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Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:56 pm
by HaloCapella
Hiya, Paru here. :3 A voter here and not very much poster here. I really like the Space Opera ideas and been keepin up with it with a while. I've also been playing Civ 5 for a while now and got this idea if we could put the Saimoe empires into a mod. (if I could get those who can make mods) but i dont have any people who can do that, so I only have the concepts for now. This mod is if all the Saimoe empires of the galaxy ends up warring on earth and even able to compete with existing civilizations. I've been showing it to Wolfnagi for some time and maybe if I can find more people who's involved in Saimoe space empires and played Civ 5 before. I dont have all the empires yet but more will come. I hope I can get some content suggestions here and hope to get some fun ideas around. (prior over mechanic wise)

Here are the current empires so far: *and sry for the massive editing, i tweak them at irregular times. ^^ **oh no, over 100 edits. sry bout that ^^;


The Seven Saimoé Empires:
(Their abilities are only theoretically balanced. These are all never been tried yet.)

Image KyoAni Empire
Based on shows from Kyoto Animation such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and K-on.
About Stars of Fortune, this allows you to gain more citizens faster in the early game without the need of a luxury to make this work. It starts whenever you settle a city, or annex a city after either receiving from gift or conquering. It is pretty much a simple passive ability, and does not require special techniques to deal with this ability.

Light Music Clubs are just generally extra space for music, but is more available if you're focusing on science. The need for great works of music shouldnt be a problem since you can move them after all. Great when going wide, even tho obtaining the works wont always be faster.

Royal Guards are musketmen with a situational ability. the more happy your empire, the more powerful these are. You're going to need 30 excess happiness in order to get its maximum strength to +30%. That's stronger than a Musketeer. Unfortunately, the easily changeable happiness level will cause your boost erratic, and prone to situations when your happiness falls quickly. Lastly, if your empire becomes unhappy, Royal Guards will become normally flawed unhappy musketmen. These are mostly better off with a tall empire.
Image Joint Council of Stars (JCS)
Based on shows from JC Staff such as Shakugan no Shana, and Zero no Tsukaima.
About Kugimiya Knights, this allows you to spend a great person in order to add bonuses to your empire. Unlike Sweden, these do not require City-States. However, doing so will prohibit you to do this again. Effects may be small early on, but once you own alot of cities and you spent all the nine types, your empire should be in a overflow of bonuses. This also works on puppets, although some bonus might not be important on them.

Great Merchant -> +1 gold per city
Great Scientist -> +1 science per city
Great Engineer -> +1 production in all cities
Great Prophet -> +1 faith per city.
Great General -> +10 EXP in all cities
Great Admiral -> +1 food in all cities
Great Artist -> +1 local happiness for every two cities.
Great Writer -> +1 culture per city.
Great Musician -> +1 tourism per city.

A unique ability like this would favor social policy trees like Liberty, Exploration, and the Order ideology.

Flame Haze Army, one of your resource-less units that doesnt need iron. Making them nice pre-musketmen. Their ability forces them to be spread apart, making them great for movement blockers or flankers.

Familiars are the second resource-less units, and they don't need horses. A bit odd in the mounted line because the horse requirement returns if upgraded to cavalry. However, they're still great strengthened all-purpose knights ready to invade.
Image Aperture Interstellar Conglomerate (AIC)
Based on shows with a character voiced by Hanazawa Kana such as Angel Beats, Black Rock Shooter, and My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute.
About Order of the Lotus, an ability that requires you to have Missionaries and Great Prophets. Not entirely requires a religion, but actually can go well against another's religion by capturing them.

Missionaries under your control can claim tiles by the amount they can spread religion. Meaning that the more tiles they take, the less chances to spread your religion. But obviously it would be a waste to use yours, but instead use the enemy's.

Prophets under your control can claim an area of tiles. Taking the tile under them and the ones adjacent to it. This is most like making a citadel. Use these to take over impassable tiles like mountains and natural wonders. And doing so will consume this unit.

The last thing about this ability is that the missionaries can also claim enemy tiles, meaning that they can steal enemy resources and forcing the enemy to use their citadels to take them back if possible. Including the diplomatic penalties can obviously occur. An ability like this will both help border expansion and slowing down enemy economy. (really great against the Great Wall wonder)

BR Shooters, a late game unit which is faster than normal Gatling guns and can move after attacking. Good for fast attacks and skirmishes. Units like these are great for slowing down enemy armies by damaging and moving away. Better on roads and railroads, where they can move and attack without counterfire.

Hanami Gardens/Flower Petals, improvements that make faith and defense. These produces more faith if built earlier, otherwise new ones will always start as 1 faith. These also have to be adjacent to cities, meaning that if these cities are adjacent to important resources, you'll lose space for Hanami Gardens. The best way to get alot from these is to build these early and make alot of cities.

Here's a graph for faith production of three Hanami Gardens thru the ages:

Age 1: none, none, none
Age 2: +1 faith (built), none, none
Age 3: +2 faith, +1 faith (built), none
Age 4: +3 faith, +2 faith, none
Age 5: +4 faith, +3 faith, none
Age 6: +5 faith, +4 faith, none
Age 7: +6 faith, +5 faith, +1 faith (built)

also, note that the tiles also needs to be worked on to make faith.
Image DEEN Directorate
Based on shows from studio DEEN such as Fate/Stay Night, Is This A Zombie!?, and Seitokai no Ichizon.
About the Search of the Holy Grail, an ability that takes effect after researching Chivalry. This grants a bonus unit of your choice once that research is finished. These units are the ones available in your technology, and unique units provided by your allied Militaristic City-States. Note that some units can never be obtained for free regarding the requirements of Chivalry. You'll still need the required strategic resources for some units, and they still require maintenance. Lastly, having military buildings in your capital still gives experience. The obtaining rate of these units can easily give you an army in a few fifty turns, and can save you production for other units, buildings, and wonders.

