Level Six Shift... Not Achieved? (CD 1406)

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Level Six Shift... Not Achieved? (CD 1406)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:15 am

Warning: Word count is more than maglor's age. But we promise pretty pictures!

Council Directive 1406

Introduced by: Hiradaira Chisaki
Proposal: Seitokai will hold "Most popular guy and girl of 2014" awarding ceremony.
Consent: Maō Sadao, Rita Ainsworth, Hiradaira Chisaki
Dissent: Akasaka Ryūnosuke
Abstain: Nishikino Maki, Koizumi Itsuki, Yoshino?!


Ryūnosuke: Seriously, the work at here never ends. :onion38:

Koizumi: Well, this is what a seitokai should be.

Ryūnosuke: You know, I never asked for this. Rita is the one who forced me to work here.

Rita: So you are saying I cause you all of this?

Ryūnosuke: Exactly.

*Rita and Ryūnosuke staring each other with sharp eyes*

Yoshinon: Interesting…

Yoshino: Y-Yoshinon…!

Maki: Voice down please, it's hard to concentrate on work.

Koizumi: Relax, we need to have some fun as well during work, or else it will be pretty boring.

Maki: Geez. :neko005:

Chisaki: Maki-chan, where is Sadao-san?

Maki: He went out a minute ago, is there some problem? :onion77:

Chisaki: I found out this awarding ceremony not carry out yet, but it written here 'it's not necessary to carry out the awarding ceremony', so I guess I should ask for his advice?

Koizumi: Hmph, what kind of event is that?

Rita: Don't tell me it's another art contest?

Maki: "Most popular guy and girl of 2014", that's what it written here.

Rita: Phew, no more tons of evaluation. But still, there will be another ceremony. We will be pretty busy after all.

Ryūnosuke: Serve your right.

Rita: What did you say?! :onion48:

Ryūnosuke: Better take some time to clean your ear.

Koizumi: Oh my, lover quarrel? :onion46:

*Rita and Ryūnosuke blush*

Ryūnosuke: I-I don't want hear this from you!

Rita: W-what?! Urusai!

Yoshinon: *Using Yoshino voice* Koizumi-kun, you shouldn’t tease Master Rita.

Yoshino: Y-Y-Yoshinon…!

Rita: *Hug Yoshino* That’s my Yoshino! <3

Yoshino: E-eh?

Chisaki: I guess it's better to wait for Sadao-san.

Rita: Chisaki-san, can I have a look?

Chisaki: Sure.

Rita: ............ Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto?

*Ring ring*

Rita: Eh? Sorry and excuse me for a moment.

*Rita goes out from the seitokai office*

Koizumi: Say, Ryūnosuke, you and Rita-san are dating right? :onion46:

Ryūnosuke: W-what are you talking about? I-it's not that case.

Maki: But you two sure looks like a couple.

Ryūnosuke: Mind your own business! :onion96: :onion97:

Koizumi: Or perhaps Maki-chan is a better choice for you since Yoshino steal Rita away from you?

Maki, Yoshino: E-Eh?! *Blush*

Ryūnosuke: Not a chance!

Chisaki: Koizumi-kun, you should continue on your work, or else it won't finish in time.

Koizumi: Haha, gomen.

*Sadao back to the seitokai office*

Koizumi: Welcome back Sadao-san, Chisaki want to tell you something important.

Sadao: Is there anything?

Koizumi: Yeah, she wants to confess to you.

Sadao, Ryūnosuke, Maki, Yoshino: E-eh?! :onion88:

Chisaki: W-w-what are you talking about Koizumi-kun? It's just some paper work you know.

Yoshinon: Wow. Is this becoming a complicated love story?

Sadao: Koizumi-kun, you know, you shouldn't always make those funny jokes from time to time. :onion55: So Chisaki-san, what's about the paper work?

Chisaki: This is it......
<voice over phone>: So everything according to plan?

Rita: Yes master.

<voice over phone>: Anything new this few days?

Rita: Oh yeah, there's an awarding ceremony for "Most popular guy and girl of 2014" and maybe we will need to held it.

<voice over phone>: Oh? So, who's the winner for that event?

Rita: Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto.

<voice over phone>: Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto...?

Rita: Master, is something wrong?

<voice over phone>: No, nothing wrong, and I think you should held it, and it will be "fun".

Rita: Fun?

<voice over phone>: Yeah, you should......
Sadao: Ah Rita-san, you're back.

