RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

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RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

Post by Lulu » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:31 am

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Re: RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

Post by Hachiko » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:24 am

ISML 2017: Chtholly Is Better Than You Think

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
September 26, 2017

2017 International Saimoe League Spring Diadem champion Chthlolly Nota Seniorious is expected to qualify for next year's International Saimoe League and prepared very well with a convincing 1470-1095 win over Kanna Kamui, the Winter Diadem champion on Match Day 7 of the Emerald Period. In the other exhibition, Cirno thumped Renko Usami 1010-510.

In the Female Division, Shiro defeated Kurisu Makise 1226-1078, Megumi Katou routed Yuuki Konno 1617-801, Eriri Sawamura Spencer trounced Azusa Nakano 1282-892, Yukino Yukinoshita stormed past Utaha Kasumigaoka 1249-941, Rin Tohsaka crushed Yuri Nakamura 1397-892, Kosaki Onodera prevailed over Tohka Yatogami 1061-956, Iroha Isshiki won a 1059-1043 nailbiter over Kaori Miyazono and Rem blitzed past Mitsuha Miyamizu 1591-993.

Shino Asada shot down Isla 1153-1005, Nanami Aoyama clobbered Maki Nishikino 1170-876, Asuna Yuuki slashed past Rikka Takanashi 1505-946, Sora Kasugano scored the Upset of the Round, winning the closest race of the round, a 1093-1092 thriller over Jibril, Kuroyukihime flew past C.C. 1053-956, Mashiro Shiina prevailed over Taiga Aisaka 1232-1194 and Aqua defeated Umaru Doma 1178-1061.

In the Male Division, Yuzuru Otonashi gunned down Subaru Natsuki 1113-906, Souma Yukihira whipped past Umetarou Nozaki 1103-714, Kyon won an 890-864 barnburner over Sorata Kanda, Nagisa Shiota prevailed over Levi 1059-1016, Kiritsugu Emiya routed Iskandar 1080-512, Izayoi Sakamaki took down Keima Katsuragi 829-740, Yuu Otosaka thrashed Monkey D. Luffy 1026-771 and Hachiman Hikigaya thumped Touma Kamijou 1254-708.

Karma Akabane defeated Tomoya Okazaki 1046-875, Saika Totsuka eased past Osami Dazai 996-773, Korosensei cruised past Gintoki Sakata, Ryuuji Takasu roared past Sadao Maou 885-791, Takashi Natsume impaled Lancer 1180-883, Yato won a 1045-1026 grinder over Saitama 1045-1026 and Edward Elric obliterated Bell Cranel 1066-691.

Match Day 8 of the 2017 International Saimoe League Emerald Period is scheduled for September 29, 2017. Vote for your favorite characters at and join the ongoing debate.
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Re: RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

Post by IGNITE » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:29 am

Forum Guess: 27.5/32 (85.94%)
Image > Image Kasugano Sora > Jibril
Image > Image Kyon > Kanda Sorata
Image > Image Yato > Saitama

poll tied
Image > Image Sawamura Spencer Eriri > Nakano Azusa
Image > Image Takasu Ryūji > Maō Sadao
Image > Image Chtholly Nota Seniorious > Kanna Kamui
houreki 26
total appearanceShow
right side
Yato 5
Kasugano Sora 4
Bell Cranel 3
Monkey D. Luffy 3
Sakata Gintoki 3
Konno Yūki 3
Kasumigaoka Utaha 3
Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko 3
Natsume Takashi 3
Takimoto Hifumi 3
Dazai Osamu 3

left side
Suzumiya Haruhi 4
Okabe Rintarō 4
Yagami Light 3
Satomi Rentarō 3

both side

Okabe Rintarō 6
Kasugano Sora 5
Suzumiya Haruhi 4
Yagami Light 4
Satomi Rentarō 4
Sakamoto 4
Beatrice 4
Okazaki Tomoya 4
Nagato Yuki 3
Doma Taihei 3
Kyon 3
Itsuka Shidō 3
Oshino Shinobu 3
Nishikino Maki 3
Nakano Azusa 3
Felix Argyle 3
Kuriyama Mirai 3
Lancer 3
Looks like we might get 4 kamiyas in pendant match.
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Re: RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

Post by houreki » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:41 am

Thanks for all the awesome sigs :>
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Re: RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

Post by Keima » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:12 am

Jibril losing to Sora was indeed a shocker (and by just ONE point no less). Other than that the results were looking good until that no good *#[email protected]*! Shino beat Isla. WTF!!! That is some serious Bovine Statology there!

I honestly didn't expect to see Ctholly beat someone of Kanna's level, but oh well. Kanna did well in the Winter seasonal. And everyone don't worry too much about her. I understand she's doing well and moved on and managed to get a job in her post Saimoe career delivering pizza (see pic):
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Re: RESULTS: 2017 Emerald 7

Post by kurogaga » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:41 am

RIP Keima, he must automatically eliminated from ISML this year. However, he had got two times deserved as Contestant in Elimination stage.

Here's the characters who have not gave the chance to Ruby Period:
Group 1: Miyazono Kaori (Rest in Peace....)
Group 2: Nikishimo Maki (In the end, no girls in Love Live have here in next period, and All idols were disappeared in ISML)
Group 3: C.C. (Oh no, C.C. !!! :( At least she could do better than last year, which she only stayed in Amethyst Period)

Group 1: Monkey D. Luffy (Well, to find "One Piece" in ISML, he must tried the tactics against 8man and the others. But he unfortunatelly must give up from ISML)
Group 2: Dazai Osamu (He's good looking and cool, but his struggle to fighting another characters didn't ensure that he would be won.)
Group 3: Bell Cranel (The remaining of Danmachi chara was zero. RIP)
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