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Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:53 pm
by Just
Hibike! EuphoniumShow
Finished watching. Kinda understand why Kholdy likes it.

A good story with a meaningful message. Looking forward to S2 ^^

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:15 pm
by Just
Re:Zero up to Ep11Show
Oh so nao I understand why it's so hyped. I was also under the impression: if Rail thinks a series is good, it can't be too bad.

Interesting setting, and as Raini said, a protagonist who is neither the typical harem MC or some kind of OP existence (although I guess the setting of returning from death is quite OP itself?). And I like it how not every restart brings the same results despite choosing the same options, although some will remain unchanged regardless of how the development went (especially people's characters, like how Emilia would have helped that girl nonetheless).

So far I think I've finished the first two arcs of the plot (the Bowel Hunter and the Mabeast in the forest), and it's interesting enough to make me wanna finish it. It's not often I'm interested in finishing a 2-season long series given how impatient I am :P

Ep 5 (or was it Ep 6) gave me goosebumps. I'm so relieved that it turned out Rem wasn't on the dark side.

So far liking Emilia and Rem the best, although I'm hoping there'll be more development of these two characters in the subsequent episodes, which given the hype they have had I believe there will. I'm liking Ram a lot too (I think she deserves a bit more love? Given how crazily popular her sister is) but I'm concerned about her true relationship with Roswaal, I hope it won't turn out to be something that will hurt my impression of her so far. Felt was the one whom I had the best first impression of (d... definitely not only because she's the prototypical tsundere loli!), but she's only had (3?) episodes so I can't judge her much yet.

So far I would rate Subaru as a slightly above average character. There were times when he acted in a jerky way that I disliked, but on the whole he's not bad, so far.
Hoping I can finish as much as possible, given I only have one day of holiday left... And I got some homework to do WHICH I STILL HAVEN'T TOUCHED.

Ep 12-14Show
Subaru is getting a bit disappointing. For the first two arcs I accepted he's a bit rash and too full of himself / self-conscious at times, but not enough to damage his overall impression. It has gone too much during these few episodes. I'm hoping the story of the third arc starting nao will see him grow in this aspect.
Ep 15Show
OK nao that's more like it. Regrettably, one doesn't normally get the ability to restart all over again when things are fucked up, not even in the anime world. One doesn't usually get that many chances to regret again and again before making things right. So I'm probably rating Subaru below average when everything's said and done, regardless of what he's gonna accomplish in the coming episodes.

I think the setting itself is made to allow us appreciate characters other than Subaru. While he is conscious about things being reset and is able to accumulate experience and amend faults, other characters don't have that, so it becomes more appreciable when characters demonstrate likeable traits without being given second chances like Subaru does.

I guess the reason why there's this change in impression for me towards Subaru is because I feel that the 'death ends' that lead to restart in the first two arcs aren't really Subaru's fault, but so far in this arc Subaru has been too pathetic for me to stand for him.
Ep 16-17Show
The story is progressing well.

As for Subaru, I guess Fuiji and Woody are right. He's human after all. It's sometimes too easy to judge from a spectator's view. Try to let it unfold, and see what happens.
Ep 18-19Show
OK sorry about all the previous rants. So... the story starts here?

This series is a success.
Dunno if it's only me, but the ending seemed slightly too rushed. I would also have enjoyed it more if the Emilia arc was developed a bit more.

On the whole, though, an enjoyable series. Subaru was pathetic in the middle, but did not disappoint in the end.

I would rate it as better than good, though not one I'll re-watch over and over again. If there's a sequelae though, I might be interested. Probably 8/10 overall.

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Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:34 pm
by Reverend
Nogizaka Haruka no HimitsuShow
Talk about frontal. ^^;
Accidental rewatch. I need to empty some space in my HDD thus I need to delete some older, haven't-watch-in-some-time, probably-I-will-no-longer-need-to-watch-just-to-write-about-it anime
Rewatch: Gakkougurashi!Show
I need to delete this...
I need to delete this...
Taroumaru! Taroumaru!

