Paralyzed By Fear (CD 1436)

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Paralyzed By Fear (CD 1436)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:12 am

"An-chan!!!" -Hasegawa Kobato

Council Directive 1436

Proposal: Help Kobato find the source of the mysterious voices.
Proposed by: Hasegawa Kobato
Consent: Yuigahama Yui, Stephanie Dola, Nozaki Umetarō, Hasegawa Kobato
Dissent: None
Abstain: Aragaki Ayase, Konjiki no Yami


One evening

Yuigahama: "And so, here ends all of our business for the day."
Kobato: "Finally! I’m already hungry. I asked An-chan to cook some meat for today. I want to go home immediately! May I go now, kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "Yes, you may."
Kobato: "Yay! Alright then, everyone, bye."
Steph: "Bye, Kobato-chan. Be careful and don’t run on the hallway, okay?"
Kobato: "Yes yes. Bye."
Everybody else: "Bye."

Kobato: "Kukuku. I wonder what sauce An-chan will use this time. Maybe the normal teriyaki style? Or Mexican style? Or perhaps he could fry it and leave it crusty? I cannot wait for his daily offering, kukuku…"

Something touches Kobato on her shoulder.

Kobato: "Kiii…. Who’s there?"

Kobato looks around and finds no one.

Fading voices: "Ahahahaha…"
Kobato: "Kiiii…!?"

There are weird voices of steps on the ground-

Kobato: "Who’s there? Heh, let’s get out of here immediately, shall we?"  
Voice from behind: "Okay."
Kobato: "Kya- Eh? Kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "Yahallo!"
Kobato: "Don’t do that, kaichou! You scared me!"
Yuigahama: "I’m sorry. Well, shall we go?"
Kobato: "Okay."
Fading voices: "Ahahaha…"
Kobato: "Kiii!?"
Yuigahama: "What’s the matter, Kobato-chan?"
Kobato: "N-nothing. I just hear some laughing voices from there."
Yuigahama: "Laugh?"

Kobato points to one of the classroom. Yuigahama sees no one.

Yuigahama: "Hmm… I don’t hear anything, and I don’t think there's anyone in the classroom at this hour. Hmm… could it be the door? You know: those old doors sometimes let out a shrieking voice when a strong wind blows them."
Kobato: "I want to go home now!" *cries*
Yuigahama: "Alright, alright. I’ll see you home today."
Kobato: "You will?"
Yuigahama: "Yes."
Kobato: "Okay. Thank you, kaichou."
Yuigahama: "No problem."

The next day. noon. Location: stairs.
Fading voices: "Ahahaha…" 
Kobato: "Kiiii!?"

Kobato looks around and sees no one.

Kobato: "Please, don- I mean: Kukuku… you cursed dark voices dare to disturb my class break? I command thee to leave me now, else a great catastrophe awaits- "
Fading voices: "…Even if the summer sun's rays are hot, don't melt… "
Kobato: "Kiii!?"

Voices of steps come closer from below the stairs. Kobato clutches her uniform skirt tightly. Something approaches…

Kobato: "Kyaa!?"

Kobato runs away in tears.

That evening, Seitokai room.

Kobato: *in a dispirited voice* "Good evening, everyone."
Yuigahama: "Yahallo! Heh, what happened, Kobato-chan? Your eyes are very red."
Kobato: "Eh- nothing."
Steph: "Are you sure, Kobato-chan? You look like you have been crying for hours."
Kobato: "You mock me, human? How can the Great Queen of the Vampires cry? There’ s nothing that can scare Reisis V Felicity Sumeragi… or sort of…."
Steph: "As I thought: there must be something. What’s the matter, Kobato-chan?"
Kobato: *shrugs*
Yuigahama: "It’s fine. We’re not going to laugh at you or anything. And actually: If something really troubles you, you’re free to make a request as well. Now, is there anything you’d like ask?"
Kobato: "Kaichou, do you remember those voices I mentioned yesterday?"
Yuigahama: "Voices? Ah, that. Yes, I remember. What’s the matter? You hear it again?"
Kobato: "Yes. Last night, I cannot sleep because of that. And this afternoon, I heard the same voices of laugh and footsteps. This time, there’s also a voice of someone singing and humming."
Nozaki: "Hmm… I think I remembered hearing such rumor."
Yuigahama: "Rumor?"
Nozaki: "Yes. There have been reports of people hearing some mysterious funny footsteps and humming throughout the halls and the stairs. And the groundkeeper said this morning that for the past few weeks, he has been hearing voices from the music room, as if somebody were practicing. But he asked the school band and they said they had not made any late-night practice recently."
Steph: "Hmm… as the Service Club and the Seitokai, I think we should get to the bottom of this."
Yuigahama: "I agree. We’re going to do this tonight? Nozaki-kun, Steph-san, you can stay a bit late for today, can you?"
Nozaki: "Yes, I got all of my script with me today."
Steph: "Yes, I can do it, too."
Yuigahama: "Okay. Nozaki-kun, give Ayase and Yami a call. They are running an errand for me, currently. We should tell them of this."
Nozaki: "Yes."
Kobato: "Heh… b-but An-chan forbids me from coming home late."
Yuigahama: "It’s fine, Kobato-chan. You may go home early if you cannot stay late. And you can ask Steph to take you home, if you’re still scared. I’m sure she will gladly help you."
Steph: "Yes. So, Kobato, should I take you home, now?"
Kobato: "Eh… No. There’s no way I can leave you guys alone with this. I’m also a part of the Seitokai, too."
Nozaki: "But there might be ghost, you know?"
Kobato: "G-ghost? N-no, there is no such thing as ghost, right? I mean: it’s all only on movies, right? I mean… Kiii!?"

