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[HISTORY] Chronicles of Great Moe Wars

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:56 am
by Reverend
How would civilizations be without it?
Throughout the history of Saimoe Universe, wars have shaped the form of the universe countless times. Factions marched, in a glory conquest for the galaxies. Factions fought, to preserve liberty, to gain domination, to prosper. Factions rose, to the height of its power, to the epitome of its existence. Faction fell, unable to survive the harsh reality that is ISML - Interstellar Saimoe Life.
This is a harsh cycle that has repeated itself from time to time, ever since time unrecorded by even the tongues of men. And time to time, we have seen many wars. We have seen many factions, each with their own set ideas & beliefs, came and gone. We have seen great leaders, characters of extraordinary moeness that moved men & women alike, of brave men and women & geniuses that outshone the stars, of glorious feats that was witnessed by the universe and recorded by time.

These are the tales of war by the tongues of men, recorded to be preserved. Because history is written by the victor, and so we wrote: so that these names that fought to greatness shall remain in the memories of us who outlived them, and these tales of those that fought to their last shall be told again and again, 'til time unknown if not forever.

- The Dreamer of Little Stars
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[HISTORY] Records of The (First) Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:59 am
by Reverend
blaZofgold wrote: No one knew how The First Great Moe War started. All ever recorded are just tales of war, expansion, courage and cunningness for power and glory.

The First Great Moe War was mainly a rout by the KyoAni Empire which completely decimated the multiple stages of the war. The Tenuous Alliance barely held together, as every commanding officer fell victim to the armies of Key Advisor Kyou and notably the Legendary Kagamin under the command of God Empress Haruhi. Leaving brave Master Shana to hold a strategic point, the rest of the Tenuous Alliance scrambled in a hasty retreat, the alliance quickly dissolving. During this time of chaos, the mercenary SHAFT Empire's Setsuna performed a heroic feat in flanking the mighty Kyou and starting the chain of events that would lead to the Goddess's downfall. Thinking that the galaxy was theirs for the taking, KyoAni arrogantly sent their Empress into battle against the disarray of enemy troops as a show of force and total domination. Little did they knew, that the Time-Space Administration Bureau, led by the White Devil Nanoha, had launched a daring operation with Lightning Commander Fate to ambush the Empress. The plan was successful, and the KyoAni Empire withdrew the entirety of their forces. Peace was restored to the galaxy.

[HISTORY] Records of The Second Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:00 am
by Reverend
blaZofgold wrote: Soon after, with the mighty KyoAni Empire in confusion and panic, the various members of the former Tenuous Alliance, along with a number of mercenary groups, began to fight among themselves in a power struggle. These small encounters soon became large, and such was the beginning of The Second Great Moe War.
The mercenary group Maiden of Rozen's top three commanders, Red Shinku, Garden Suiseiseki, and Dark Sugintou, performed spectacularly in interstellar duels, their legendary feats recounted across the planets.

Meanwhile, the Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars had decided to use the momentum they gained during the first war, and advanced into the Empire’s outer colonies. Figurehead Master Shana and newcomer HnG Combine's President de æquitate Hinagiku performed extraordinarily well in the heat of battle. But The Empire was not to be discounted: Intelligence Officer St. Nagato-chi Yuki and President of the Clannad Republic Tomoyo stepped up in the place of their Empress to exert the Empire's dominance.

But this war was not to be won by power or by strength, but by eagerness and determination to aim for the top. President of the HnG Combine Hinagiku, in a fateful battle of the century, outsmarted and outplayed the more experienced Master Shana in a bid for ultimate control over the galaxy. She succeeded, but the Pyrrhic victory called for a retreat. And so, all military groups withdrew their forces and prepare for the next clash.

[HISTORY] Records of The Third Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:01 am
by Reverend
blaZofgold wrote: The Third Great Moe War was another epic clash between the omnipresent KyoAni Empire and the rising Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars. With new commanders Guardian of the Dragons Master Taiga and Techno-Commander Misaka, the Council continued their quest for vengeance over the first war. Grand Master Shana made a huge blitzkrieg operation into the heart of the Empire. While Intelligence Officer Yuki's brave defense and Wing Commander Mio "the Shy" made a daring preemptive strike, nothing could stop the Flame Haze as she went on to decimate the competition, cleaving everything in her path to the throne.

Just when all seemed hopeless for the Empire, K-onsonance rallied their forces and sent Mio in again to face the Grand Master in a final clash to determine the fate of the galaxy. In an unexpected twist of events, Wing Commander Mio edged out a decisive victory and protected the Empire's hold on the galaxy. The Joint Council of Stars retreated, still licking their wounds, to fight another day.