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:20 pm
by Karob
Contrary to what the "most helpful" review on MAL implies, this is not a Sword Art Online clone. The flow of the plot was pretty interesting and didn't feel like "yet another X anime" to me. The carefree way some lives were thrown away made me more numb to the deaths.

The female antagonist talking in that stupid stereotypical exaggerated way and licking her blade constantly was damn annoying. The fanservicy stuff felt cheesy and cheap. And of course there's a breast size argument, because every anime series has to have that. :/

Regardless of various specific points of annoyance, I enjoyed the show overall and would watch it again.
Some things in this show are all too relatable, with the protagonist being near my age. It hurts. :D

I loved the humour in this show and I can think fondly of several of the cast. Pretty much anything involving An was great, whether comedic or serious.

A lot of the conflict was really petty. Sheesh, grow up guys. Lookin' at you, Rena. I do understand the feeling of not being able to face one's own failure, and instead prolonging conflict because of one's own stupid emotions, though.

It seems Chizuru is actually near my age... does this mean I have a chance??! I feel like I could get along with Chizuru much better than with a more standard issue female.

I'd be delighted to rewatch this show, though I'd skip some of the conflict parts.
Garden of Sinners 2Show
Nice atmosphere and I love the Kalafina style of music. This is the sort of show my mind can rest in, as if I am in an alternate world. Not very much happened over the course of the hour, but I never felt bored, constantly soaking in each environmental and conversational detail.

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Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:49 am
by Rupy
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd SeasonShow
This was all that I was expecting and much more. The development of the plot and characters (and the addition of new ones) is very good, and since Kayano's arc it almost felt like a roller coster. The only flaw is Nagisa and Kayano not ending together after they sold it pretty much since the start.

I really enjoy it and I give it 9/10.

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:52 am
by Reverend
Working!! S1 - 7/13 (was it?)Show
Watching this surprisingly requires more... "adult attitude" from me than what I expected.

Well, objectively, the jokes are nice. Decent idea, but the timing of the punches are all great.
If only I'm not busy with wanting to punch that useless hag and that androphobic bitch that should have tried to get herself treated at a psychologist first before she actually kills someone. Stop hitting someone while being shy shy dandere! It's fucking annoying to watch.
Ah whatever at least there's Popura, the best loli main heroine you could potentially ask for. I mean: now that's a real loli! One you can actually pat all the time! <3

Episode 7:
It's not like Yachiyo will say no. You know: behind that creepy lesbian cover and that well-made katana, she's a pretty delicate person.
I know you don't want to push her because of that, but if you never push her, you two will never get anywhere!

I still hate that useless hag and that stupidly out-of-character violent dandere. And I'm still a bit annoyed that it's Inami x Takanashi that gets loads of development. But I can see why people enjoy this so much. Pretty nice rom com, with stable yet progressive romance over 3 seasons? Who wouldn't like that!

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Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:41 pm
by Homura
The hype has really gone crazy. I remember one month ago when I checked Kimi no Na wa. on MAL the score was just above 8.7, now it is rated 9.39 by near 40000 users and undoubtedly ranking as the #1 anime, which is pretty shocking. I don't feel being hyped like this is a good thing, making me a bit worried actually, but nevertheless I have been really looking forward to the movie, as a fan of his work. The movie is really a huge success for Shinkai Makoto.

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:47 pm
by Reverend
Homura wrote:The hype has really gone crazy. I remember one month ago when I checked Kimi no Na wa. on MAL the score was just above 8.7, now it is rated 9.39 by near 40000 users and undoubtedly ranking as the #1 anime, which is pretty shocking. I don't feel being hyped like this is a good thing, making me a bit worried actually, but nevertheless I have been really looking forward to the movie, as a fan of his work. The movie is really a huge success for Shinkai Makoto.
People just missed good drama so much.

well, and they've got sick with the current 24-minutes per episode format. 1 1/2 hour really can cover a lot

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Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:08 pm
by houreki
91 days Ep.6Show
Lasagna will never be the same again D:

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Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:55 pm
by Reverend
Hanasaku Iroha - 3/26Show
I don't know if I should continue or drop.

