Who is your top 10 hate character?

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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by xsarinxtin » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:20 am

hmmm...i just the read the reactions to my post few months ago ...hehehe..
Jeffrey-sama wrote: Surprised (but also glad) that Taiga's not on this list.
probably i just forgot to AISAKA TAIGA on the list
sorry for that

hmmm..and i'll change the orders and i'll add some more..

1. louise francoise le blanc de la valliere
2. nagi sanzenin
3. haruhi suzumiya
4. aisaka taiga
5. shana
6. kagome higurashi
7. mina tepes
8. Luna Koizumi
9. miaka yuuki
10. misa amane
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by deon13 » Tue May 22, 2012 10:25 am

1. aisaka taiga ( toradora )
2. useless male protagonist
3. kyuube (madoka magica )
4. kirino and her brother ( oreimo )
5. all oversizes boobs :lol:
6. miketsukami ( ino boku )
7. shana (shakugan no shana )
8. inami mahiru ( working )
9. lucy heartfilia ( fairy tail )
10. and all yaoi character -_-
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by Emanchad » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:57 am

MY personal top ten disliked:

10. Bran Stark
9. Craster
8. Pycelle
7. Jon Cot (Just don't find him that interesting)
6. Walder Frey (Red Wedding, only because he killed countless of innocents and not just Robb etc.)
5. Aeron Greyjoy
4. Penny (Waste of Paper)

3. Balon Greyjoy
2. Brienne of Tarth
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by CureRainbow » Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:57 pm

Ah, a hated chara thread? Maybe it's a good thing I didn't see this earlier.... Ahhh, heck it. I guess I'll post mine.
Sorry to those who like these charas in advance, don't kill me...Show
I can't exactly put them in order(if anything, maybe I should've put them in categories), so I'll just throw them out here and there:

Kyubey. Just fucking Kyubey.
Nobuyaki Sugou(Sword Art Online): WORST. ANTAGONIST. EVER. He had to trap Asuna into ALO to show that he was going to marry her and all that and even had to fucking molest her? Right in front of Kirito? He isn't even a well-written antagonist that can make me love to hate him. I just fucking hate him and was so happy when Kirito destroyed him in the last two episodes of season 1.
Kiryuin Ragyo(Kill La Kill): She had such a horrible desire to invade the world with life fibers and even abused her daughters since their birth to fulfill her plan. Plus, she even molests her daughters, be it to force them to succumb to her or just for no fucking reason. Only redeeming qualities are her rainbow hair and theme music, as well as probably being a good, threatening villain, but that's about it.
Itou Makoto(School Days): Okay, this is honestly one of the worst harem leads I've ever seen in anime. Actually wait. THE worst. How can you be such an douche to all those girls like that and just get bored with them by having sex with other girls? Why the hell were you born?
Saionji Sekai(School Days): I really don't like how she originally tried to push Makoto and Kotonoha together, only for her to butt in like that. I mean, I usually don't mind that type of girl and all, but she really pushes it, especially with her fake pregnancy. Though her slicing off Makoto's head only for her to be killed by Kotonoha was great.
Matou Shinji(Fate/Stay Night): Honestly, what an asshole. I didn't like Sakura all that much, but I already pity her for living under the same roof as this guy. When Rin rejected his offer and slapped him in episode 10 like that, I almost squealed in joy.
Ryuugu Rena(Higurashi): Okay, this girl is crazy as fuck. Yes, I like Yuno, but that's because some complications as well as her backstory were well written and all that. For Rena? She's just crazy as fuck. If Shion(who I also hate a lot) even fears her, then there's something wrong.
Sonozaki Shion(Higurashi): Meakashi-hen. That's all I have to say.
Kasugano Sora(Yosuga no Sora): Her personality is complete shit. She always complains about her lifestyle despite being super lazy and possessive of her onii-chan. Even going to the point of masturbating to him and attempting to commit suicide just because he slapped her. A fucking slap. Yes, I hate incest. But at least Kirino wasn't even about the incest route(but please don't talk to me about season 2's ending, just don't...) Sora, on the other hand, was a shitty character overall.
Tobiichi Origami(Date A Live): I originally thought I would like her. Or at least sympathize with her. But as the series went on with her conflicting ideals, I was almost done with her. Then, the fight she had with Kotori by the end of season 1 led me to hate her a lot. Like, you noticed that you're immoral for murdering Shido, but then you go crazy with destroying Kotori, who was not even the murderer in the first place, leading you to possibly murder dozens of people at that amusement park?
Don't even get me started with her descent from angel to devil spirit in the light novel(yes, I read Volume 10 without watching season 2 for curiosity, deal with it)...
There are also some others I can list as honorary mentions, but I'll only say five to maintain my sanity:
Aragaki Ayase(OreImo)
Yukinoshita Haruka(Oregairu)
Orimura Ichika(Infinite Stratos)
Shokuhou Misaki(To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by Midnight-Jasper » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:22 pm

Yukino (but only 'cuz she's sculpted in Hitagi's image)

I guess that's it. I'm not as hate-ridden as I thought :D
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by RailWarrior » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:12 pm

From series I have actually watched and completed. Otherwise, there'd be hundreds from the series I've dropped.
1. Suzumiya Haruhi - Fuck this girl.
2. Flay Allster - Slut. Whore. Bitch. Just die.
3. Manabe Yoshihisa - Fuck this guy.
4. Himeragi Yukina - Not everything is your damn fight. Please, for once, GO AWAY.
5. Shiina Mashiro - Completely inept in common sense.
6. Motomiya Daisuke - Stop trying to sink my Takeru/Hikari ship. You're not going to succeed.
7. Shiba Miyuki - Too clingy. Annoying jealousy.
8. Kirigaya Kazuto - Fuck this guy and his chain of NTR.
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by Kiwigiwi » Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:25 pm

Most of the characters I hate are really popular.. so I might get stabbed in the eye for saying anything.
Kanade, Asuna and Mashiro Shiina are in my list.

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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by houreki » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:22 pm

Since this thread has been revived, I guess it's ok to post it.
Characters I hateShow
In no particular Orden

-Yuuki Asuna: I start hating her from the moment they decide to play to be a ''family''.
-Kirito: Pretty much the same plus he's too op
-Shiiro (Fate/ SN): I'm glad UBW focus on Rin and Archer
-Sengoku Nadeko
-Ichiya (Fairy Tail): I just can't stand this men!
-Jack Vessalius (Pandora Hearts): Manga stuff

I thought the list was going to be longer, oh well
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by LOveLive! » Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:45 am

1. Suzumiya Haruhi
2. Yuuki Asuna
3. Misaka Mikoto
4. Kashiwazaki Sena
5. Shana
6. Louise Valiere
7. Shiba Tatsuya (The only man) :twisted:
8. Holo
9. Shiba Miyuki
10. Clare Rouge

And other tsundere main heroines. Mostly I hate too overbearing chars.
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Re: Who is your top 10 hate character?

Post by HasbeenaHibiki » Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:40 pm

Aragaki Ayase
Mikazuki Yozora
Kousaka Kirino
Gasai Yuno
Fuyou Kaede
Yagami Light
Sakamaki Izayoi
Zaraki Kenpachi
Kurotsuchi Mayuri
Kurosaki Ichigo
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