I've calculated the frequency of unit gaining for DEEN. they seem to get alot of units per turn. which is pretty powerful, but consuming.

years per turn: (standard)
The first 75 turns are 480 months = 40 years per turn.
The first 60 turns are 300 months = 25 years. get a unit per 3 turns
The first 75 turns are 240 months = 20 years. get a unit per 3 turns
The first 50 turns are 120 months = 10 years. get a unit per 6 turns
The first 60 turns are 60 months = 5 years. per 12 turns
The first 50 turns are 24 months = 2 years. per 30 turns
The first 120 turns are 12 months = 1 year.
The first 60 turns are 6 months = 1/2 years.

years per turn: (quick)
The first 50 turns are 720 months = 60 years.
The first 30 turns are 480 months = 40 years.
The first 20 turns are 360 months = 30 years. per 2 turns
The first 30 turns are 240 months = 20 years. per 3 turns
The first 25 turns are 120 months = 10 years. per 6 turns
The first 40 turns are 60 months = 5 years.
The first 65 turns are 24 months = 2 years.
The first 70 turns are 12 months = 1 year.

Necromancers, archers with a distinctive ability that lightly damages all enemy units adjacent to you each turn. Great in the battlefield when grouped up with different units, its long range attacks are the same as a normal archer. Even greater when garrisoned in a city, causing the ability go out to 2-tiles. This adds attrition to most invaders, making this unit a formidable defense. Note that this ability cannot stack and will still only damage by 10 hp even if adjacent to more than one Necromancer.

Student Council, a courthouse that gives gold and doesnt need an occupied city to build. This makes them ready to build once you research Mathematics, and gives you good gold, especially when you conquer cities. This gold will allow you to make more armies, or possibly gifts for City-States.
Image Shaft
Based on shows from Shaft such as Puella Magi Madoka Magika, Hidamari Sketch, and Bakemonogatari.
Decontruction allows you to experience less penalties caused by excess unhappiness. This does not lower total unhappiness by your empire.

If your excess unhappiness goes up to 20, your UA halves it and makes it into 10. However, you still need 20 happiness to go back to zero.
and if the result unhappiness is 10, then your military penalty coming from -40% (made from 20) into -5% (1 excess unhappiness makes -0.5%)
This is the second part of the UA. Initially 1 excess unhappiness lowers military combat by -2% per point. This UA brings it down to -0.5% per point.

from there, you can still fight properly. Resistant against happiness drops of City-State losses, sudden annexations of cities, and being on the lower end by Public Opinion.

An ability like this is a double-edged sword: either be always happy and never use this ability, or be unhappy and use this ability while being brought down by other penalties like growth and settlers.

Puella Magi, composite bowmen with great ranged power as a crossbowmen, but as frail as a normal archer. These are great unit killers and city smashers, but has to be protected well. Great for both offense and defense.

Crab Spirit, a great admiral with an ability like no other. To consume itself to make a Great Person other than Crab Spirits or Great Admirals. Good for a seafaring economy yet still good only for sea maps. Yet still pretty good for the navy when able to heal them per turn.
Image Seven-Arcs Corporation
Based on shows from Seven Arcs such as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Dog Days.
About Time-Space Administration Bureau, the empire allows you to purchase or upgrade to future units you have not researched yet. But not just any future unit, the ones you closely researched to. In order to make the unit available, you have to research all the prerequisites for that units technology. Some units are easier to access while some are harder. This applies also to air and sea units.

For example, you need all Drama and Poetry, Horseback Riding, and Currency to purchase/upgrade to Pikemen.
However, Longswordsmen only need Metal Casting to purchase/upgrade to.

Just keep on mind that these upgrades will generally be more expensive, so bank in enough gold and science to get these. The best empire for this should generally be Tall with Traditional, Honor, Commerce, Rationalism, and the Autocracy Ideology.

Flonyardian Hero, pikemen where its stronger in your borders and city-state borders. This is probably asking for the Patronage Social Policy tree. These are amazing defenders, especially against economically powerful enemies. Combined with various military bonuses and your defense should not be breached. Theyre pretty hard to obtain due to three prerequisites, but thats not too bad. Lastly, these can become hardy Lancers.

Wolkenritter, the industrial-age ranged cavalry that can dominate the land. The fact that they can pierce through rough terrain should make them an unstoppable force. Pretty average due to two prerequisite techs, and loses its range when upgraded to Tanks. Also, dont be afraid to use them against Lancers because they're ranged units. use these as much as you can.
Image Nomad Society
Based on shows from Nomad such as Rozen Maiden, Kämpfer, and Yozakura Quartet.

About Roza Mystica, you gain your free Great Works after you conquer any city. This gives you a decision whether you choose between Writing, Art, Music, or Artifact. Having no slots will lose your chance to gain one. This encourages you to fill Slots faster through war, and take advantage of GWAM's other abilities to make more culture, golden ages, and tourism later in the game. This calls for the Aesthetics Social Policy tree if you want to win culturally.