Tbh, at first I was really surprised. The writing style is really similar with mine. (though nobody here has seen it bcs my vocab sucks that's why I always stuck when I tried to do so in English. And I'm pretty sure the writer has way more experience than a mere noob like me.)
So I am really intrigued in continue watching because I feel like this could help me a lot as a writer.
Problems are:
1. I feel like I've recognized a similar story before. Um what was it called again? And old film series. I don't know. I could be just remember it wrong. Or it could be this story took that story as reference.
2. I really don't give a shit about this "work" shit! And I don't give a shit about these characters with their own mental problems! I really feel like I want to slap everyone! Including Ohana (even though she's like the only light in this dark room.)

So, should I stay because it may enrichen me as (not really) a writer? Or should I drop because I want to kill these people?

Episode 3:
Yup. I knew this story.
Not similar, but how the jokes were delivered and all that stuff was similar to that series. (argh what was the name again? My memory is always sick at unimportant stuff, by always sucks when it actually matters. -_-)

Wait what? Okada Mari? Well it does feel Sakurasou-esque but... hmm...
I really feel like writing. For Halloween, maybe? But I don't do scary stories. :(

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:03 pm
by Momo
My friend and I marathonned re:Zero last night. His salt at ep 18 was OH SO DELICIOUS trollelelel
Also Wilhelm X Theresia OTP <3

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Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:39 pm
by Reverend
I'm too weak to do it full, but I ended up doing it near-full
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de AruShow
Finally. I've been delaying this for months (or maybe years.)

1. The earlier part wasn't too interesting albeit "decently solid": Characterization are very great, world building aren't complete but it covers very enough details.
2. The characters themselves: none really stand out, which is a big problem.
Yuuna standard optimistic main protag, Togo standard melancholic worrywart best friend, Fu-senpai & her imouto & Karin are also standard of their own respective archetype. That's big problem if you're expecting many people to at the least care about them. (well, I'm sure there will be people who does care enough, but what I mean here is: I can see why none reach the level PMMM girls or MSLN or <insert a mahou shoujo anime title that changed the industry> did. Not powerful enough, their background, their "special characteristic" are.)

The chemistry between the characters, though, are good enough. Very standard SOL yet very tidy, and that's all anyone can ask for. And that is very important story-wise because the friendship of these characters are the driving force, the motive for them to fight later.

