ISML 2017 Divine Circlet & Crown Poster Contest submission

Show off your ISML-related talents, whatever they may be. You can also request character avatar changes here.
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[3,14% Pasta]
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Re: ISML 2017 Divine Circlet & Crown Poster Contest submissi

Post by WoodyMC » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:41 pm

Hikari-chan wrote: Hey Woody, sorry to say but you can't change the colors of the template :(
Do not deviate from the template. You’re not supposed to change the font, glyph, text ("Divine Circlet"/"Divine Crown"), logo, as well as the color, size and location of any of them. Just select either layer Circlet Text or layer Crown Text, depending on what poster you’re making.
Haiii edited them all~
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