College Applications a.k.a sekai no ichiban zetsubou na mono

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Re: College Applications a.k.a sekai no ichiban zetsubou na

Post by shiraoky » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:10 am

Sedon wrote:
DarknessHid wrote:

done with stupid apps -only till the end of winter break tho-
ty kuro for editing my humps of** trash <3
hehe yw
but they weren't trash!! mine were LOL
^ says by the one who got into Stanford :P
right???? :<
Just wrote:Wish you the best Shira 0 0 What U / subject you applying for?
oh im applying to quite a few schools but theyre all over the place haha. and uh for most of the schools i'm applying for bioeng.
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