3. Now, the other thing that may define whether a mahou shoujo title has enough everlasting impact or not is the suffering: how much these characters suffer and how do they act in response to that. (aka: "plot" =D)
This is where I get most salty:
WTF is that ending? I'm fine with that Mankai shit taking random parts of the girls' bodies as sacrifices because it adds thrill, but then you return their bodies back? If you add a happy final twist because you do not want to end a mahou shoujo story on a sad or bittersweet note, then don't bother inserting the horror and the sadness "that way" in the first place: it only renders "the philosophical meaning behind each characters' ordeal and suffering" useless.
Here's what I meant with "philosophical meaning" (I cannot find the right word for that, actually. Sorry. But you'll get it once you read this text bomb below) :
  • Yuuna wanted to be a hero, and unlike her certain counterpart she and her series was modeled from, Yuuna is fully aware of the concept of "sacrificing oneself for the greater good" from the start of the series. Yet her mindset, is the type that continually put lies of good stuff on her head: thus when the big twist that her taste bud will never return etc etc comes, she can forever stay positive: on the outside, I mean in her mental, in her consciousness, is because of her constantly fooling herself, meanwhile in the subconscious is because she knows it's the cost of being a hero. But after watching Karin suffers and how useless she is in that condition, she finally breaks: because it's the fact that she was useless that serves as a contrary to her wish of becoming a hero. Thus she getting broke there is the most logical conclusion. But after that great ordeal in her mind, that finally she gets her renewed, stronger conviction, that she wants to be a hero. And she did: she did what a hero does, she paid what a hero has to pay for. But after that some shitty miracle from a system that is designed as a cruel system of gods and men, or maybe some shitty miracle from "the whole friendship theme" instead, renders her whole sacrifice as a hero meaningless, not to the story, but to us, as watchers. It renders her whole conviction and its finding process useless simply because the author still believes in a God. This ending pretty much shows the author's view of life, which is shit because: you can throw as much of your idealism in a story you made as much as you like, but you cannot allow that to affect the outcome of a plot.
  • Togo is the type that is sensitive and blatantly shows her care towards her friends. And I'm sure that has always been her personality since the start. Thus in her first run as this "hero" stuff, she lost her memories as well as her legs, aka she forgot her old friend the crippled girl (whose name I forgot but her Seiyuu I will never forget <3.) The tragic behind that is beautiful: to forget the thing you care the most. Ain't that a good material? Well, anyway: in her second run as a hero, she finally remembers that, and that is the driving force behind her "turn to dark", and then reborn. So far so good, but here comes the shitty part: in the process of her "darkening", she is prepared to sacrifice the gods and the other people she never truly believes in, for the sake of both her and the friend she cares most keeping their friendship, for her possessiveness. But after that, since her true character is the kind one, that shitty shounen stuff of Yuuna hitting her face and then she repents comes. But I'm fine with that. But after that it should have gone tragic, in accordance of the logic of nature's law of give and take; It will only make sense that she has to suffer watching her best friend turned to that, too, because of her possessiveness. But what happens? Not only Yuuna returns, she also is spared from all the damage she should have retained due of the cost she has to pay for the things she believed in. Not only, once again, what's the point of the whole conviction, but also: where's the constant tragic that has been the main charm of her character?
  • Fu-senpai has been the reliable older sister that prefers to carries everything by herself. In the outcome of her and her sister's arc, she realized that it was a mistake: that in the end she's also just a normal girl, and that just protecting her isn't the right thing. She thought just by supporting her from behind while stepping up to protect her when she thinks it's too dangerous for her is enough. What she missed was the trust, that it's not just about helping her shine, but also so that she can stand side by side with her, and to also show her sister her weak side. The outcome to her arc was very satisfying. But then she and her sister have to involve themselves in that shitty final outcome because the friendship theme has to come by and they have to join the fight and then escape the cost they should have paid for the friendship they believe in.
  • Itsuki was (and still) a standard danderedere character, an imouto with no confidence of herself, especially with her voice. When she finally found it, she had to lose her voice. But she's fine with it because it's the confidence that matters. Her sister had to suffer but she did what she wanted the most: being there for her sister when it matters as her sister has done so. Once again said, her arc was good. But it's what after that that's shit.
  • Karin wanted to be a hero, and being the lonely girl she was, she was shutted out: no friends, no love to other people, etc. Her whole story, as we all can predict with the whole friendship theme, is of course about her finding those friends. Up til her plain tsundere finding friend is fine though not special, but her change in character after that is what is great. it's what completes her as a hero. After the whole conviction finding stuff. she fought like a hero should be, and paid for it. Very very great. But after that she shouldn't have regained everything she had lost. And that miracle changed her mindset enough to make her say hypocritical stuff like "Sacrificing just yourself, I don't like that kind of thinking" that isn't her at all, which is pretty shit. The conviction is gone, changes in mindset is fine but it should have come with a process of getting wiser. That line... clearly doesn't show that she is getting wiser.
You know: the whole "suddenly cured" final twist is still shit but would be fine except for Karin, but suddenly Yuuna is okay like nothing serious happens is utter shit. (Maybe they should have made a system when these girls could die. I mean: I don't expect Wasshio to be the only other member of the old hero group the crippled girl was in. Good material for a season 2 or movie, but... adding a death system won't hurt that possibility either.)

Well, at least the author stayed consistent of each characters' religious belief.
OMG I forgot what else I wanted to write here, well, I'll skip the rest of the plot part for now.

- Character visual is great, and the mahou shoujo dress is top class.
- Animation... I could ask for more fluid motion in some part if I am cruel, but... it's already very very good as it, with all the effects and stuff, so I won't ask that much.
- SFX and BGM top class.
- Voicing is great.