Kampfer, musketmen with unique promotions. this requires military buildings to get these earlier or else they be normal musketmen.
The three promotions are Zauber, Gewehr, and Schert.
~ Zauber gives you a 25 hp (of 100) shield that doesn't come back after damage. Good for both offense and defense, but temporary.
~ Gewehr gives you a optional ranged attack
and the newest addition to my ideas:

Image Xebec Inc.
Based on shows from Xebec such as To Love-ru, Nyaruko: Crawling With Love, and Love Hina.
About Endowment, your influence status with other civs will already be at "Popular" level. Meaning you already have bonus research from trade routes, less loss from conquering cities, and stronger spies. technically, 3 abilities in one. However, this does not give you free tourism so you still start at 0% and have to accumulate like everyone else.

One of the points of being Popular level is gaining +2 research per trade route. You gain two starting trade routes in the Ancient age. This gives you +4 research points in the early game (half the amount of an early Academy of Babylonians.) if you were to trade with Civs. You will gain more as you research new techs which is unforunately, might not be much. It is a great boost but will slightly wear off later on.

And now onto their unit, the Nyarlathotepian. Your dangerous lancer which is mostly effective defensively or offensively. Your superfast spies helps you target a city better, and your conquering bonuses gives a bigger reward for you. and your enemies have to watch out where they put their own spies, these Nyarlathotepians can spot them for you.

For a late game bonuses Civ like this one, they're better off to survive in the early-game. After that, you severely gain the upper hand.
Image Queendom of Bones
Based on shows from Bones such as Gosick, Soul Eater, and Fullmetal Alchemist.
About building requirements, if you have 5 cities, your national wonder only require 3 cities to be built. (rounded up) However, these wonders still need the required building on the city you build your National Wonder on.

Circus Maximus: +10 happiness, +2 culture (instead of +5 happiness, +1 culture)
East India Company: +8 gold (instead of +4 gold)
Grand Temple: +16 faith (instead of +8 faith)
Hermitage: +4 culture (instead of +2 culture)
Heroic Epic: +2 culture (instead of +1 culture)
Ironworks: +16 production (instead of +8 production)
National College: +6 science, +2 culture (instead of +3 science, +1 culture)
Oxford University: +6 science, +2 culture (instead of +3 science, +1 culture)
National Epic: +2 culture (instead of +1 culture)
National Intelligence Agency: *none*
National Visitor Center: +4 gold (instead of +2 gold)
Palace: *not included*
Image Sunrisean Regency
Based on shows from Sunrise studios such as Code Geass, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Accel World.
About Witchcraft, this allows you to make denouncing enemy civilization more important then usual. Use this opportunity wisely, or else the enemy can catch you off-guard. Doing this may lower the enemy's firepower for a very long time. (75 turns or more. usually the length of denouncement lasts. Because it doesnt rely on the denouncement's duration because it disappears when war is declared.)

Neuro Linkers (from Accel World) are great engineers, known to be the most desired units. That's why it is better not to hesitate when sending them into the battlefield to disable a city. This is because after using that ability, the unit quickly appears back in the capital, making it easier to hurry production and finish the wonder faster.
Disableing a city should be effective, since it lowers the city's firepower and cripples the enemy's economy. REMEMBER! THE BIGGER THE CITY, THE LONGER THE RESISTANCE!! the duration is usually a turn for every two citizens, so it would be very terrible if one causes resistance to one of your 30-population cities. (15 turns)

Furthermore, you get a free Neuro Linker in the classical age, so its best you prepare for war. It is now going to take a while to reach the mid-game in oder to get that free Neuro Linker so build your empire wisely.

Lastly, Mobile Suit (Gundam) are an endgame units, if you survive that is.
Image Alpha-One Enterprises
Based on shows from A-1 Pictures such as Anohana, Sword Art Online, and The Idolmaster.
About Promised Reunions, this allows you to become ally with all City-States in the world by just discovering them. Unfortunately, you can't do this again and their influence with you falls and join a different side. Use their allied bonus wisely and make sure they support your mid to late game.

Rescue Squadrons allows you to secure your Medieval age with their robust defence, so dont forget to look for iron in the early game. Great as meatshields.

765 Productions are your late-game bonus to determine your victory. The lack of need for Coal allows you to make more Ironclads, money from trade, or acquire an ideology easier. It's culture makes them tougher against tourism, and their gold bonus boosts economy and military. This thing packs a punch!
Im open for content suggestions like empire histories and such. I'm like, bent on this idea like Chitanda now. >.<

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:53 am
by ithekro
It will be interesting, that much can be sure.

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:31 am
by HaloCapella
I've got two more Moé civs. I hope they match them well. xP


Gainax Empire (Yoko Littner)
*may not appeared very much in the Moe Wars but they do have popular titles

Ability: Daicon Debut Series
*Known for the studio's first science fiction films in the 80s.
All coastal cities starts with free Lighthouse. +2 science on fishing boats.

Unit: Gunmen: Landship with 70 strength (instead of 60) but has 3 movement (instead of 4) (Modern)

Unit: Evangelion: Giant Death Robot with 200 strength (from 150) and requires no uranium. (Information)

i may not put them in here.


