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Post forum upgrade 2018-02

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:11 am
by Eater-of-All
We've upgraded our forum software to the latest, following some other upgrades to the server.

The most notable changes are:
  • permanent https - both the mainsite and forum automatically redirect to the https versions now
  • forum styles - the old set of forum styles is no longer compatible, so a new set has been chosen
  • spoiler tags - more modern look and feel
If you notice any issues or bugs as a result of this upgrade, please post them in the Forum Bugs thread (and Main Site bugs thread for main site issues). We are also open to suggestions for additional forum styles (see list here).

Known issues:
  • Polls no longer show who voted what - feature lost due to previous mod being incompatible with current forum version, and currently no working replacement available yet