Well, I'll probably rate this 8/10, in the end, because I enjoyed it but not to the point that I'll cherish it as something that special.
Heuh, I hate these optimistic people. They tried to run away from reality.

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:48 pm
by Chibasa
Prison SchoolShow
It was better than I expected, I'll read manga to know what's next, I'm curious knowing more about Mari and Anzu. Hana and Chiyo are best grills for now. =3 New seitokaicho seems interesting too :3

Some of the boys could be more interesting (maybe some development next arc?), that's the little flaw here. Still very enjoyable. 8+/10

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Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:10 pm
by Reverend
B Gata H-Kei 4/12Show
"Comedy anime where the main protagonist is a girl named Yamada."

Guaranteed good anime. :lol:

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Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:20 am
by Karob
Recently I watched all of Hanasaku Iroha.
A fuckload of drama, including way too much in-your-face yelling, but I enjoyed it regardless. When they're not exploding for no good reason, the characters are quite likeable, and I ended up feeling like the cast were very close to each other like a family - a feeling I wish I got more often from anime. Ohana is too impulsive and loud, but she's a sweetheart regardless. Bonus points for traditional Japanese clothing and architecture, Kanae Itou, and a bit of intriguing music.
I finally got around to finishing Gosick. It's refreshingly different.
Kujou's nightmare near the end - I'm not sure what I was supposed to get out of that.
Not exactly anime, but I started watching RWBY again. Marathon'd volumes 2 and 3. Shit gets real. I'm really enjoying the series.

I finished the first Mushi-shi series and watched half of the second one. I love the rustic simplicity, the calmness, and Ginko's personality. I wish Mushi-shi was a long-running series. :P

And can I just say that Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan is fantastic comedy and I'm delighted that there is going to be another season.

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Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:37 am
by Reverend
School Rumble S1 Ep 12/26Show
Why can't all romcom that involve triangles or multiple romances be like this? <3

Yakumo: is a Goddess! <3 (How many confession you had again? 8? Well, add 1 to that count because I'm in. <3)
Tenma: Your efforts are commendable and you in love is a very cute watch but... unfortunate the dude doesn't deserve it.
Harima: Ganbarre, Harima! Whoever you end up with, I'll forever support you. (even though... yeah I know what will happen, and what will you do to my beloved Goddess. Nah, it's fine. It's love. (Plus my Goddess is mine <3))
Karasuma: Die.
Eri: oh wow from a simple love triangle to a potentially very complicated love chain. Good luck to you, too.
Hanai: Poor Hanai. And he is a very good man, albeit a bit too stupid. Though, actually, I won't really mind if mah Goddess Yakumo end up with Hanai. I mean: at least he's a good guy.
Suou: Forget him, Suou. That senior is a lost cause.
Nara: Poor Nara. Well, at least he tried his best a got decently far enough.

Who else should I mention, huh? Too many to mention.
- Each characters are pretty meaningful. Even Imadori whose first meaningful appearance is right on this episode where I stop currently (I'll definitely finish this, though.) and also the green-haired girl (Karen, is it?) whose first meaningful appearance I haven't even reach that point yet. Everybody... are strong enough to leave impressions about them to us, even Karasuma. (the only one who felt like a dead mask with no... "interesting gap" was Eri, actually, since she looked like the usual ojou-sama bitch you can go die character, but right at the moment I thought that, the episode after that she was talked about (Episode 8, was it?) And after that the mis-confession fiasco happened and she turns tsun. =D)
- The comedy is total hilarious and the punchlines always come at the right time to reap the most laugh. Example of a very good comedy. You don't have to be original in everything, you just have to make sure you do things the right way on the right place at the right time so that the hilarious-ity feels... honest. (Well, but maybe back during its days, you can say that School Rumble is original? Hmm...)
- The voicing are so mint. Everyone of them, the boys and the girls. <3
- Most importantly, the OP (and Hocchan) is so bae. <3

No opinion on the romance, yet, though. I knew how it will end (since I got spoiled) but I don't know the details yet. All I can say for now is that Karasuma should go die.

