Pokemon ISML - Hoshi

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Pokemon ISML - Hoshi

Post by Momento10 » Wed May 10, 2017 7:45 am

Character BioShow
Pokémon/Name: Hoshi
Lv. 5
Gender: M
Type: Ghost/Flying
Nature: Jolly (+10% Spd, -10% SpA)
Special Characteristics: Flaming phoenix wings

1. Shadow Tag

1. Peck
5. Disable

Base Stat: 386
HP: 100
Attack: 100
Defense: 27
Sp. Atk: 29 (-10% SpA)
Sp. Def: 30
Speed: 100 (+10% Spd)

Current Stats:
HP: 20
Attack: 12
Defense: 12
Sp. Atk: 13
Sp. Def: 12
Speed: 14
Your alarm bell rings, which prompted you to wake up. You have been waiting for this day for quite some time. After all, you are about to become a Pokémon trainer! You headed downstairs where your mother is waiting for you.

Mom: Oh, there you are dear. Why, I was beginning to worry that you wouldn’t even wake up. After all, today is the day that you will finally get your diploma for Pokémon training! Are you excited?

You told her you were so excited you do not know how to control it.

Mom: How calm you are. If only your father were here to see how far you have gone. He would have been so proud of you. Look at me, talking about this; we should be talking about you now. This is your special day. You better hurry on now before you are late. Take care, sweetie.

Grabbing your bag, you decided to head off to school. As you exited your house, you noticed that your next-door neighbor also left his house as well.

Minhtan: Well, well, look who decided to rise early for once. You look like a child who is about to receive a new toy. Since you have so much energy on you, that means you are more than prepared to have a little spar today, right?

You reminded your neighbor that you are not supposed to fight other people unless you received the diploma.

Minhtan: Come on, a little spar isn’t going to harm anyone, okay. Think of it as a school exercise.

You believed that there was no way to convince your neighbor out of it, so you decided to go with the flow.

Minhtan: That’s the spirit. Show me what you’ve got!

Rival Minhtan wants to fight!

Minhtan: You probably have no idea what you are doing, so let me explain it to you. In this world, random number generators are king. You are going to have to continuously provide a string of numbers for the moderator so that the story can progress. Why do you need a long string of numbers? Well, there are some moves that do not have perfect accuracy, moves that have additional effects, etc. To confirm the success of those moves and statuses, you are going to have to provide a number to confirm whether or not the effect of that attack works. Rather than provide a number each and every time you fight, you can provide a long chain of numbers so you only need to refresh the number string every now and again.

There are two different number strings to consider. There is the 1-100 number string. This will be the main string that will dictate everything that will happen in battle in regards to moves with less accuracy or effects for you and your opponent. The second string of numbers is the 1-4 string. This will help your opponents determine what find of moves they will use. You ae most likely going need one long 1-4 string and a few 1-100 strings, as such factors are usually not available in the early stages of the game, but he 1-100 string will become more prominent as the game progresses.

In addition to the two strings, you can decide which moves you want to use on the opponent in a similar fashion. You can choose to play it safe and use one attack at a time, or if you want the story to progress quickly, you can select a group of moves and put it in any order you like until either you or the opponent’s Pokémon fainted. For example, you can choose to send (Tackle x2, Growl), (Tackle, Growl, Tackle), or (Growl, Tackle x2). It’s riskier, but if you feel confident enough to take someone or something down within your selected moves, go for it. It would help progress this story faster.

For now, randomly generate a string of numbers from 1-4 and a string of numbers from 1-100. Remember, the longer your string of numbers and moves, the faster the story will go. It can be 20, 50, or even 100 for the number string. Your own moves you can dictate at your own pace.

(1-4) Number String:
(1-100) Number String:
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