Carrots and Sticks (CD 1418)

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Carrots and Sticks (CD 1418)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Thu May 28, 2015 6:59 pm


Council Directive 1418

Proposal: Fuijiwara, RailWarrior, blaZofgold, BugH, Shmion, Just and tehyc will share a special pot of 30,000 lollipops for their work and contributions to the ISML Journal. A subcommittee will be formed to determine who gets how much.
Proposed by: Minamoto Chikaru
Consent: Tachibana Kanade, Sakagami Tomoyo, Minamoto Chikaru, Katsura Hinagiku, Kōsaka Honoka
Dissent: Pet Yoshinon, Sakurano Kurimu
Abstain: Loli Yoshino


*Safety Deposit Box Room in the middle of the Seitokai Building*

Chikaru: There, there, Hisa, don't pout. You had some fun, didn't you? :onion27:

Hisa: Poooh, I thought we would get one more week to wreck some havoc before we turn things back to Hinagiku... :onion33:

Chikaru: Hina sometimes is too uptight. She still doesn't know how to let people enjoy themselves. Maybe we should try throwing another surprise party for Hina in the near future. :onion12:

Hisa: Oh well. Back to "work". *winks* So you want to know if there is any new development that can stir up some blood of excitement into the placid hearts of the ISML community?

Chikaru: Yes. Any community can become dull, stale, and fade without some active efforts to excite it off its ground energy level.

Hisa: Perhaps this might be good -> viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5685&start=40#p307953" onclick=";return false;

Chikaru: Hmmm, I like the wagging dog ear cosplay. That reminds me, I need to find a way to make the Seitokai help out my Cosplay club again.

Chikaru! Stop fazing out into your scheming mode and read please.

Chikaru: Oh! Sorry.

*Chikaru silently reads*

Chikaru: Hmm, nice, but just giving away presents is so dull. Hisa, you and I need to arrange a reward ceremony disguised as a criminal prosecution court hearing! :onion29:

Hisa: ?! @_@

*VP of Relations Desk*

Chikaru: Vice-President Kurimu, may I have your audience?

Kurimu: Huh! Vice-President Kurimu! My, finally someone shows some proper respect! :onion103:

Chikaru: Yes, Vice-President. I need to bring to your attention this unauthorized publication on behalf of ISML -> viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5685&start=40#p307953" onclick=";return false;

Kurimu: Ok. Cute Saten. Spoilers, links, what's all this?! :onion20:

Chikaru: Let me help you.

*Chikaru opens all the files at carefully chosen spots*

Chikaru: As you can see, it is a magazine-styled publication on ISML. It goes into many things, but uses an image of some key personnel. It does unauthorized analysis, and dares to troll a staff member.

Kurimu: So many words. What does all this mean?

Chikaru: Worst of them all, it doesn't mention a single word about our cutest vice-president, Kurimu!

Kurimu: Doesn't mention.... Wait! It ignored me?! That's unforgivable. Tomoyo! Tomoyo!! :onion38:

*Kurimu runs to the President's desk*

Tomoyo: So, what's all this?


Kurimu: I have been offended and made fool of. This is a serious challenge to us!

Chikaru: I do advise a proper hearing to carefully judge the case and deal out appropriate rewards and punishments.

Tomoyo: I don't think this is that big of a deal...

Kurimu: You can't heartlessly let this offense to me go by. I demand Justice! :onion23:

Tomoyo: Very well. We will convene a Seitokai hearing. Chikaru, please ask Kanade to hand out the summons.

*Court room in the Seitokai Building*

Kanade: All rise!

*Tomoyo, Hinagiku, and Kurimu take the seats of the president and the vice-presidents. Chikaru takes a seat on the prosecution's chair*

Tomoyo: Please read the charges, Reporter.

Honoka: Et, to, the defendants are accused of illegally making and distributing official-looking materials.

Hinagiku: So Chikaru, let's have a look at it.

Chikaru: Your honors. Let's look at the cover. It is a classic lonely girl in the snow cover.

Tomoyo: What's wrong with it?

Chikaru: It is now Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Yoshinon: Want to see snow in the summer?

Tomoyo: It looks pretty and rather artistic.

Chikaru: Keep looking madame, there's more and more snow!

Hinagiku: Still, it is calm and not distracting at all.

Chikaru: The Nova Prelim analysis doesn't mention our lovely pet, Yoshino.

Yoshino: Yukino does look cute.

Kurimu: Kurimu is cute too!

Hinagiku: Kanade, isn't Kurimu not eligible for Nova?

Kanade: Records confirm that Kurimu was nominated for Stella. Her nomination rank was...

Kurimu: Don't say it! :onion33:

Yoshinon: Whoo hoo hoo, truth hurts? :onion40:

Kurimu: Mr. Just! I will have you suffer for this! :onion48:

Just: 0 0?

Tomoyo: Please proceed, Chikaru.

Chikaru: In the Stella analysis, there also wasn't any mention of our esteemed president, Tomoyo.

Tomoyo: Why should that be important? I think the analysis was done adequately.

Hinagiku: Mr. Just, why did you mention only certain girls?

Just: For the sake of brevity, I omitted most girls and mentioned only the most discussed candidates.

Chikaru: In the Male section , there were lots of names but no pictures.