Rita: Yeah, sorry for that, some friend of mine called me.

Sadao: Never mind. So, about the award, should we hold it? I personally think we should since this is a part of seitokai work.

Rita: Yeah, we definitely should.

Maki, Koizumi: ......

Ryūnosuke: No, more trouble for me.

Rita: Ryūnosuke, why you always against me? :neko047:

Ryūnosuke: Did I? I just said out what I think.

Rita: Hmph...!

Chisaki: I guess we should although it's not necessary.

Maki: I don't really mind, though I don't really want to have more work.

Sadao: How about you Koizumi?

Koizumi: This will mean more work, but I guess I can go along with your decision.

Sadao: Yoshino?

Yoshino: It will be fun.

Sadao: So, I will take it as 6 of us agree on doing it. We better start prepare everything.

Ryūnosuke: Geez, more work for me probably.

Rita: Don't worry Ryūnosuke, I will help you handle your works for you this time~

Maki, Koizumi: ......
*Some time later*

Koizumi: Maki-chan, can have some of your time? I need to talk to you.

Maki: Eh? Sure.

Koizumi: So, I guess you also notice Rita-san contradiction behavior.

Maki: You too?

Koizumi: Yes. Not to mention that she keeps receiving calls from time to time. I suspect she’s up to something, along with the one that always give her a call.

Maki: But, we don’t have any solid evidence, so it will be hard to point anything out. Besides, Sadao-kun is on her side too.

Koizumi: Yeah. I think the one behind all of this is aiming for something big, so I will try to get some help. For the time being, we should keep an eye on her.

Maki: I guess so.
*At certain family restaurant*

Uiharu: Hi Misaka-san.

Misaka: Hi Uiharu.

Saten: U~i~ha~ru~ *Flip Uiharu's dress up*

*Uiharu blank for a while and then start to blush*

Saten: Today is light pink polka dots?

Uiharu: Kyaa~!!!! What are you doing Saten-san?! :onion53:

Misaka: Saten-san, you probably should stop teasing her.

Saten: Haha, gomen gomen.

Misaka: Uiharu-san, where's Kuroko, isn't she with you?

Uiharu: She said she's going to take a detour. She should be here anytime.

Kuroko: Onee-sama~! You sure miss Kuroko so much~~~

Saten: Hi Kuroko-san.

Misaka: Get off me Kuroko!

Kuroko: Oh ya, onee-sama, you got a letter from ISML Seitokai.

Misaka: A letter from ISML Seitokai?

Saten: Huhu, you sure are famous huh?

Uiharu: Being famous is tough I guess.

Misaka: So, let see...
Dear Misaka Mikoto,
Congrats, you have been selected as Most Popular Girl for the contest "Most popular guy and girl of 2014"!
We, ISML Seitokai, will give out the award on an awarding ceremony.
We sincerely hope that you will be able to participate in this awarding ceremony, the details are as below.
1. Date of the awarding ceremony – 11 February 2015.
2. The awarding ceremony will start at 12.00p.m.
3. This awarding ceremony theme is set to be "cosplay". You will need to cosplay in order to receive this award.
4. Food will be prepared by Seitokai.
5. School idol µ will be invited to perform at the ceremony.
Your respond will be much appreciate.
Kuroko: *Sparking eyes* :onion29: O-o-o-onee-sama cosplay?!?!?!?!

Saten, Uiharu: Wow, a cosplay party!

Misaka: W-w-why do I have to cosplay to receive this award...?! :onion17:

Saten: Why not? This will surely be fun.

Kuroko: This is just so right onee-sama~! Imagine yourself wearing a maid costume and say 'Welcome back Master~'. *Drooling*

Misaka: But cosplay as a maid...... *Imagine herself in a maid costume (Welcome back Master~)* :onion112: No no no no no......., this is just so wrong.

Saten: It will suit you perfectly well Misaka-san, right Uiharu?

Uiharu: I guess so.

Misaka: I don't think I will go since it's not necessary.

Saten: Eh? Why not?

*Kuroko steals the reply letter and finish fill-in within a second*

Kuroko: Okay onee-sama, I will help you send this reply letter back now, see you~

Misaka: Kuroko!

*And Kuroko disappear from their sight*

Misaka: Geez. :onion57:

Saten: Come on, it will definitely be fun.

Misaka: But cosplay as a maid...

Saten: Then we will cosplay with you as well.

Uiharu: Saten-san? A-are you sure about this?

