Twitch plays Pokemon ISML?

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Twitch plays Pokemon ISML?

Post by Momento10 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:51 pm

POKÈMON ISML! Let me try this again. Although the name says it all, this is mostly a settings version as a means to see who will "participate" in this EPIC conquest to catch them all... sort of. So with that in mind, as a means to merge all words together, we start with the title screen.


"Hello, trainer, and welcome to the world of Pokémon ISML, where your journey throughout the various worlds of ISML to discover various Pokémon beyond your wildest dreams. I daresay, I have a very bad case of vision impairment and a terrible case of long and short term memory loss. Remind me a couple of things:

Lv. 5
Gender: M/F
Type: Normal
Nature: (Randomly generate 3 numbers between 1-25, Choose 1)
Ability: (Randomly generate 7 numbers between 1-232, Choose 3)
Special Characteristics: (i.e., wings, claws, etc.)
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