Seven-Arcs Corporation (Takamachi Nanoha)
*Formerly part of the Tenuous Alliance. This small empire with a lot of potential and the origination of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Dog Days

Extra details: (Outer/Inner Color)
Faction Colors - Orange/Black
Adjective - Seven-Arcs Warrior
♪♪: American music list

Ability: Time-Space Administration Bureau
*The security force Nanoha and Fate serves. The two girls have always been active throughout the wars via Time and Space.*
Your Siege and Navy units deals +10% damage over winning attacks. Aluminum provide double quantity.
*As long your strength is greater than the enemy.

Unit: Flonyardian Hero: Swordsman with +25% strength in your borders and treats tiles within your border as roads. (Classical)

Unit: Wolkenritter: Cavalry with 25 strength (from 34) and added 2-tile Range with 20 range strength. (Renaissance)

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:58 pm
by HaloCapella
so far I just collected reference images for each of our leaders. I hope to work on these. I might use them as placeholder images if I can't do anything else.

And finally, i refined each of their abilities. I know they're only theoretical, but its a start.

now for the peace/war music, hm i think its gonna take more than images. and unique units, and other things...

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:54 pm
by HaloCapella
I just made a personality chart for the empires. Not sure if they match them well. please tell me if you want something changed. xD

whoops, forgot to take out those text near the Civ5 title. ^^; oh dear. its cuz I used someone else's chart and edited the spreadsheet.

edit: i just made a few changes on that chart since I just gave Seven-Arcs an ability I can stick with.

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:41 pm
by HaloCapella
I'm going to add a seventh faction into this:


Sunrisean Empire (C.C.)
*This old empire has the strongest vehicles known as their mecha.

Extra details: (Outer/Inner Color)
Faction Colors - Light Green/Black
Adjective - Sunrise Warrior
♪♪: European music list

Ability: Immortality
*The one who can stand throughout all the Moé Wars*
Settling the second city automatically recieves another Palace. Effects involving Capital goes to both cities with Palace.
*Social Policies like Warrior Code gives you 2 great generals instead of one.

Unit: Knightmare: Tank with +25% attack against armor units and requires Uranium instead of Oil. (Atomic)

Unit: Gundam: Giant Death Robot with a bonus promotion of your choice and ignores Zone-of-Control. (Information)

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:11 am
by HaloCapella
I've now gathered a few songs from the chosen anime for their empire. They're for times of peace and times for war. Also, these decisions are also just by my opinion so suggestions are welcome.

I only got for the first three so far, and they may be half the length of a real civ song but should be fitting:

JCS *it maybe be from SynergySP but its part of the Hayate Combine. I did enough to Shana art to fit the music.
Peace: Hayate no Gotoku OST - Nodoka" onclick=";return false;
War: Hayate no Gotoku OST - Kikyoku" onclick=";return false;

KyoAni *It may be Haruhi-centric but maybe I might check up on Hyouka or... even tho theyre more recent.
Peace: Suzumiya Haruhi OST - Itsumo no fuukei" onclick=";return false;
War: Suzumiya Haruhi OST - Asakura Ryouko no Shinjitsu" onclick=";return false;
*and yes, Asakura's song.

Peace: Black ★ Rock Shooter TV AnimationSoundtrack ~Track 03 ~Good Morning~" onclick=";return false;
War: Black ★ Rock Shooter TV Animation Soundtrack ~ Track 23 ~ Waltz of Loneliness ~ Hell Fire" onclick=";return false;

Peace: Fate/Stay Night Anime OST: Keiyaku" onclick=";return false;
War: 18 Fate/Stay Night OST ~ Shikkoku no Juujika" onclick=";return false; *link updated*

Peace: Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST 1 - Salve, terrae magicae" onclick=";return false; *link updated*
War: Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST 1 - Terror adhaerens" onclick=";return false;

~~ for a possible Akemi Homura scenario theme song. cuz i think it sounds so cool.
~~ Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST 1 - Pugna cum maga" onclick=";return false;

Peace: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Shukumei no Ori, Unmei no Rin" onclick=";return false;
War: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Omoi, Anata e" onclick=";return false;

Sunrise *somehow the only two songs with lyrics.
Peace: Code geass OST 1-7 "Strange Girl"" onclick=";return false;
War: Code geass OST 1-11 "ALL Hail Britannia!!!"" onclick=";return false;


i may make changes on these but i'll keep them on mind until they can be used into the game. also, more will come.

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:18 pm
by HaloCapella
made a few sketches for the unique units of our empires. all of them will have symbols beside them as you see them in the game.

JCS' Flame Haze (sry, i didnt used my references right. supposed to be Karl Berwald but i guess i didnt look at a certain pic enough) and JCS' Familiar (Tabitha's Familiar) Moé Marines of the KyoAni Empire, giving each different hairstyle and colors to assemble Mikuru and variety of Key Girls together. BR Shooter of the Lotus and Necromancer of DEEN. (i should've used Eucliwood herself unless you want ten Eu-chans attacking you =.=; i guess its same for BRS, ten of them against you? nasty. better off Misaka clones or something...)

Re: Space Opera Civ

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:26 pm
by HaloCapella
I may replace Sunrise empire with something different.

Nomad Society (Suigintou)
*a quick and remote force in the early eras of Moé

Ability: Suginami Wave
Settlers, Workers and Scouts have +1 movement.

