on the scheduled day and last for 24 hours.
  • Results will be released 12 hours after a match ends.
  • The schedule is tenative and may change in the future, but we'll keep you updated on the news blog.

Where do I vote?

How does the Regular Season work?
  • Each of our 72 Contestants faces the other 35 girls in her Division, one opponent per round.
  • Vote for the more moe girl of the two, or abstain if you just can't decide.
  • The 16 girls in each Division with the most points (wins) at the end of the Regular Season advance to the Postseason.
  • The season is divided into 5 Periods, each with a Necklace as a prize for the best performance during the Period. Necklaces don't count towards Postseason eligibility, but they're still nice status symbols.
  • The Necklace Showdown (Round 8) is a free-for-all match with the Top 7 Contestants of the Period, consisting of 3 Stella, 3 Nova, and 1 wild card from either Division. A Necklace Score is calculated from the results of that round and the strength of schedule during the Period to determine the winner of the Necklace. So note that merely "winning" the Necklace Showdown alone does not necessarily guarantee the Necklace.
  • Each day will feature exhibition matches. These matches are not related to any Division or the main tournament. It's mostly for fun -- a chance for brand new characters or characters from Preliminaries to appear on the voting ballot. In 2014, we are holding a visual novel tournament and seasonal tournaments for new characters appearing in the latest anime; check out the exhibition arenas for these matchups!

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