Home Run (CD 1437)

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Home Run (CD 1437)

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Note: This is a continuation of CD 1436.
"The world is not beautiful, therefore it is."

Council Directive 1437

Proposal: Help Yui-nyan with her request.
Proposed by: Yuigahama Yui
Consent: Yuigahama Yui, Aragaki Ayase, Konjiki no Yami, Stephanie Dola, Nozaki Umetarō, Hasegawa Kobato
Dissent: None
Abstain: None


Yui: "Hallo! My name is Yui!"
Yuigahama: "Eh... Yahallo! My name is also Yui!"

-The whole room looks at the two with weird expression.-

Yuigahama: "Don’t give us that weird look! It’s not my wish for another Yui to show up! Blame the writers for making that lousy multiple Yui script!"
Nozaki: "Eh... well there’s nothing we can do about it, either. Now, Yui-san, since there are me, Aragaki-san, and kaichou here already, I think we have enough people to hear about your request."
Yui: "Yes. You see... There are a few things I would like to do during my time here. I want to enjoy youth to the fullest, you know? And since I am already at second grade, my time is already limited. I have tests and many other things next year, so that’s why I wish to fulfill these wishes now."
Yuigahama: "I see. I can understand your condition. So, what do you want to do?"
Yui: "Well, there are a few things, if you don’t mind..."

The whole room looks at each other again, this time with an expression that tells "Heh this probably would be troublesome."

Yuigahama: "Okay. We’ll deal with all of your requests. We shall help you enjoy youth to the fullest."
Ayase & Nozaki: "Kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "Well, we can’t turn her down, can we? As the Service Club and the Seitokai, we must serve to fulfill the wish of the students so that they might live out their youth to the fullest while still focus on their studies."
Yui: "Live out youth, huh?"
Yuigahama: "Eh, something’s wrong, Yui-san?"
Yui: "Eh, nothing."

Yui looks like she still has a few things troubled. Nozaki watches her every movement with sharp eyes. His instinct as a mangaka senses a plot is in motion - he knows something bigger, more complicated, is behind this all. But there’s just not enough clue at the moment.

Ayase: "So, what is your first request, Yui-san?"
Yui: "A concert."
Ayase: "Concert?"
Yui: "Yes, a rock band concert. You see... I am a member of a girl rock band called Girls Dead Monster. I’ve been a vocalist & lead guitarist there ever since the previous lead, Iwasawa-san, is forced to quit the band due to personal condition. We’ve been practicing a lot, since then, but never once make a live show. So I wish the Seitokai could help me with that."
Ayase: "Well, it could be problematic. First, is because the student hall isn’t available every time. Second, is because the Culture Fest is still quite far away, so we have no reason to borrow the fields from the sport clubs. I think me and Steph can force them to let us borrow it, but I don’t want to interrupt their training, either. But that doesn’t remove the most troublesome third reason: permit. Dealing with the Judicial Committee is quite an ordeal, you know?"
Yui: "No, no, I don’t want it to be legit. GDM is famous for its guerrilla-style concert, you know? So it has to be a surprise show, or such. So, I am thinking of the canteen or sort."
Ayase: "Eh... so you want us to help you do something against the rules?"

Ayase looks rather displeased with the idea.

Yuigahama: "This is turning into quite an argument, is it? Well, since your request is a little complicated, I think we will need the whole Seitokai to be present when we talk about this. Can you come again this afternoon, Yui-san?"
Yui: "Okay, then."
Yuigahama: "Good. Nozaki-kun, can you notify the other members?"
Nozaki: "Sure, kaichou."

Kobato suddenly enters the room while they are busy talking.

Kobato: "Kukuku.... Be greateful, mortal. Reisis V Felicity Sumeragi, True Ancestor of the Children of the Night, has come to grace you with her presence despite the burning scorches of Light. Now, presence thy offering, or-"

Kobato looks at Yui with a scared expression.

Ayase: "Morning, Kobato. That’s rare of you to come to the room early. Is there anything?"
Yuigahama: "Kobato-chan?"
Kobato: *trembles, and almost cries* "It’s the... g-g-gh-gh-gho-"
Nozaki: "Ghost?"
Kobato: "KYAAA!? Leave me alone, monster! HWAAAA!?" *cries and leaves the room running*
Yui: "Eh, did I do something wrong?"
Yuigahama: "Nah, nothing. So, shall I see you this afternoon, during the long break?"
Yui: "Yes. Thank you, everyone, for listening. See you this afternoon!"

Yui leaves the room with a cheerful expression.

Nozaki: "Do you know her, kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "No, I don’t think so. But, well, this is a large place. Okay, shall we gather here again later?"
Ayase & Nozaki: "Yes."
Yuigahama: "Okay. See you guys in a few hours!"