Unit: Attack Doll: Warrior with 5 strength (instead of 8), cheaper cost to produce and requires no unit maintenance. (Ancient)

Building: Phenom Vault: Constabulary with +2 gold (no upkeep). (Renaissance)
*for Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
should be a great remote force in the start of the since. I did this because I just looked at the Winners gallery and there was no C.C. there. so i might as well put her off. (sry C.C. ^^;) however everyone else was there including Shaft (Setsuna) and DEEN (Eucliwood).

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:57 am
by HaloCapella
I've got my laptop memory cleared up back then so data was lost. I made a new table. plus with new changes due to Civ 5's new expansion, Brave New World.

~see first post for updated chart

*My comments on my changes:

KyoAni - made Moe Marine and Light Music Club to earlier replacements. Keeping bonuses too late wont be good. Early game will still be good due to early population (early resources)

JCS - Unique Units both now are higher cost due to big bonuses. I'll try to keep the ability's free science be 25% or less of the Great Scientists' amount. Now every great person is a quarter of a GS.

AIC - Ability now needs Faith and Culture to take enemy tiles. Faith is used during purchasing tiles while Culture is used by claiming tiles from cities.

Deen - Not much is changed, except that the Necromancers effect range is reduced by a tile since 2 tiles away would believe to be too strong.

Shaft - Ability is changed because of the unhappiness penalty change.

7arcs - Possibly found the right ability for them. This allows you to purchase the units if you have a prerequisite tech for them. (meaning that if you finished research Bronze Working to build Spearmen, you now may purchase Swordsmen with gold. *Strategic resource still apply*) May sound powerful, but the fact you need to spend more gold is up to your choice.

Nomad - Mirror Vaults. Pretty much like a super early airlift of airports, except that it takes longer to be at the next city if further.

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:11 am
by blaZofgold
Is Space Opera and Seitokai still around? I'd kinda like that~

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:11 am
by HaloCapella
Now time to accumulate our city names! <3

If you have the knowledge, come tell us any locations prominent to the shows related to these studios/seiyuu comes from. I have alot of empty spaces here, maybe you can help me fill these up.

If a location isnt mentioned in a show, you can use landmark locations of a scene. like a Shrine, School, a characters' house, etc)

~ KyoAni Empire (*KyoAni and Key shows* Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucky Star, Hyouka, Clannad, etc)
SOS Brigade

~ Joint Council of Stars (*Kugimiya Rie* Toaru, Shana, Hayate no Gotoku, Zero no Tsukaima, etc)
Acadamy City
Misaki City

~ Aperture Interstellar Conglomerate (*AIC and Hanazawa Kana shows* Oreimo, Black Rock Shooter, Angel Beats, etc)
Heaven's Afterlife
Gateway to Heaven

~DEEN Directorate (Fate/Stay Night, Zombie Desu Ka, Seitokai no Ichizon, etc)
Fuyuki City
Ryūdōji Temple
Hekiyou Academy

~ Shaft Empire (*Many contain Hanazawa Kana in shows* Hidamari Sketch, Negima, Madoka Magika, Bakemonogatari, etc)

~ Seven Arcs Corporation (Nanoha, Dog Days, etc)
Time-Space Administration Bureau

~ Nomad Society (Rozen Maiden, Kyoran Kazoku Nikki, etc)

i will add in more into this post later

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:04 am
by HaloCapella
Lol i just now chose music for Nomad Society. Tho, its Rozen Maiden centric and the leader is Suigintou so I tried to fit the music for her. ;p

Peace: Rozen Maiden OST - Noble Dolls" onclick=";return false; *changed to Noble Dolls
War: Rozen Maiden OST - Alice Game" onclick=";return false;
* definitely a memorable tune. Will be a big deal when you war with Suigintou.

now all tracks downloaded and ready to be used. x3

EDIT LogShow
EDIT: KyoAni's Light Music Club now gives Happiness if a Great Works of Music slot has been filled.

EDIT2: Nomad's Mirror Vault now gives science from battles near your cities.

EDIT3: Just gave the Nomad Society a large overhaul.
Life Council - was intending it to call Roza Mystica but was too much Rozen Maiden. Gave another show a chance. This ability gives you the option to sacrifice Great Works to boost a military unit you have with great bonuses. by costing your chance to have a cultural victory. You may not get Great Works early in the game, but luckly Attack Dolls will surely help.

Kämpfer - specifically from Kämpfer. tho, ability is not sure it would match switching to female, but i guess the option to use a ranged attack could. gives a good mid-game advantage.

EDIT5: lol changed Nomad again. sry bout that ^^; revived Suginami Wave. (Suginami, the location where the studio is)
Kämpfer - now gains unique promotions, giving versatility to the battlefield. 25hp shield = meaning it protects the unit temporarily and bonus wont return. and gaining a ranged attack is an optional attack. also, allowing ranged promotions if chosen.

Mirror Vault = cultural Great people: Artists, Writers and Musicians. economic Great People: Merchants, Scientists and Engineers.

EDIT6 just a bit few last changes.
Schwert = chance bonus damage. 50% chance.

and increasing specialist effects from Mirror Vaults. NOmad now a early sprawler.

EDIT7 NOmad now gets Magic Pillars. It may look radical, but improvements like these will either protect sprawling cities or help supporting offensive cities.

Moé Marines now gain different bonuses. they now great for overseas activities and recovering from ruined up cities.

EDIT8 did a few more changes here and there
EDIT added Era and Bias brackets.

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:28 am
by HaloCapella
I'll be writing down the history information from each empire in this post. These will be mostly taken from existing information in this forum, and will be shown on its Civilopedia.