Saten: I'm sure, so Misaka will not scare of going.

Misaka: But...

*Kuroko re-appears out from nowhere*

Kuroku: That's right! We will be cosplaying as well! I will prepare the costume for all of us!

Misaka: Geez, then it should be okay I guess. *Grabbing Kuroko shoulder* And Kuroko, you know, you shouldn't sent that letter without my consent. *Lightning sparking* :neko027:

Kuroko: O-o-onee-sama......

*Saten and Uiharu force out a smile as Misaka shocking Kuroko*

Uiharu: I wonder who's the most popular guy...
*At certain broken apartment*

Last Order: Hmph?

*Last Order saw a letter outsite the broken apartment and pick it up*

Last Order: Oh? There's a letter for you, say MISAKA MISAKA.

Accelerator: Huh? A letter?

Last Order: Yes, MISAKA picked up at the door, MISAKA MISAKA answer while running towards Accelerator.

*Accelerator takes the letter over and opens it*

Last Order: What is the letter about, inquire by MISAKA MISAKA with looking forward tone.

Accelerator: Hmph...
Dear Accelerator,
Congrats, you have been selected as Most Popular Guy for the contest "Most popular guy and girl of 2014"!
We, ISML Seitokai, will give out the award on an awarding ceremony.
We sincerely hope that you will be able to participate in this awarding ceremony, the details are as below.
1. Date of the awarding ceremony – 11 February 2015.
2. The awarding ceremony will start at 12.00p.m.
3. This awarding ceremony theme is set to be "cosplay". You will need to cosplay in order to receive this award.
4. Food will be prepared by Seitokai.
5. School idol µ will be invited to perform at the ceremony.
Your respond will be much appreciate.
*Accelerator throws away the letter after read it*

Last Order: Eh, why you throw the letter away? :onion2_55:

Accelerator: It's just some shit.

Last Order: It's not, and it's from ISML Seitokai, where MISAKA did participated last year, MISAKA MISAKA said while MISAKA's MISAKA's hapiness rate went down by 30. :neko005:

Accelerator: I don't give a fuck on those things, just wasting my time.

Last Order: You shouldn't be so rude, and you should at least reply them properly, MISAKA MISAKA lecture.

Accelerator: Then why don't you attend in my place?

Last Order: The letter said Accelerator is the most popular guy, so if MISAKA go in Accelerator place, it will be meaningless, reply MISAKA MISAKA with unsatisfied tone.

Accelerator: Then just throw it away already.

Last Order: But MISAKA think we should go, there will be lots of food for MISAKA to eat.

*Accelerator ignored Last Order*

Last Order: Accelerator, MISAKA want to go, we will be able to see a performance by µ, MISAKA heard they are very popular and want to have fun at there. It’s boring staying at here without doing anything, MISAKA MISAKA whine. :onion53:

*Again, Accelerator ignored Last Order* :onion50:

Last Order: The awarding ceremony looks like fun, and MISAKA want to have fun too……

*Suddenly, Accelerator’s cell phone ring*

Accelerator: Hmph?

*Accelerator picks up his phone*

<voice over phone>: Is this Accelerator?

Accelerator: Who are you?

Koizumi: I’m from the ISML Seitokai, Reporter of the Transition Seitokai.

Accelerator: So, what’s your business here with me after sending me a letter?

Koizumi: The reason I find you is actually not related to the ceremony.

Accelerator: Then just split it out already.

Koizumi: Then I will go straight into point. Do you know someone who can control people out there?

Accelerator: Controlling people?

Koizumi: Yes, sort of mind control.

Accelerator: No… Wait, I think I know someone.

Koizumi: That’s good. Can you come to the ceremony? I want to discuss something with you after the ceremony end, and please bring along Last Order with you.

Accelerator: What business do you have with that brat?

Koizumi: Since she’s controlling the Misaka clone, so I though it will be easier to let her help us out.

Accelerator: Oh…? Pretty well informed huh.

Koizumi: Haha. I’m not really sure about the whole detail about Last Order, but that’s the least I knew.

Accelerator: You are an interesting one you know. So, after the ceremony.

Koizumi: Sure, and please, do wear what the letter said.

Accelerator: What……

*Koizumi hangs up the phone*

Accelerator: That brat…

Last Order: Who is that, wonder MISAKA MISAKA.

Accelerator: That’s not of your business. What’s the date of the ceremony again?

Last Order: Huh? This Wednesday.

