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[Guide] Space Opera Contributions Guidelines & Registration

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:40 pm
by blaZofgold
Space Opera is a forum venture: we need as many journalists in the field as well as operators manning the information data lines. If you have time and interest, please enlist as a Space Opera contributor!

General Rules

1. Don't break what somebody else has written. We make the canon. If you don't like it, either write around it or communicate with other people to settle in a compromise. Don't just write whatever you want: respect the words of your fellow contributors.
2. No scoop is better than bad scoop. If you can't find a story to write about, don't force yourself to write. Take a hiatus, go sightseeing around the galaxy, get inspired. Come back later and write something brilliant.
3. All's fair in love and moe wars. War isn't pretty. The Stella and Nova galaxies are sometimes the scenes of much bloodshed and ruin. Please reflect accurately the results of battle. Who knows when the tide will turn again?
4. Register with the Space Opera Press. We at SO Press would like to know who you are before you contribute for us. Please drop in a simple application or something.
5. Have fun!

Current Contribution Roles
  • Faction Page Manager
    Faction Page Managers have the responsibility to maintain all the current information on a particular faction, as well as contributing faction-related backstory and relevant happenings within the worlds of the faction (in other words, space operafied stuff from the anime). They are also requested to keep a relevant gallery of pictures in support of their world's commanders.

    For example, the K-Onsonance Faction Page Manager can retell the backstory of Wing Commander Mio in a new sci-fi light. Or they could post propaganda of Flight Commander Azusa dressed in a commander's uniform aboard a spaceship.
  • Domain Reporter
    Domain Reporters are the supplementary reporters to the main broadcasts for the Great Moe Wars. They provide relatively unbiased reports from the perspective of their registered domain (ie KyoAni Empire, the Council). These Reporters are allowed to post on the same threads as the main reports.

    For example, the KyoAni Domain Reporter, after witnessing a harsh defeat of Empress God Haruhi and other Key (and Non-Key) members, would post below the official results article a short blurb about the state of affairs within the Empire.
  • More roles will be coming upon request/need

[REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:41 pm
by blaZofgold
Please use the following format if you are interested in helping with Space Opera as an official contributor:

Forum Name:
Alias (optional, can use as a "journalist signature"):
Role (Faction Page Manager/Domain Reporter):
Faction/Domain representing:

Please limit to one role at the moment.
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Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:03 am
by Raiden
I would like to contribute.

Forum Name: Raiden
Alias: I will sign myself as Raiden if it isn't unfitting
Role: Faction Page Manager
Faction/Domain representing: Eight Stars of Delusion

Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:32 pm
by blaZofgold
Welcome aboard n.n

Re: [GUIDELINES] Space Opera Contributions

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:01 pm
by blaZofgold
Big Space Opera cleanup from now until Aquamarine! This may or may not involve some thread moving.

For now, some clarifications with wordings used in all of Space Opera:

A Faction is a series and a collection of similar worlds. EX: K-onsonance, SSS Brigade, Eight Stars of Delusion

A Domain is a group of Factions united under a common cause. EX: KyoAni Empire, Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars, Aperture Interstellar Confederation

More updates to come. For now, all who are interested in contributing to Space Opera should register. Thanks!

Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:58 pm
by Reverend
eeehhh is there a specific requirement for this?
Btw, what role is available? any specific requirement or such (maybe: publishing schedule, etc.)?
Thank You.

This is what it is now,
Forum Name: Reverend
Alias: (Hmm still thinking, will answer again later)
Role: (waiting for an answer for the question)
Faction/Domain representing: (hmm still thinking as well...)

Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:11 pm
by blaZofgold I hiatus'd from the forum for about 6 months and I hiatus'd from this project for about 8. We can start anew for 2015 but it'll be rough, scifi was always somewhat difficult to do. For now, just read what's been posted already and see if that kind of stuff interests you.

Right now, recruiting would be for anything from a writer to someone who will just take over this project, as university has devoured any free time and energy that I might have.

Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:35 pm
by Reverend
Hey hey I'm still here...
well I'm also university student so I won't update that often, but I still commute here much more often than you, so perhaps I can fill for your absence

yeah, I also need to read the story more closely (need to reread it again so that I know where to restart)
also, if you have any original plans and ideas etc that you had but fail to realized will be most welcome :bigsmile:

Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:53 pm
by blaZofgold
So basically the whole intergalactic war restarts every year, so there doesn't have to be much continuation. Especially since 2015 changed like practically everything (introduction of a post-post-season, horrifyingly insane nomination period) so you could take the entire project a completely different direction. We'd like it to be star-themed still though.

Basically you take the results of the actual tournament and spin a scifi story from it. Anything from battle reports to little episodes to actual battle narratives to be creative.

I wrote a pretty detailed history on the project up until last year (2009-2013) so you can read that and not have to rewrite that. Just start with whatever you want. You can make some funny remark about how the reporter for last year (2014) died some horrible tragic death midway.

Some hints from doing this for a brief stint:

1. Doing reports for every round is TIRING. REALLY TIRING. Try to come up with a pacing that fits for you and stick with it. I chose the hell path and I died the fire's death.
2. Feel free to keep things short and simple. I've written some pretty ridiculously long stuff but they honestly can be cut in half and still get the message across - I'm loquacious (dwi).
3. There are times when its hard to write scifi - it's not everybody's thing. Watching some scifi anime really helps you get into the mood for it, anything from Gundam to Cowboy BeBop will do (GBF, Space Dandy, all that ridiculous stuff).
4. Use gratuitous scifi language but keep it readable. I didn't (LOL).
5. Your mission is to re-present the ISML results. Try to keep that in mind. Forum-goers actually do read this for fun and entertainment. Try to reenvision how the ISML bracket looks if it was an all-out war.
6. The biggest draw from Space Opera is the factioning, where you start seeing how VA's and companies line up across the contested girls. Honestly, you could just do the faction page and most people would be satisfied for the year.
7. Have fun! I definitely did, but when it stopped being fun I stopped being able to do it.

And with that, I humbly pass on the torch to you. I'll still be around if you need any help.

It's not like you're now in charge but you're now in charge. Congratz.

Re: [REGISTRATION] Space Opera Contributors

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:20 am
by BugH
maybe i want to try this year

Forum Name: BugH
Alias : BugH is enough
Role : Faction Page Manager
Faction/Domain representing: I'm thinking to join Techno-Magi of Index but if possible i will handle Techno-Magi of Railgun too (If Misaki or the other sisters present this year)

Re: [Guide] Space Opera Contributions Guidelines & Registrat

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:47 pm
by Reverend
The old Guidelines and Registration thread are joined here
Read the rules, and have fun! :)

ps.: a little notification to all admins and mods, do forgive me for flooding the mod activity log, I am still studying