Afternoon, Seitokai room

Steph: "I see. Well, I think I can figure out a way to get that done."
Yuigahama: "So, are you willing to take leadership for the project?"
Steph: "Sure."
Yui: "You’ll do it? YAY! Thank you very much!"
Steph: "No problem. But I can’t do this on my own. You guys need to do your own bits, too."
Yuigahama: "Of course. So, what is it you need us doing?"
Steph: "Hmm..."

And so, Stephanie divides the job efficiently. Yuigahama, Ayase, and Yami are charged with the technical department and such, while Nozaki and Kobato are to deal with publication. Yui has with her all the equipment and also some GDM posters, so they don’t really have much to do. Stephanie, somehow, manages to get permission to use the canteen. Despite her naivety, she certainly is an able politician with lots of connection and great negotiation skill. Short story, all the preparations were done in a day, and the next afternoon, the live show is all but done.
Afternoon, the next day. Canteen.

Ayase: "Sound check done. Yui-san and her band members are on position. We’re ready to roll any time."
Steph: "Okay. Let us begin."

The light suddenly goes out and the windows shut and covered. The sudden black-out surprises the students who were busy enjoying their meals and talking with each other. Then, a shimmering light comes out from behind the curtains between the stage and its back. Girls Dead Monster Live Show is about to begin.

Yuigahama: "Heh... Yui is surprisingly good."
Steph: "Well, shall I leave everything to your care and depart now, Kaichou? Nozaki-kun and Kobato-chan might need some help?"
Yuigahama: "Yes. Thank you for everything, Steph-san."

The crowds gather around the stage, as Yui and her band play songs after songs. They seem to enjoy it, which puts relieve to the members of the Seitokai. Forty minutes or so went on so fast, and class is about to start. Yami sends the signal to the band. Time to close the show.

Yami: *points at her wrist*
Yui: "Heh no fun!"
Yui: "And so, everyone, this one will be the last song."
Crowd: "Heh! No fun. We want more! We want more!"
Yui: "Ehehe... No no, you’re supposed to be already in class by now, you know? You should enjoy your days in class while you can. So, here, our last song, Thousand Enemies!"

The music starts to play, and the crowd is ecstatic once again.

Yui: "Passing the time with you when you're in a bad mood. There's one thing that I've learned. You're just pretending to be like that and desperately fighting.
Yui: "Don't ever change like the ice does. Even if the summer sun's rays are hot, don't melt away. I'm sure that just ahead, there's a beautiful glacier.
Yui: "That kind of heart with a shape - if they'd realize it, all people have them. You have one too!"

Or so the lyrics Yui sings.

Ayase: "Heh that lyrics..."
Yuigahama: "What’s the matter?"
Ayase: "Isn’t it sound like the one we found yesterday on that music sheet?"
Yuigahama: "Hmm..."

Yuigahama: *listens closely* "You’re right. It does sound like the one we found."
Voice from outside: "KYAAA!?"
Yuigahama: "What is that?"
Nozaki: *from the radio* "Nothing. Kobato-chan just said that Yui-san sounded like the voices she heard the other day. She is crying right now. Steph is about to take her to a quieter place to calm her down."
Yuigahama: "Huh... Thank you very much, Steph-san."
Steph: "It’s fine."
Ayase: "It’s odd, is it, kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "Yes. I think we should talk about this later."

While they were busy talking to each other, Yui already finished her song. Yami, who is in charge of the stage timing, quickly gives the signal for the band to step down so that she could pack things up immediately. One by one GDM members step down from those "Emergency Stage" tables. There’s a satisfied expression from everyone but one: Yui. Instead, she gives a sad stare to the sky, as if she was waiting for something that didn’t come. But before Yami could say a word, she quickly dissolves it into her usual smile.

And with that, the first request is fulfilled. Later, that evening,

Evening, Seitokai room
Yui: "The concert is a great success! Thank you, everyone, for your help!"
Steph: "Your welcome, Yui. So, what is next?"
Yui: "Next is soccer!"
Yuigahama: "Eh... soccer?"
Yui: "Yes, soccer. You know soccer, don’t you?"
Yuigahama: "Yes, I know it. But what do you want to do?"
Yui: "What else? I want to score a goal, of course!"
Ayase: "A goal, huh? That should be simple. A simple PK is good, yes?"
Yui: "OF COURSE, NOT! I want to dribble the ball pass 5 men before shooting it into the goal!"
Ayase: *tired expression* "Huh..."
Yui: "But, I want to do it like the one Maradona did!"
Kobato: "Maradona?"
Ayase: "Ah, he was a famous soccer player. I think not even your brother has ever watch him play, so it’s no wonder you don’t know."
Kobato: "I se- Eh, I mean: Kukuku... of course I know who he is. A true ancestor like me, who has lived for a thousand years, has seen many men - their folly rise and their fated fall."
Yuigahama: "Hmm.... Will you give us time to talk about this? We’ll make sure we can fulfill your request by tomorrow at noon."
Yui: "Okay. I’ll drop by this place again tomorrow."
Yuigahama: "Okay. Anything else?"
Yui: "No. Alright then, everyone, thank you for today! See you tomorrow!"