Accelerator: We are going.

Last Order: Eh?! Really?! :neko045: Asked MISAKA MISAKA while let out her excitement. MISAKA wants to wear some nice clothes so that MISAKA will not be looked down by the others. And MISAKA will need to……

Accelerator: Just shut up already.
*And so, days passed and 04 February 2015 finally arrives……*
*Outside ISML Seitokai building*
Uiharu: Wow, there are lots of people here.

Saten: And there are lots of foods here as well. :onion29:

Misaka: There sure is, since most of the ISML Regular Season participants from last year are here.

*A girl suddenly approaches*


Kuroyukihime: Hi there Misaka-chan.

Misaka: Oh hi Kuroyukihime.

Saten: Kuro, yuki, hime?

Kuroyukihime: Hello there. So you decided to come as well even you not good at cosplaying?

Misaka: Hehe, actually I was forced to, by this friend of mine.

Kuroko: Onee-sama, since when did I forced you?

Misaka: *Stare at Kuroko* You reply the letter without my consent, or do you think it’s my own fault to let you go away… *Lightning sparking*

Kuroko: N-n-n-n-no!!! I didn't mean that onee-sama…… :onion43:

Kuroyukihime: Even so, that maid costume look good on you.

Misaka: Thanks. You look nice too in that costume.

Kuroyukihime: Thanks. I think I should go to register myself, want to tag along?

Misaka: No, I will go later.

Kuroyukihime: Okay, see you later, Miss Popular~

*Kuroyukihime walks towards the Seitokai building*

Saten: I only heard of story of 'Snow White' but not 'Snow Black'...

Uiharu: Saten-san, it's rude to comment on people name.

Saten: But that's not an usual name.

Misaka: Well, none of us know her real name, and she just keep us addressing her as Kuroyukihime.

Kuroko: Sure is some weird one.

Uiharu: Should we head for registration?

Misaka: Oh yeah, let's go.
*Inside the building*
Kuroko: Onee-sama, should we take a picture together? :onion29:

Misaka: Take a picture? I prefer not.

Saten: Eh why not Misaka-san? Come on, lets the 4 of us take one together.

Uiharu: Yeah, it’s a good idea.

Misaka: Eh? Uiharu, you too?

Uiharu: Yeah, since we don’t have many occasion that we all are wearing something different than usual.

Saten: I know right! Come on now!

Kuroko: *Geez, now I can’t take picture alone with onee-sama. Whatever~*

Misaka: Okay, let’s go.
*At the registration station*
Misaka: We would like to register ourselves for the ceremony.

Uiharu: That cosplay…

Saten: She sure is sexy…

Kuroko: Yeah, and I feel like…… No no no no no!!! I must not betray onee-sama!! :onion38:

Misaka: Shut up already will you?

Kuroko: W-what, onee-sama is asking me to shut up after I endure the pain and not betray her…… :neko046: *Hitting the wall*

Maki: Hmph, so, you are Misaka Mikoto right?

Misaka: Yeah, and I brought a few friends with me, is that okay?

Maki: That will not be a problem. But, what is she doing? *Pointing at Kuroko*

Misaka: Ehehe, never mind her. I will get rid of her. Thank you.

Maki: You’re welcome.

Misaka: Kuroko, can you behave yourself a little……?

Saten: Hei, can I take a picture of you?

Maki: Eh?

Saten: Come on, don’t be shy, you looks so nice in this costume you know.

Uiharu: Saten-san, I don’t think you should force her.

Maki: A-alright then… But don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing this for you, got it…

Uiharu: Eh? A tsundere…?

Saten: See? I know she will. Hehe.

Maki: Make it fast, okay?

Saten: Sure~ Try to make a pose please~
Accelerator: Seriously, this place is noisy.

Last Order: This is an event, of course it will be lots of people, said MISAKA MISAKA.

Accelerator: Whatever. So, that brat said my costume will be somewhere inside the building…

Last Order: Wow~ Lots of different food here~ :onion29:

Accelerator: Brat, don’t move away from me.

Last Order: But MISAKA want to enjoy those delicious foods, MISAKA MISAKA whine.

Accelerator: Just shut up and follow me.

*Accelerator walks into the building and looking for the changing room*

Accelerator: So this is it huh? You stay here until I finish changing.

Last Order: ......