Kobato screams and then cries.

Steph: "Nozaki-kun! Why can’t you learn a bit of delicacy?"
Nozaki: "Eh… Sorry."
Yuigahama: "It’s okay. So, Kobato, you don’t have to stay late if you can’t."
Kobato: "No. I want to know what are this voices, too. Plus, it’s a bit far from my home. I don’t want to trouble you guys."
Steph: "You’re sure?"
Kobato: "Yes."
Yuigahama: "Okay, then."

Around 30 minutes later, Seitokai room.

Yuigahama: "Okay. Everybody’s here. Kobato-chan, do you want to tell the story on your own or should I tell it?"
Kobato: "No, it’s fine. I can do it."

Kobato retells the story.

Ayase: "Hmm… I see. So, we’re going to investigate this. How are we supposed to do it?"
Yuigahama: "Hmm… perhaps we could do some patrol, maybe? I guess me and you should patrol the hallway, Ayase-san. Steph and Nozaki-kun should guard in the stairs that lead to the music room. Kobato-chan should stay here where is safe. Yami-san, I want you to be with her, in case something bad happens."
Yami: "Okay."
Yuigahama: "Okay. Everyone, we don’t know what is behind this. So I want you all to give everyone else a call via the radio should something happens."
Everyone: "Okay."

Night, Seitokai Room.

Yami: *grabs a bag of melonpan, and then rips the package, letting out a scream-like shriek*
Kobato: "Kiii!? Yami-chan, don’t scare me like that!"
Yami: "Eh? Sorry. Kobato-chan, do you want half?"
Kobato: "Hmm… I guess, as the Queen of the Vampires, I cannot deny an offering from a loyal underling. Thee have my thank-"
Mysterious voice: *knocks*
Kobato: "Did you hear that, Yami-chan? From behind the door?"
Yami: "Hmm?"

The mysterious knock keeps repeating itself for a few times. But only Kobato can hear it. Then…

Kobato: "KYAAA!?"
Yami: "What’s the matter, Kobato-chan?"
Kobato: "T-the door. There’s a reddish hair and a pair of eyes from behind the door!" *trembles*

Yami looks to the door and sees such figures.

Yami: *runs through the door* "Who’s there?"
Kobato: "Yami-chan, wait. Don’t leave me alone!"

Kobato: "KYAAA!?"
Yami: "Kobato?"
Kobato: *points to a corner that leads to the stairs* "T-there, on that corner."
Yami: "You’re not running away!"
Kobato: *cries* "Wait for me, Yami-chan!"

A few minutes later, in front of the stairs that leads to the music room.

Steph: "What are you guys doing here?"
Yami: "Steph, Nozaki, do you see anyone?"
Steph: "Eh? No."
Kobato: "But I’m sure this is where she runs to."
Nozaki: "Who?"
Yami: "A certain figure."
Nozaki: "Hmm… ghost?"
Kobato: "KYAA!?"
Steph: "Nozaki-kun, stop it. Eh... What is that voice?"

They all look into the music room. The lights are off, but there’s a guitar-like voice, like somebody is practicing.

Steph: "Hmm who's practicing this late? I don't remember our music club to have a habit of staying overnight."
Nozaki: "Hmm… I guess we should give Yuigahama-san and Aragaki-san a call."
Ayase: "No need. We’re here."
Steph & Kobato: "KYA!?"
Steph: "Ayase, don’t scare us like that!"
Ayase: "Sorry. We come running when we heard Kobato’s scream. We checked the Seitokai room, but it was empty. So we figured out you'll be here. Hmm so the rumors are true. Somebody did practice at night."
Yuigahama: "Hmm… I say we should check this further. Nozaki-kun, please."
Nozaki: "Yes, Kaichou."

They all climb the stairs into the front of the door. Yami prepares her blade while Nozaki takes a peek. He sees no one.

Nozaki: "There’s no one inside."
Yuigahama: "Everybody is on position? Okay, 3… 2… 1…. Open it!"

A huge gust of wind blows out from the door as it is opened.

Steph: "Eh? Who left the window open?"
Yuigahama: "Hmm suddenly it goes quiet."
Voices: "Ting…"
Kobato: "Kiii!? I want to go home! I WANT TO GO HOME!"
Yami: "Eh.. Sorry. That was me. It seems the wind from outside somehow plucked the string of these guitars. That’s why we’ve been hearing voices."
Ayase: "But, it’s too melodious to be a coincidence. Eh... what is this?"

Ayase picks up a musical sheet.

Ayase: "Don't ever change like the ice does? Even if the summer sun's rays are hot, don't melt away? I'm sure that just ahead, there's a beautiful glacier?"
Yuigahama: "What is that?"
Ayase: "Looks like a song, maybe? That’s what is written here. Is this the lyrics for the notes here?"

Everyone gathers around.

Yuigahama: "We should investigate about this further tomorrow. It’s too late, right now. Everyone should go home by the previous pairing, in case something happens. Yami-san, can I ask you to take Kobato home?"
Yami: "Yes."
Yuigahama: "Okay. Thank you, everyone for your time. Me and Ayase shall lock the door. Bye, see you tomorrow!"
Everyone: "Bye!"

The next morning, Seitokai room.

Yuigahama: "Yahallo!"
Ayase: "Morning, Kaichou. We have a request this morning."
Yuigahama: "Request?"

A girl with pink hair and a hair-style that looks like a rock-band member stands up from the couch.

Yui: "Hallo! My name is Yui!"
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Re: Paralyzed By Fear (CD 1436)

Post by Chocola » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:42 am

Thank you, thank you.
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