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Aquamarine Period 2018 Featured Match Write-ups

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 9:06 pm
by RailWarrior
Featured Match previews/descriptions/teasers for ISML matches are needed every round. Anyone in the community is welcome to contribute in any language. Accepted submissions will be displayed on the front page during the voting round and archived on the site afterwards. You may receive cookies when you submit and/or help edit write-ups.

Archived write-ups can be found here for reference: ... _index.php"

  • You must be fair to all candidates involved.
  • Writers have a max total of 5 previews per round.
  • 200-word limit for each Regular Season Female preview, Regular Season Male preview, and 1v1 Exhibition preview, regardless of content or style.
  • 300-word limit for each Exhibition 2v2 preview, due to the pairing of contestants.
  • 450-word limit for each Necklace/Pendant and Necklace/Pendant Exhibition preview.
  • Please use the spelling conventions that ISML uses (e.g. with the macrons ō and ū).
  • Because these will be on the front page, appropriateness and quality of writing are extremely important.
  • Please proofread your work from the perspective of a normal visitor; would he or she understand what you wrote?
  • Try to avoid major plot/character spoilers.
  • Unfortunately, not every submission will be featured.
  • And perhaps MOST IMPORTANT, final revisions of the submissions must be turned in, at the latest, at 10:00 GMT--5 hours before the start of each match.
Tips for Writers
  • Beware of long, cumbersome sentences. While many of them are technically correct, with their commas and conjunctions, they often sound very awkward and become difficult to follow after some length. Try to be considerate of your readers and vary up your sentences' lengths to create regular patterns. Read your works out loud and consider how each sentence sounds.
  • Be very careful of using the same words over and over (example: "girl"), and of using the same sentence structures repeatedly (ex: "Girl A blah blah blah blah blah. On the other hand, Girl B blah blah blah"). Avoid repetition and get creative with your descriptions of the contestants, while still remaining true to their characters.
  • Most of all, try to have fun with your writing! If you find yourself in a slump and using the same style repeatedly with no vigor to your work, then take a break. Maybe read a blog entry or something elsewhere to freshen up your language, then try to write on a clean page. If you're forcing yourself and not having fun, then stop. Come back for the next round. If you're having trouble with something, let us know here and someone or multiple "someones" is/are bound to jump in and aid you.
Post your writings here, and Staff will review and consider them. If you have just ideas, but not whole write-ups, that's okay, too! We can all help each other come up with the best paragraphs to introduce our matches. Thank you for helping to improve ISML!

Re: Aquamarine Period 2018 Featured Match Write-ups

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 9:13 pm
by RailWarrior
Oumae Kumiko vs. Jeanne d'ArcShow
One of the hardest things to do is to remain neutral.

Ōmae Kumiko wants to experience all the fun events that high school has to offer. But when she joins the Concert Band Club, that desire becomes no longer possible. "Fun" is the last word anyone would use to describe the situation in the club. Due to certain events in the past, the club was divided into two groups: those who want to play music purely for enjoyment and those who want to practice seriously and aim for national-level competitions. As a new member, Kumiko finds herself stuck in the middle of this conflict. She listens to each members' stories, but inside she wants nothing to do with this troublesome high school drama. Yet, the more she absorbs each person's feelings, the less able she is to remain a spectator. Eventually, she must choose a side.

Jeanne d'Arc, as the Ruler-class Servant, has an obligation to see to the success of the Holy Grail War. She is supposed to be an impartial judge, raising a hand only when rules are broken. But there is a problem: a normal Holy Grail War is a battle royale amongst seven servants; this war is a seven versus seven team battle. As such, Jeanne has no precedent to work with. Which events are "natural consequences" of the war? And which events go against the nature of the war? Jeanne doesn't know, so she uses her own judgement. Her instincts lead her to help out one team once. Then twice. And eventually, Jeanne starts to perceive the other team as an evil that must be eliminated. Are her actions still within the duties of Ruler, or has she abandoned her post as a neutral party?

Neutrality is difficult to uphold. When you are exposed to a conflict long enough, you will inevitably gravitate towards a side. The question then becomes whether you chose the right side. So, in this match between Ōmae Kumiko and Jeanne d'Arc, who is the correct choice?

Re: Aquamarine Period 2018 Featured Match Write-ups

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 9:29 pm
by Kiwigiwi
Todoroki Shōto (Boku no Hero Academia) vs. Heiwajima Shizuo (Dur…Show
Staying true to yourself is more important than pursuing greater strength.

Shōto's path to become the strongest hero is a rocky one. With a troubling past of physical abuse and emotional torment, he struggled with himself internally and forgot what it meant to be a true hero. He grew up to resent the source of his suffering, and in turn he resented a part of himself. It caused him to hold back half of his full power even as he trained, in an attempt to prove that he could be the best using only half of his powers.

Shizuo was much in the same way. Having been isolated from others due to his fear of hurting them with his uncontrollable anger and absurd strength, he finds himself unable to fully express his feelings. He believes that he needs to grow stronger to contain his rage and feels deep regret whenever he is unable to. He even believes that he is unworthy of love because of his power.

However, as both would find out in the future, sometimes showing the world your true strength and finding people who would love them for being themselves is more rewarding.

Re: Aquamarine Period 2018 Featured Match Write-ups

Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 6:40 am
by ~Baumkuchen-kun~
Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell (Gabriel Dropout) vs Megumin (Kon…Show
S: HAHAHA, FEAST YOUR EYES FOOLISH MORTALS! I, Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell, will be the leader of this League of Moe and teach you the ways of hell!
M: Not so fast insolent child!
S: Ch-child, but you’re-
M: I am the Crimson Demon, the power of infinity to give even the biggest of titans a shaking to their shoes! I am Megumin.
S: Hahaha, your powers are nothing compared to my Devilish Actions and how even I can take down a goddess to the point she becomes naked.
M: Guh, not bad for a brat.
M: but that is not enough! You see, I’m so powerful, I brought a goddess out of her home and now she works under me being our healer
S: Gah! Y-you have no proof
M: Hmhm, you dare challenge me? *pulls out a photo of Aqua being eaten by a frog*
S: AAAAAHHH! I’ve seen her here as well
M: Leave now before you suffer her fate
S: N-N-No!
M: eh?
S: Y-you won’t scare me you fraud devil! I will show you your weakness and amplify it tenfold
M: ‘C-Crap, she’s calling my bluff.’

Re: Aquamarine Period 2018 Featured Match Write-ups

Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 9:57 am
by Reverend
Kagamihara Nadeshiko (Yuru Camp) vs Kotoha (Mitsuboshi Color)Show
There are certain joys that can only be reaped by the simple and the naive. One that requires a child-like clarity of the mind. Kagamihara Nadeshiko, a simple-minded, down-to-earth, and extremely kind girl, and Kotoha, a real child, still pure, with gleaming imagination, are two examples.
Nadeshiko was without ambition nor hobby, immediately jumped into camping when, by accident, she learned of the beauty of living near nature with food and just a few real good friends. Her simple-mindedness that allows her mind to remain open to anything that might come her way. While her humility allows her to have a good relationship with almost everyone she can encounter. The combination of all of that ultimately leads her to many a joy anyone else might not be so fortunate to understand.
Kotoha, is a child of ideas and curiosity. There's no border that can hinder her from solving any mystery. There's no warning that can stop her from going as far as she thinks she has to finish the mission. She and her fellow Colors discover fun out of something new every single day, while keeping peace at the town at the same time!