*Accelerator walks into the room for changing*

Last Order: It really smell delicious~

*Without noticing, Last Order moves herself to find the source of the smell*
*Inside the changing room*

Accelerator: What is this? Is this a prank by that reporter? Not like I have any other choice here, the other costumes are bad enough.

*Without a choice, Accelerator starts changing*

Accelerator: Whatever, should get myself to that reporter as for now.

*Accelerator goes out the changing room and Last Order was missing*

Accelerator: What is that brat think? And now I need to find her. Pain in the ass.

*Someone that hides at the end of the corridor takes a peek*

female voice: Hmph, good job my servant.
Ruri: Serving lots of people, sure is some tough work for me… But this maid costume sure is good.


Last Order: Isn't this Kuroneko, inquired MISAKA MISAKA.


Ruri: Hi there Misaka little sister. Did you come here alone?

Last Order: MISAKA didn’t come along, but MISAKA can’t seems to resist the delicious smell of the food, MISAKA also unable to find Accelerator anywhere, answer MISAKA MISAKA with annoying tone.

Ruri: So, should I have you find this ‘Accelerator’ for you?

Last Order: Never mind, both MISAKA and Accelerator are here, so MISAKA will continue wandering around here, said MISAKA MISAKA with a smile on MISAKA face.

Ruri: Okay. So, should I get an orange juice for you?

Last Order: Yeah, please, asked MISAKA MISAKA politely.
Uiharu: Gosh, it’s all because of you keep taking picture that we lost track of Misaka-san and Kuroko.

Saten: That’s okay Uiharu, since we all are either inside or outside of the building, we can’t get separated for long. Also, we can take this chance to talk around here.

Uiharu: Are you sure about this? Wouldn't we get scold?

Saten: I swear we……

male voice: You two there.

Saten, Uiharu: E-eh?

male voice: Did you see a kid around this tall around?

Saten: N-n-no!

male voice: You don’t even see my hand and how can you know how tall is she?

*Saten and Uiharu turn around*

Saten, Uiharu: W-we’re sorry……

*Both of them look at each other and try to restrain from laughing*

Accelerator: So, did you see the little brat around here?

Saten: Well, we don’t see any kid around here, and there are just two of us here since just now.

Accelerator: That brat, run away by herself, what a pain.

*Accelerator leave*

Saten: …… Hahahahah! What a cosplay he has! :neko032:

Uiharu: T-that’s true, I just can’t hold on anymore longer! :onion10:

*And both of them simply rolling on the floor laughing off their ass*
*Inside the seitokai office*
Ryūnosuke: Why the hack should I wear as a maid?

Rita: Since this ceremony has a cosplay theme, so you should get yourself dress up you know.

Ryūnosuke: Not a chance.

Rita: You will…, no, I will make you wear it.

*Rita attacks Ryūnosuke with her ‘body’*

Ryūnosuke: W-w-w-what are you doing?! Get off me now! :onion112:

Rita: Wear the maid costume or I will continue cling on you, until the ceremony over, or perhaps forever~?

Ryūnosuke: Just get off me already!

*Nanami comes into the office*

Nanami: Rita-san, I brought………… SORRY FOR THE INTERUPTION! :onion117:

Rita: I just try to convince him to wear the costume you brought.

Nanami: W-w-with that?! Are you trying to convince or seduce him?!

Rita: Of course is to seduce convince him. Nanami-san, can you help me to put this maid costume on him? *Evil laugh*

Ryūnosuke: I get it already! Just stop clinging NOW!

Rita: Hmph~ I win~ Blek~

Nanami: Ehehe… They sure have fun……

Ryūnosuke: Geez, why do I have to wear like this.

*Ryūnosuke starts to change*

Ryūnosuke: Happy now?

Rita: *Nose bleed* Oh my, you are so cute~ Nanami-san, come, let’s take a picture together.

Nanami: E-eh? I don’t really mind.

Rita: Come on, just let us take a picture together.

Ryūnosuke: S-stop cling on me!!! :onion2_185:
*Ceremony almost start, and everyone chit-chatting around the whole building*
*Behind the stage*
voice: Testing, testing… Ehem. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the awarding ceremony of “Most popular guy and girl of 2014”. To start our ceremony, let’s us welcome all of you by a performance by µ!

Kuroko: Geez, the event started and we still can’t find Saten and Uiharu.

Misaka: Who’s fault do you think this is?

Kuroko: Please clam down onee-sama. I think you should take a sit over there since you will be getting the award. I will find both of them and bring them here.

Misaka: Okay. Hope both of them didn’t get too far away.