[HISTORY] Records of The Fourth Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:02 am
by Reverend
blaZofgold wrote: The Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars had tried to overthrow the mighty KyoAni Empire for three whole wars. Where they could not succeed, mercenary groups and small-name individuals like Fate and Hinagiku were able to triumph. But the Council was not done. Having recruited the HnG Combine and assimilated their strategies, the Joint Council of Stars was ready to restart the war, as they sent out their top three commanders into the frontlines and begun what was later known as The Fourth Great Moe War.

But what they found there was quite shocking to the Council: much of the Empire was already in chaos and destruction, being whittled away by new powerhouses that were rising from the dust. The DEEN Directorate's Necromancer Representative Eucliwood was a fearsome warrior, capable of matching arms with Intelligence Officer Yuki, the only representative of the Empire left. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the secretive Order of the Lotus was stretching out its roots and seizing decisive points of influence around the galaxy. SSS Brigade's Councilor Kanade was successful in setting up outposts in multiple planets, forming a seemingly impenetrable interplanetary fortress. The Aperture Interstellar Conglomerate's KRA Polyarchy sent their Hierophant, Prophet Kuroneko of the Order, to capture and hold an entire stellar system.
But the Council was undaunted. Determined to win, the Techno-Magi of Index made a daring play and pushed their Commander Misaka to an electrifying victory.

However, in the course of the final battle, the plasmic energies and quantic radiation were so immense and powerful that a warp in the time-space continuum was created. As Misaka fired one last Railgun to silence her enemies, the pent-up energy exploded and the warp became a stable passage to an entirely new galaxy. Awestruck and bewildered, the powerhouses withdrew and began to plan for this new change. The major powers dispatched expeditionary squads to the new galaxy in order to set up dominance and extend their reach. Smaller powers were forced to decide which galaxy had the greatest potential for their rise in status. And the Corporate Sector, now teeming with new and rising mercenary groups, became split as famed and infamous individuals traveled between galaxies to conquer new lands and new opponents.

Thus was the beginning of The Second Age..

[HISTORY] Records of The Fifth Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:04 am
by Reverend
blaZofgold wrote: In the old galaxy of Stella, The Fifth Great Moe War was a far cry from the original. Gone was the overpowering domination of the KyoAni Empire. Certainly her Empress Haruhi was not slacking in duties, and Wing Commander Mio still shined as a star commander in her conquests of the Stella Galaxy. But it was just not the same. With their forces in dire straits, the Empire had no choice but to wait quietly and bide their time in Stella, as they prayed that their colonization of the newfound Nova Galaxy find success and hopefully will be able to fund their future. Meanwhile, with the rise of the Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars, the KyoAni Empire seized what they could to maximize their options. But the Council was not the same Council as before. Grand Master Shana was no longer the dominant figure in galactic operations: Master Taiga and Techno-Commander Misaka became the core team that executed the Council dominance.

Over in the Nova Galaxy, things were a lot different. The Empire’s colonization was a great success, as Privateers of the KyoAni Empire became an unbelievably dominant threat. The SSS Brigade, led by Councilor Tachibana Kanade, soon did in Nova what the Empire could not in Stella. Other expeditionary groups of major powers, including the DEEN Directorate Expansionist Region and Andromeda Interstellar Combat Defense Forces, also proved to be quite strong in their own right, led by Occult Coven leader Eucliwood and KRA Polyarchy Hierophant Ruri. The move to the new galaxy proved exceptionally beneficial for the trio of commanders as they led a charge to the top, completely dominating the Nova galaxy. In the final intergalactic battle, where forces of both galaxies were united by both the Empire and the Council, it was Combat Priestess Tenshi of the Order Kanade who exploded like a supernova on the battlefield in a bold and daring statement that the Great Moe Wars would now be led by the new generation.

[HISTORY] Records of The Sixth Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:05 am
by Reverend
blaZofgold wrote: Not much is known about the Sixth Moe War, for during the outbreak of the conflict the two pulsars collided and sent a massive sound wave throughout the entirety of the universe, completely disabling all communication technologies. From the reports gathered very recently by field investigators and the space-vine rumors, the superstars of Nova from the Fifth Moe War all hyper-transferred to Stella, leaving the budding galaxy to fresh new commanders to show their talents. These talents consisted of Blood Knight Asuna, Sorceress of the Tyrant's Eye Rikka, and the commander prodigy White Canvas Mashiro who was undefeated on the battlefield. In Stella, the new trinity of leaders, Kanade, Eucliwood, and Ruri, along with the Council's last hope Misaka battled it out in the planets and stars. While Kanade still displayed superhuman strength and skill, the Polyarchy had fate on their side, and Hierophant Ruri seized a decisive and final victory.