I wanna date Yakumo <3
That nape, that shoulder... yum I wanna bite <3.
And those eyes.... Aw I lost. <3
Plus funnily enough despite being able to read people's mind like a text, her response is pretty text-book, and often reflect-ly absent-minded. Meaning... she doesn't really know how to use her power, and at this state, anyone who pays enough attention to her will know she has that kind of power, and once they know, he can use it against her, and that makes her very easy to tease, and the potential of her dere reaction... <3
Plus she's a great cook, and a kind girl, and loves animals, and is smart and diligent, and also very beautiful, very princess-poi... Ah unfortunate she's too good to be true! <3

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Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:56 am
by Lulu
Sansha Sanyou
Raphiel - Satanichia
Gabriel - Vignette ?

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:24 am
by Chocola
Girlish 7
This anime gets much better and more interesting when the episode's focusing isn't about fucking Chitose. Holy shit how can anyone like that character is beyond me.
Girlish 8
This is the first time Momo-chan has my interest. She's probably one of the best characters in this shitty anime.

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Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 2:51 pm
by Reverend
Akatsuki no Yona Ep 1-6Show
Somebody tell me how to survive watching this.
I'm fine with the comedy that comes and goes as it likes, with no early sign whatsoever, often.
I'm fine with the shitty triangle romance that is even more cliche than harem anime.
I'm very upset with the shitty alpha flirt romance but it's fine, it's not like I didn't expect it in the first place.
But I really don't care about Yona's out of nowhere conviction. What? She doesn't even know what she's talking about! And the anime makes it as if it's cool? WTF she doesn't even have a dream rn! And the only dreams she'd probably get out of the political struggle setting are probably revenge, making good country without real concept it's even more unreal than a fcking utopia, and repairing all of those friendship bonds bullshit!

And despite that shitty part, Yona is still (second) best chara. Simply bcs the rest of the cast in exception of the Hak's Grandpa (but I don't count him here) are even shittier.
Hak... stfu you're a fcking leader if you're not prepared to be selfish and be seen as an evil ruler who sends people to their death, then don't take the job in the first place! (well, at least he dropped it.)
Soo Won... there's no use of your "being ready to be a villain" act when you're not ready to kill a girl you never really loved. And nah, don't give me that bullshit of "I realized I loved her." because you don't! Go learn from Uchiha Itachi when you want to learn about real love! (especially since you (same as him) also copy the cliche development.)
Bg chara no comment since they exist merely to add more dimension to the comedy part + play plot device role (since Hak and Yona's combo feels pretty one-dimensional, not that it's wrong, though.)
that annoying Fire Tribe prince... no comment

Edit: I was wrong. There's one other better chara here: that archer that shot the poisonous arrow to Yona. Unfortunate that he only shot one. He should have shot twice or thrice and make sure Hak is dead while at the same time saving this anime from cliche "I'm going to protect you" scene that took like fcking 10 seconds which would have been enough time to kill the stunned-yet-still-able-to-flirt-Yona Hak.

Re: Your Catchup Bucket

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 11:54 am
by smartboyhw
OK first of all to anybody who is wondering: I'm not completely away and will lurk around this summer, until mid-late August (which by then you won't see me around due to non-stop organization of orientation activities for freshmen and then start of Year 2).

So for the catch-up session.
OreGairu S2 13/13Show
OreGairu S2 is actually a far-forgotten material for me since I watched it probably around January. Still, the psychological aspect of the characters is well performed. And as you can pretty much tell by asking WHERE IS INABAN, Iroha is best girl.
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata S1 12/12Show
Watched for Saekano S2 prep.
A surprising thing is that I actually find it mediocre (unlike S2), and I definitely do not like the characters very well. Most characters suffer too much of a trope (and in the case of Megumi, either too dull or too horrifying).
If I was forced to choose, it would be Michiru > Eriri > Megumi > Utaha.