(i'll be putting down in point format for now. Irregular edits will occur.)


KyoAni Empire
The KyoAni Empire, ruling over a few yet powerful districts, stayed in power ever since the first war. Not only they were completely independent, but always had in sole mercenary support with the Key Forces. KyoAni has always been under timeless dominance over economy from the Stars of Fortune and culture from K-onsonance. In the recent war, they are now expanding to new allies such as the Stars of Delusion, a growth in spiritual power, and other new districts.

Suzumiya Haruhi

Joint Council of Stars (JCS)
One of the earliest competitors of the Moé Wars. They used to be a small but drastic faction, fighting against KyoAni with The Tenuous Alliance, into a long-lasting and solid empire, consisting a group of star systems each ruled by prominent leaders known to be the Kugimiya Knights. They have by far the most powerful military forces in the galaxy and no other neighbouring empire would not dare to provoke its might. Their scientific power rose under their newly acquired Academy City, possibly replacing their diminishing knights.


Aperture Interstellar Conglomerate (AIC)
A young empire who suddenly appeared themselves in the 4th Moé War, and became probably the first home of the religious union called The Order of the Lotus. They later became a great influence, effecting most neighbours such as most of Shaft and a district of the Key Forces. The union may have recently shattered but their fragments now remain an affinity to each other, as long the Order remains.

Tachibana "Tenshi" Kanade

DEEN Directorate

Started out as a small and slow growing clusters of stars, which later then saved themselves from destruction in the 2nd Moé War. This left them in a new galaxy, under the Ghosts of the Nebula and the protective forces of Puella Magi to reconstruct themselves into a strong spacefaring empire and possibly the new spiritual home for the Order of the Lotus.


Seven-Arcs Corporation

Takamachi Nanoha

Nomad Society

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:56 am
by HaloCapella
Edited the first post with nicer looking graphics including taken images from google to make it look nicer~


EDIT: added little thing to Shaft~
EDIT2: fixed Nomad abit
EDIT3: necromancer now cannot attack. 10/100 hp cannot be stacked. can kill units within 10 turns if they do not fortify.
EDIT4: JCS units now more costly

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:21 am
by maglor
Very nice. I wonder what the game balance would be like.

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:39 pm
by Darth Blitzer
maglor wrote:Very nice. I wonder what the game balance would be like.
JCS - Sort of similar to Sweden, in the sense that they have 2 UU's and science included in their UA. I don't know if they would be about the same tier as Sweden or slightly UP. Everything about the Civ is clearly geared toward early game rush, but that tundra start bias is going to hurt more than a little. If dominance isn't achieved right off the bat, you're pretty much straight out of luck.
Does that +5% attack bonus for the Familiars stack without a cap? If so....... well, that would be pretty exploitable.

KyoAni - UA provides some nice bonuses. This looks like a pretty flexible Civ that combines expansion with late game science. If anything, this is what America should of been in the base game, rather than the UP joke that it currently is now.

AIC - Dat UA. Of course, I have no idea how much faith and culture you would need to get the UA to work (Whether it be via buying the tiles, or flipping them through natural growth)........... but it would be pretty broken on small/standard maps if the cost is reasonable enough. That improvement would synergize well with the "annoy the living hell out of everyone around you by stealing their crap with faith" strategy. BR Shooter would also be pretty annoying, like a mid to late game Cho-Ko-Nu. I assume that this Civ would be pretty high tier, but it depends on the map.

DEEN - The UA is nice, but certainly favors a necessary mid game push, as it'll be pretty much useless in the late game. Looks like a solid military civ, but like most military civs.......... suffers from being far too narrow in scope and options. The Necromancer would be pretty fun if just because I hate the new more active barbarians that were introduced roughly at the time of BNW, so any early game defense is nice.

Shaft - Well, the Puella Magi are going to eat cities up......The UA means you're going to need to expand quickly and likely do things in a much more haphazard manner to make use of its bonus, Since playing well and having a bunch of happy citizens means you aren't making full use of it P: .I actually don't know what to make of this one completely, I like the Puella Magi on paper a lot, but great admirals are meh (Unless you're on an archipelago map or something). I'm guessing the playstyle here would be, attempt to take as much stuff and expand once you get the PM and use the UA to compensate for it? I'm a little unclear on "The amount of unhappiness below zero are halved". So it's just flat out cutting all your unhappiness points to half? At least this gives Shaft a lot more flexibility beyond just military power, lots and lots of late game golden ages.

Seven Arcs - The UA sounds amazing on paper........... if you get a tech lead at any point in the game, you'll be stomping everyone left and right, but since they have two UU's, it might just equate to off setting your economic/science lagging. Are the Wolkkenritter seriously a ranged industrial cavalry unit? Well, at least we've found the counter to BR Shooter from AIC. I think this Civ looks pretty strong, but I'm not really sure if it would be nearly as good in practice.

Nomad - Well, the UA points toward military-culture hybrid, which the Kampfer will facilitate fairly well, since it has such flexibility with its upgrades. That improvement is like, crazy............... It already is going to vastly improve bad starts and provide more breathing room for cities plopped down in areas that lack a multitude of food options, but it's also going to make aggression against them a living nightmare. The civ guaranteed to make JC Staff players ragequit XD.