[HISTORY] Records of The Seventh Great Moe War

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:07 am
by Reverend
Techno-Commander Misaka’s defeat in the hands of the shadowy Order of The Lotus on the previous war was the reason of The Seventh Great Moe War (or so did the rumor said.) Nevertheless, Misaka, now Chief Commander of the Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars’ frontline for three wars, maneuvered quickly during the early stages of the war, stopping Councilor Kanade, now Prime Minister of The KyoAni Empire, and Hierophant Ruri’s response aggression. Tenshi responded back and stroke the Council’s main forces under Kugimiya Grand Master Shana and prodigy commander White Canvas Mashiro, whose been transferred into Stella to restore the fading influence of the Council. The war goes from bad to worse, as a massive solar storm Geomagnetic storm in a size of galaxy occurred in Stella, destroyed a lot of communication technology.

As gruesome battles went on in Stella, a new power had risen in Nova. Data Archetype Liberators, members of the Aperture Interstellar Confederation, under the command of Flame Efreet Kotori, Time Nightmare Kurumi, Ice Hermit Yoshinon, Sand Princess Touka, and Thousand Crane Origami, had won campaign over campaign, colonizing stars under the pretense of ‘liberation’, quickly expanding into a huge powerhouse in Nova. While they were not as bright as the genius commanders of Stella and the past, they were certainly strong enough to trample anything that dared to stand against them. And in the end, during the final battle, despite courageous efforts from the alliance of notorious Blood Knight Asuna and the Sakurasous, and even with subsequent offense from Tenshi, the liberators stood strong, with Flame Efreet Kotori outsmarted all the other commanders and claimed victory for the Data Archetype Liberators.

[HISTORY] Tidal of Chronos

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:29 am
by Reverend
Tidal of Chronos refers to sudden outburst of tidal force that occurred in the same time as the Seventh Tiara Conference – a conference to end the Seventh Great Moe War. The huge tidal force was originally a normal tidal force, possessed by Super Massive Black Hole 001 code name: Seitokai[1]. The reason of the sudden outburst was (and is) unknown, since the outburst itself was already against the known law of physics[2]. Nevertheless, space-dimension of the Stella galaxy was getting ruptured pretty badly[3], endangering the existence of the galaxy itself. In response to this new threat, the conference was postponed. Tiara-bearers gathered to face this new “enemy” while forces of each faction quickly retreated and evacuated what can still be evacuated. Lightning Commander Fate, President of HnG Combine Hinagiku, Wing Commander Mio, Techno-Commander Misaka, Councilor Kanade “Tenshi”, Hierophant Ruri, and Flame Efreet Kotori set out into the Super Massive Black Hole.

What happened afterward is unknown. There are only two sources from which we can guess what really happened. The first is a log of the last communication, believed to be sent by Tenshi, tiara-bearer of the Fifth Great Moe War, to a certain person whose identity is still unknown.
Comm Request: C.A.
Comm Received: Heartless

[Communication Lost]
The second was the supposed[4] testimony of Flame Efreet Kotori, the last surviving Tiara-bearer (see footnote.)

The effect of Tidal of Chronos was massive to the Stella galaxy. Not only it destroyed at least 30% of Stella galaxy, it also changes a part of the law of physics, as an odd phenomenon started to happen frequently[5] in space, similar to a blizzard but instead of snow, it was magnetic force that slows or even stops the movement of space ships and disrupt the natural cycle of all planets with thinner atmosphere. This phenomenon was later called ‘Space Winter’. And this new phenomenon is rough, as it hindered trade and caused starvations and draught to less technologically-developed planets and colonies. These starvation and drought were known as ‘The Drought’.
Another effect was the appearance of a huge space hole, believed to be connected to another, new, unexplored galaxy. It opened up in the sector where the legendary event took place. The faction, in exception of KyoAni Empire whom had sent a small fleet of researcher and explorer, had not dared to venture into this hole, in fear of political breakdown.
Its social and political effect was also huge. The loss of all tiara-bearers in exception of Flame Efreet Kotori has caused great turmoil amongst the faction. Politics were unstable and anything could have happened – from changes in leadership to a total chaos in a faction. Knowing anything can happened, the leaders of the factions decided to put their heads together in the wish to maintain order. This great meeting was known as the 'Saimoe Moot'.
[1]: The Super Massive Black Hole Seitokai is the super massive black hole of Stella galaxy, located in the center of the galaxy.
[2]: in a normal state, unlike ‘normal’ Stellar black holes, super massive black hole’s tidal force’ space-dimension spaghettification only occurs when an object is really deep inside the super massive black hole.
[3]: it is later believed that whatever got sucked into the black hole got sent into another dimension where another time occurs. As such, it is called Tidal of Chronos, Tidal of Time.
[4]: The testimony is believed to have never existed in the first place, since Flame Efreet Kotori has chosen to remain silent about the event ever since. The silence has brought about rumors on what actually happened: from Kotori was thrown away from inside the black hole by other tiara-bearers so that she continues the existence of the galaxy, to it was Kotori whom actually threw all the other tiara-bearers inside the black hole and killed them. There is no single clarification from any faction either regarding this matter.
[5]: it was predicted by scientists that this phenomenon would happen for around 3-5 months a year for at least the next 1,000 years.