Notice concerning gender and age data

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Notice concerning gender and age data

Post by smartboyhw » Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:22 am

Due to the overlooking of column headings, it has been discovered that the gender and age data we uploaded for Aquamarine 1 and Aquamarine 2 were wrong. We have wrongly switched the data for Female and Under 18 voters.

The correct data are as follows:

Aquamarine 1:
Male: 2552
Female: 273
Under 18: 989
Over or equal 18: 1828

Aquamarine 2:
Male: 2503
Female: 417
Under 18: 974
Over or equal to 18: 1930

There is no change concerning individual arena results. We have updated our statistics portal to reflect the changes. We apologize for our mistakes committed.

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