Honoka: No pictures? I wanted to see some bishies!! :onion53:

Tomoyo: Honoka, in this case, that might not be appropriate given the amount of text needed.

Yoshino: There sure are lots of words, but why no Shidō?

Hinagiku: Kanade, what's Itsuka Shidō's status?

Kanade: He is in the tournament, but he is reportedly unlikely to be seeded to the higher tiers.

Chikaru: Winter Seasonal fails to mention girls other than those from Saenai and KanColle.

Tomoyo: Still, everything in it is true.

Hinagiku: It also properly honors the poster maker.

Chikaru: The next section has a picture of our chief Justice, VP Hinagiku!

Honoka: My! What a lovely picture of you, Hina-chan!

Kurimu: I want a poster like that!!

Hinagiku: *blushed* Uh, this was from a long time ago.

Chikaru: This is using the lovely image of our Hina-chan without prior authorization!

Fuijiwara: But this is in the posters! It is in public domain by now!!

Kanade: Technically...

Chikaru: *cuts Kanade off* Let's move on. The next section has Aragaki Ayase, but it doesn't mention her achievements in 2014 at all.

Tomoyo: Isn't 2014 out of scope for the topic discussed?

Hinagiku: maglor may be mad, but I don't think he got side-tracked that much.

Chikaru: Then we have ISML's Vote Check Servant maglor publicly expressing his support for a contestant in the tournament!

Hinagiku: Wasn't Mr. maglor famous for always liking and voting for those who lose in ISML matches?

Kanade: The records show that characters who received Mr. maglor's votes won in fewer than 1/3 of important matches, and in last year’s Postseason about 80% of the characters he voted for lost.

Chikaru: maglor always votes for me!

Tomoyo: Also me!

Hinagiku: Also me...

Yoshino: Sometimes me...

Yoshinon: Kill him!

Chikaru: The magazine didn't have to remind us that maglor's support usually is the kiss of death.

Hisa: *coughs* Chikaru, time.

Chikaru: Oh yes. In the next section, there is an article from tehyc, who wasn't in the credits.

Tomoyo: Well, isn't tehyc here in the room?

Chikaru: He is. He failed to note that Illya won't have any more appearance in UBW in the future.

Kanade: Illyasviel is currently filming for the next Prisma☆Illya season.

Tomoyo: I fail to find any major error in the analysis.

Kurimu: Analysis! Big talks! Bug talks! Let's get to punishment!!

Tomoyo: Not yet.

Chikaru: The next section has inflammatory words like "infested".

Tomoyo: Mr. BugH?

BugH: I am exercising my rights to free speech to convey a message I feel to be important.

Hinagiku: It is natural for a magazine to have an editorial or an opinion piece.

Chikaru: Then again we have an article from Just.

Tomoyo: What's wrong with it?

Chikaru: He is a lolicon.

Kurimu: *scared* Is he, a hentai? :onion74:

Hinagiku: Don't worry Kurimu. We will protect you.

Yoshino: What about me?

Just: I prefer flaming lolis...

Chikaru: Last but not least, Mr. Shmion gives us walls of abbreviations, texts, and tables.

Shmion: I believe they are all accurate.

Hinagiku: I don't find any errors. So, I still fail to understand what the problem is.

Tomoyo: So, Ms. Prosecutor. What do you seek for?

Chikaru: The prosecution would like to ask the Seitokai Court to reward these defendants with a plaque of recognition and a pot of 30,000 lollipops to be distributed according to their contribution to the work.

*Everyone shocked* :onion88:

Chikaru: I think such a reward would be proper justice to this case.

Tomoyo: *slightly shocked* Uh, I don't see a reason to disagree…

Hinagiku: *slightly raged* Why all such hoopla? :neko056:

Chikaru: Hisa, please.

Hisa: The advisory committee felt that more proper recognition for all their hard work was needed, thus wished for the Seitokai court to fully analyze the merits of their work.

Honoka: So, happy ending? Yay! :neko002:

Hinagiku: Kanade, any reason to object?

Kanade: Negative.

Kurimu: What?! I demand justice! :neko047:

Yoshino: I don't think all this was needed.

Yoshinon: We need more punishments, not rewards!! :neko022:

Tomoyo: The ballots?

*Kanade distributes the ballots and then collects them after it is filled*

Tomoyo: The "prosecution"'s motion is passed. We will go with the advisory committee who will handle the actual distribution of the rewards.

Hinagiku: Chikaru, you always have to make it look dramatic…

Chikaru: Hey! We need something everyday to get our hearts pumping! :onion82:
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Re: Carrots and Sticks (CD 1418)

Post by BugH » Fri May 29, 2015 3:47 am

Just wrote:I prefer flaming lolis...
well....well.... Just
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Re: Carrots and Sticks (CD 1418)

Post by Just » Fri May 29, 2015 8:47 pm

BugH wrote:
Just wrote:I prefer flaming lolis...
well....well.... Just
I am a lolicon and I am proud to admit it ^^
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Re: Carrots and Sticks (CD 1418)

Post by kanohistorm » Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:40 pm

keep up the good work everyone
spoiler alert :3
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Re: Carrots and Sticks (CD 1418)

Post by Kiwigiwi » Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:20 am


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