*Koroko goes to find Saten and Uiharu while Last Order approaches Misaka*

Last Order: Hi Misaka-onee-chan, greeted MISAKA MISAKA.

Misaka: Oh hello there Last Order. You come here alone?

Last Order: No, Accelerator comes here with me, replied MISAKA MISAKA.

Misaka: Oh, Accelerator…… :neko031: ............ What?! Accelerator? Why did he come here for?

Last Order: Accelerator comes here for the award.

Misaka: Award…… What?! Award?! What award?

Last Order: Erm, it’s the most popular guy of 2014, replied MISAKA MISAKA with a curious look at Misaka-onee-chan.

Misaka: Eeeehhhhh….?!

*The performance finished while Misaka and Last Order chatting and time for the award.*

Maki: So now, let us announce the “Most popular guy and girl of 2014”.

Rita, Maki: The most popular girl of 2014 is…… Misaka Mikoto~! Please come to the stage for the award.

Last Order: Misaka-onee-chan, the MC is calling for Misaka-onee-chan.

*Misaka blanked for a minute*

Maki: It seems that both of them are too shy to come up here, then let us welcome them to the stage for the award.

Kuroko: Onee-sama, why are you still here? They are calling you for the award.

Misaka: E-eh? O-okay. *Hope he will not make a commotion here*

Rita: Oh, let’s welcome our most popular girl of 2014~! Misaka-san, how you feel about winning this award?

Misaka: I-it’s an honor that I able to win this award. Without the support of the voters, I probably will not be able to get this award.

Maki: Okay. And now, the most popular guy of 2014 is……

Rita: Accelerator~!

*Accelerator walks up the stage with uninterested face*
*Everyone saw Accelerator cosplay and some of them started to laugh*

Nyarlathotep: W-what with him cosplaying as a school girl?! Hahaha... :onion2_157:

Shinka: He sure have some poor taste.

Sanae: Even the fake Mori Summer also think like that? Master, this sure is rare.

Saten: E-eh? Uiharu, the guy we saw just now, he is the one getting this award?! Oh my…!

Yui-nyan: See…?! I told you that I saw a guy wearing girl’s school uniform just now…! What a funny guy.

*People keep comment about the poor choice of Accelerator’s cosplay*

Accelerator: What a pain.

*Accelerator releases a strong wave towards people below the stage*

Misaka: Hey, stop that at once! *Take out a coin*

Accelerator: Eh? So it’s you again huh.

*Both Misaka and Accelerator in fighting stance*

Yoshino: D-don’t fight…!

*The whole ground frozen*

Misaka: What the…?

Accelerator: Hmph, this ice can’t trap me. *The ice around him breaks into pieces*

Sadao: Stop your movement at once!


*Sadao uses his power to restrict Accelerator’s movement*

Accelerator: W-what is this, I can’t reflect this. Who are you?

Sadao: Of course you can move since I’m the DEMON LORD!

Itsuki: (Former) :neko047:

Sadao: AGAIN?! Never mind. Could the two of you don’t cause commotion here? We will appreciate if both of you do as we say.

Misaka: O-okay.

Accelerator: ……

Sadao: So, please continue with the ceremony, Maki.

Maki: E-eh?

*And so, the ceremony end*

Kuroko: Onee-sama!!! Are you okay??!!

Misaka: Yeah, not big deal here, just my leg feel a little numb thanks to the ice.

Uiharu: Accelerator sure is scary. Luckily he didn’t use that power when we met him, right Saten-san?

Saten: Yeah, or else we probably will be sent flying somewhere.

Misaka: *Why did Accelerator come here? Isn't he didn't care about these kind of event at the first place?* :onion2_149:
*At certain building’s backyard*
Accelerator: Is this a prank or what? You prepared a school girl uniform for me?

Koizumi: I’m certain someone switched the “Black Sword Man” costume with this. I’m sorry, I should have double checked before the ceremony.

Accelerator: Doesn’t sound any better. So, straight to the point, what’s your deal here with me?

Koizumi: Well, it’s like this...
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Re: Level Six Shift... Not Achieved? (CD 1406)

Post by Chocola » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:41 am

I think this is well done. If there were an /r/AnimePrompts, tehyc would probably nail it.
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Re: Level Six Shift... Not Achieved? (CD 1406)

Post by smartboyhw » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:43 am

You'll get CD 1405 soon guys, sorry for the complete misery in scheduling.

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