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[STORY] Apocalypse... and Dawn (2015 Prologue & Prelim)

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:08 am
by Reverend

Space Winter, date unknown, month unknown

Stella is in shambles. The huge catastrophe that happened during the talk for peace has left a lot of things unsettled. Worse than that, it has also taken the lives of many commoners and great leaders alike, and through the destruction it has caused, it induces chaos: the "newly-established" Space Winter has brought ecology disaster to planets with thinner atmospheres, and triggered massive storms and weather anomaly in the planets. It destroys buildings and bases, creating a drought and starvation in ravaged colonies. At the same time, space traffic is hindered by the great disturbance in space, and with it: trade activity and aid to ruined planets. With only the best of ships - ships with newest technology - able to travel during Space Winter, only the rich of the colonies can afford for more than their share of aid, and this has caused social discontent. Meanwhile, there are people who use this momentum to gain fame, and afterwards mass loyalty required to do anything they want.

Nova, on the other hand, has entered a period of political silence. With all eyes turned upon and all hands busy in Stella, Nova has seen a short moment of undisturbed peace. The Space Winter has not hurt Nova at all, and trade flourishes as demand increases from the main galaxy of Stella. Prosperity for Nova is at hand, it seems, but out of prosperity comes social gap, and with it: envy.
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[STORY] The Great Moe Treaty (Prologue)

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:25 am
by Reverend
The ‘accident’ regarding Tidal of Chronos had brought the ongoing Seventh Tiara Conference to a halt, with no clear result other than the loss of Tiara-bearers. The fate of the universe is unknown – the next Great Moe War could have started at any time, and Stella itself could have been destroyed if it had started so soon after a great catastrophe.
In order to deal with this issue, the leaders of Saimoe Universe have gathered once again. Bitter enemy they may be, they do realize that none of them could last another war so soon, and should anybody strike first, they could have won the war easily, but they would have nothing to live on afterwards. And so, they gather, in a Saimoe Moot that is meant to end all wars for a long time.
There are 4 issues that are seen as pressing. Those were:
  • The much-needed aid by all factions.
  • The opening of a new gateway that could lead into a new galaxy far away.
  • The possibility for another war to broke out.
  • The harsh environmental damage done by ToC that caused a Space Winter.
The moot is led by Flame Efreet Kotori (much to great criticism.) God Empress Haruhi accompanied by her Intelligent Officer St. Nagato-chi, Kugimiya Grand Master Shana & White Canvas Mashiro, Archon Ayase & Time Nightmare Kurumi, Necromancer Eucliwood, Iron Maiden Shouko, Eve of Gold Yami & Orange Lollipop Mikan, Judge Master Kurousagi, and Blood Knight Asuna represent each of their faction, while other well-known figures (such as Professor Kurisu of Stein Academy, Black Lotus Kuroyukihime, and more) are also present. Meanwhile, Shaft Empire has decided to not participate in the moot.
The moot conceive a set of laws and agreements known as the ‘Great Moe Treaty’. To summarize, the treaty consist of:
1. A set of trade laws and agreements between the factions, in hope to foster the recovery of main galaxy Stella.
2. A ceasefire agreement with no limit between KyoAni Empire and Grand Systems of the Joint Council of Stars.
3. A ceasefire agreement during the Space Winter by every faction.
4. The agreement for a peaceful colonization of new galaxy.
5. A new law of war set for any further war that would happen.
6. The plan to establish a joint-research on space wavelength, in hope of establishing communication with the new galaxy. This matter will be taken cared by Stein Academy.
7. The plan to establish a Space Salvage Effort Team, in an attempt to revert the Space Winter Phenomenon and to return space to its former state. This matter will also be taken cared by Stein Academy.

During the moot, a proposal is made by Black Lotus Kuroyukihime, regarding an establishment of a police force that would maintain order and uphold the Great Moe Treaty. This proposal is turned down almost immediately by most.

Out of war comes peace, a wise man once said. After all the great wars and disasters and epic tales of heroism, will Saimoe Universe finally find peace this time? Or will it fall to another abyss of blood and gore?

- The Dreamer of Little Stars

End of Prologue
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[1]: They say the Saimoe Moot is made ‘out of fear of an incoming invasion from Shaft Empire.’ This rumor comes out because of the actions of Shaft Empire, who has broken all communication with the rest of the faction and closes themselves from outside world ever since.
[2]: One of the most important changes made in the new set of law of war is the introduction of ‘Summer Wars and Winter Breaks’ law, in which war would only be carried over during the 7 months when Space Winter does not occur, meanwhile after that it will be a winter break. The months of summer are named: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Diamond (or Sapphire in Nova galaxy, as agreed by the leaders of Nova) and Rainbow (or Tiara as called by the Liberators.) Meanwhile the rest of the 5 months are called ‘Dormant Months’ or ‘Winter Months’.
[3]: Prior to the moot, an exploration team made by KyoAni Empire’s vassal, the Privateer of Atlantis, was sent into the space hole caused by ToC. Only one ship returned, with news of a possibility of a new galaxy and also to tell that current technology is unable to allow communication between Stella and the new galaxy. KyoAni has decided to bring this matter to public (it is believed that they currently lack the human resources to research this by themselves.)
[4]: Surprisingly, it has been said that Blood Knight Asuna, whom had bit claws and steels with Black Lotus in Nova, agrees to Black Lotus' idea, quoted to have said that she “wants to support her sister.” Meanwhile the likes of KyoAni whom had been in good terms with the Black Lotus, and also the Liberators as well as the Kugimiya Knights who have fought to preserve freedom for years, dismiss her idea, and even mock Black Lotus for her militaristic approach in an era designed for peace. This anger Black Lotus, who stormed out of the moot, but not before saying that the leaders’ true motive for a status quo is not because they want Stella to recover, but because they want to restore their figure and authority over the universe, which has been fading in recent years.