I'd say just from a glance, they rank something like this
AIC (Small maps)
AIC (Large maps)

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:03 pm
by HaloCapella
Thanks ^^ I'll explain further about some their abilities then.
AIC - Dat UA. Of course, I have no idea how much faith and culture you would need to get the UA to work (Whether it be via buying the tiles, or flipping them through natural growth)
Faith will be used when purchasing tiles from someone's border, rather then the normal gold cost on unclaimed tiles. Most likely the cost should be doubled like how you can buy units with faith. And culture is mentioned since AIC will be the only ones who can naturally grow borders on the enemies, and more likely be either same or doubled cost as other tiles.
I'm a little unclear on "The amount of unhappiness below zero are halved"
I guess I'll have to reword that then. It only works if you have excess unhappiness. so if your empire is unhappy and its 20 below zero, then it will be halved. Making it 10 instead. Making zero growth, unable to build settlers, golden age deduction and rebels less likely to occur. Also, still effects Military, Gold and production to almost nil. I don't know how the coding will work on this one, maybe adding happiness from excess unhappiness or something.

Lastly, JCS' movement bonus cap is a good idea tho.


EDIT: but i guess those improvements do seem too powerful. And tile costs could be either doubled or tripled. Lastly, the cost increase on JCS unit may also be a bad idea as well. ;p

Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 1:56 am
by HaloCapella
and so, I decided to make alot of changes here. with some to hopefully... fit the character.

*see images at first post*

Possibly the most changes I did with them.

"The first four Great Persons appearing in your border gives a permanent +1 military unit production to all cities and +2 happiness to your capital."
I now made them a sprawler type empire. Most likely you'll aim for Honor and Liberty. and possibly a religion. The more cities, the better. Also, the maximum you'll get is +4 military unit production and +8 happiness.

"Longswordsmen with the chance to make new Flame Haze Army from killing an non-barbarian enemy unit and does not require iron."
now since they're not stronger, they can propagate in war. also numbers not too hindering due to no iron usage.

EDIT3: "Longswordsmen with ignores enemy terrain defence and requires no iron."
Simplified now. more better on rugged terrain and forts.

"Knight with +33% defence against all ranged attacks, +1 movement and does not require horses."
Horseless knights now can roam freely.

EDIT3: "Knight with 25 strength (instead of 20), costs 135 to train (instead of 120), and requires no horses."
Simplified now. now better when having tall productive cities.


"Can purchase tiles nearby your cities from other Civilizations or City-States with faith, but with tripled cost."
took out the culture part. now you must choose wisely to which tiles you take.

"Available in Engineering. Grants +1 Faith and +100% defence on tile. (+2 science upon discovery of Architecture) Must be adjacent to city but not with another Petal."
now gets science boost later on instead.


"The amount of excess unhappiness in your empire are halved."
pruned it abit since less happiness gives less penalties anyways.

"Great Admiral with the ability to may once receive six of your current era's melee/gunpowder units costing no maintenance, requiring no strategic resource, and embarked if on ocean."
May look radical but... matches the character, dontcha think?

7 arcs

"Can use gold to purchase or upgrade military units by discovering the prerequisites before their technology."
reworded it abit. hoping its better.

"Pikemen that treats tiles in your borders like roads and provides influence to nearby City-States for each enemy unit it kills."
Flonyardian Heroes now are Pikemen and allow you to make friends with City-States through fighting.


"Improvement available in Civil Service. +50% defence, and +1 gold. Can be built over any terrain. Gains an additional +1 production if adjacent to a strategic resource."
Sakurashin Pillars now spammable. kinda like a better fort. and much better if beside strategic resources. However, these dont upgrade like Trading Posts do.

"Improvement available in Civil Service. +50% defence, and +1 food. Yields +1 production and +1 gold from Archaeology. Tile must be adjacent to strategic resource."
EDIT2: Ah nvm. im sure this one should fit better as Sakurashin Pillar...

EDIT: i just dropped the attacking thing. was too much of a Necromancer after all~


theres gonna be alot of differences now...

EDIT: now Flower Petals now give more faith after passing through new Eras. If you can build them early enough, it can give +6 faith at the last age. Building them at the last age wouldnt be effective though, since it will only give +1 faith by then. So yeah, religious finisher? ;p

EDIT2: fixed up JCS UA abit more. now trying to get as much GPs as you can will sloowly increase your power till lategame. Choose your focus and will lead to any Great Persons to make your empire stronger. and still dont forget to make cities.
EDIT3: now its for each of the first Great Persons by type, so its up to +9 military unit production in all cities. So trying to get all will make a long while. Nevertheless, spamming a type of GP wont get you more production, but still gives the happiness.

EDIT: reverted Crab Spirit into generic boosts. except with movement now. a combination of chinese general and khan at sea~
EDIT2: Sakurashin Pillars are now buildings. Boosts a city with a free population and happiness, giving a boost in early game and possible infinite sprawl~ and resistance against spies. Now its great for early game and late game.
EDIT: changed JCS ability again. maybe it can be a bit overpowered (like a God-king with steroids), but you know, bigger maps makes bigger costs. and you still need to make all the GPs in order to get them all. most likely the General, Prophet or Merchant occur first.

Bonus in detail: +1 food, +1 production, +1 gold, +1 faith, +1 culture, +1 science, +15 experience, +1 happiness, and +1 tourism.
(food is from Great Admirals)

EDIT2: Nomad's building now like a German Hanse. but early in the game and helps growth. It wont be as much growth as KyoAni does, but later in the game, growth will be really superior about up to 50% if possible~ even tho happiness would already be met by then. Also, it should fit well by attracting Youkai into your cities.

EDIT3: AIC's Flower petals now fixed up. knowing that the AI wouldnt use the defense properly, they now can be place at any tile adjacent to city. this means each city can now go up to 6 petals and covering the whole city. Cities with six petals give +6 faith. if have six population, +6 gold. 12 population gives another +6 (12) and so on. they are now great to be either Tall, or Sprawl. but less likely to attack early on, but defend.
EDIT: i just got a great idea for Sakurashin Pillars: City Strength = Unit Production. Making use of a tall city will be so hard to defeat. However, the city strength is still not been increased, except that units will more likely to occur and defending. also, great for preparing for world conquest.

Additionally, increased production on city health loss may be situational, but really useful when you're under siege. Its pretty much "emergency production" So if an enemy starts siege on a city building a wonder, constructing that wonder will speed up. This is where the risk is made, whether if the city is lost, or the city survives and rewards the defender with an early wonder finish. Nevertheless, you can defend yourself with emergency units.


Re: Saimoé Civilizations (Civ 5)

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 7:16 pm
by HaloCapella
lolol i actually made one for Xebec ;p

Nyarlathotepians become stronger in later ages. Meaning that existing ones will increase strength, and can still build new ones later on with that same increased strength. These should be great for saving gold, by the cost of firepower. Also, upgrading won't be the best option, since theyre going to become swordsmen anyways... unless these abilities are like promotions and can become Uber-musketeers or something... >.>;

growing cities make money, no matter how slow the growth is. However, there will be times that the citizens are switched around enough until no excess food is made, meaning no gold.

You get a nice income of gold if this is played, so accumulate as much food and happiness until you can buy an army of Nyarlathotepians!

EDIT: made quite a number of changes now. I removed the Real Xebec and added something more familiar such as... Dorms. They replace observatories and will give a nice boost to city growth to make them BIGGER! ^^;

fixed the UA abit to make it more gimmicky~ guess why i choose these types of tiles.

and now I realized, Nyarlathotepians are rather weak units, making them better off as defensive units. also an alternative if you dont want to spend money. This civ can be a bit tricky, since your going to either aim for a Diplomatic or Scientific victory...
changed most of themShow

KyoAni: *unchanged*

JCS: UA now requires you to consume (or gift) your GP in order to upgrade your empire. meaning it gives you a choice whether you use it normal abilities or not. Much like Sweden, but you dont need a City-State however more effective if you have more cities, so sprawl. Units now normal cost, making medieval age is wartime.
bonuses goes like this:
Merchant -> +1 gold per city
Scientist -> +2 science per city
Engineer -> +1 production in all cities
Prophet -> +1 faith per city.
General -> +15 EXP in all cities
Admiral -> +1 food in all cities
Artist -> +1 happiness per city.
Writer -> +1 culture per city.
Musician -> +2 tourism per city. EDIT: +2 instead of +1, theyre later game after all

*EDIT: about Flame Haze Army's natural defense ignore: will be a quarter off most things except forts and citadals. 50 -> 25 -> 12 -> 5 or 66 -> 33 -> 15 -> 7
half off from natural terrain effects such as~
Hills and Forest = 50% defense -> 25%
or hills = 25% -> 12%

AIC: now back to Faith accumulation. Unlike Indonesia, Petals take up land in order to make faith. that pays off if they petals last more than 3 ages. so pretty much if all six petals in one city were built in the Classical age (making +6 faith in total) and lasted to the Industrial age, then all in total makes +24 faith in one city. now thats alot of Faith. however, building a new one in the Industrial age will only make +1 because it would be new.

DEEN: Necromancers can now attack. making that powerful archers. and adding culture to unoccupied cities if a Student Council was built. now gives more experience. requires military buildings to make it more effective, making late game domination more effective.

Shaft: *unchanged* Puella Magi will remain a threat and any civ will have to be ready to kill these when these get into your land.

7-arcs: Fine-tuned that Flonyardian Hero. How theyre pretty much home-guards. but thats not all, making them guarding a City-State under war with another Civ or barbarians will surely make that City-State your ally. Another great thing, Gift them to city states! If you got too much heros, or theyre dying, gift them for lots of influence. Also helpful with newly founded ones and theyre instant friends.

Nomad: *unchanged* They'll remain as a dangerous predator, always brooding in the nook of the land, waiting for the opportune moment to take your cities and take your Roza Mystica~

Xebec: Endowment will remain as one effect, excess food into gold. which must be a powerful ability. Because we miss the early gold. This is asking Xebec to have a nice number of military units. Also, can be effective in war since you dont lose your caravans. Also, Nyarlathotepians saves gold too. so pretty much have a gold rush. Unfortunately, Xebec doesnt have bonus production, so it would take a while to build things. This could be a sprawling Venice, and could have more difficulty making a diplomatic victory.

EDIT: Xebec UA now only effects capital. it may be nerfed, but you can still use it. One way if you cant make trade routes, make granaries in all cities and make food trade to your capital. Adds gold. Xebec is now less effected by future embargos. though its still pretty bad~ but dont worry, believe in your Nyarlathotepians~

EDIT2: Xebec's UB now a hospital. more food from allied city-states. it may be late, but its synergized with UA and asking for a diplomatic victory.