Yui leaves the room in her cheerful mood, as usual.

Nozaki: "So, how are we going to deal with the next one?"
Ayase: "Hmm..."

Ayase whispers a plot to everyone. Kobato seems reluctant at first, but in the end she agrees anyway.

Ayase: "Okay. We shall do as planned tomorrow."
Yuigahama: "That leaves us one more thing to discuss."
Kobato: "Heh? I want to go home already, before it gets dark!"
Steph: "Don’t worry, Kobato-chan. I’ll take you home, today. So, what is it that kaichou wants to discuss?"
Yuigahama: "It’s regarding that music sheet we found yesterday."
Nozaki: "Is there something about that, kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "Well..."
Ayase: "The lyrics in that paper, is the same as the one Yui sang today. Thousand Enemies, is it?"

Everyone go silent for a moment.

Steph: "Don’t worry, Kobato-chan. She’s not a ghost."
Kobato: "But-but, why was her voice similar to those voices I’ve been hearing?"
Yuigahama: "It’s just a coincidence, maybe?"
Ayase: "Calm down, Kobato-chan. everything is fine."
Yami: "But I think what Kobato said might be true."
Yuigahama: "What do you mean, Yami-san?"
Yami: "There was this one moment when I caught her looking at the sky with a lonely eyes or sort. And I never see the band again after they stepped down and into the curtains. Me and Yui ended up taking care of the equipment alone. They all seem... disappear."
Kobato: "I KNOW IT." *cries loudly*
Yuigahama: "This... is getting out of hand, is it? I need to see the Judicial Committee, now. They probably want to ask for what happened today. Let’s wrap this, for now. Nozaki-kun, I want you to look at the record regarding Yui."
Nozaki: "Affirmative."
Steph: "I’ll ask around about Yui, too."
Yuigahama: "Good. I shall expect for your reports tomorrow."

Afternoon, the next day, soccer field

Yami: "And these are your opponents, Yui-san!"
Masked player 1: "Yahallo- eh, I mean: So this is the girl who said she can defeat us? You think of yourself too highly, girl! Come, guys! We shall teach this little brat how to behave!"
Masked player 2-5: "Hoorah!"
Yui: "Hmph! So you guys dare to challenge the mighty Yui-nyan-sama? Very well, thy will feel me wrath, bas*****!"
Yami: "Everyone on position? Okay. Let the game begin!"

Commentator: The referee blows the whistle and here we go!

Masked player 1: "You shall not past easily!"
Yui: "You won’t stop me, motherf*****!"
Masked player 1: "We’ll see. Secret technique: Yuigahama-style scissor tac- Waaah!" *bumps on ground*

Commentator: Yui gets pass the first defender easily. (Well, more like: the first defender slips off her feet and gives way to Yui.)

Yui: "Hmph. Weakling!"
Masked player 1: "Aww..."
Masked Player 2: "Here I come. Prepare yourself!"
Yui: *thinks* "Hmm this one’s rather big. Perhaps I should use my special move, this time..."
Yui: "Okay!"

Commentator: Yui shuffles the ball, and and... Whoa it’s a miracle! She flicks the ball into the air with the back of her heel. Is this... the famous skill trick "Rainbow kick"? How is she able to do that?
Reverse flick-over, or better known as Rainbow kick: A skill trick in football where you put the ball between your legs and flick it, above your head, and above the opponent. Often used in street football for show-off, but rarely used in professional football due to difficulty of finding the right moment and the right execution. Famous regular users including Ronaldinho and Neymar.
Masked player 1: "Whoa, it’s a miracle!"
Masked Player 2: *makes a 180 degree turn and blocks Yui* "Not so fast..."
Yui: "Here’s the finisher... Take this! German Supplex!"

Commentator: Whoa what is she doing? She crosses her arms between her opponent and lifts up her opponent and and... her opponent is thrown away 5-feet above the air!

Masked Player 4: "Nozaki-kun!"
Masked Player 2: *rolls around the ground, holding his head* "Arg-"
Masked Player 4: "Ref, that’s a foul."

Commentator: Looks like one of the players is coming up to the ref, in protest of the recent accident.

Yami: "Safe!"
Masked Player 4: "What sport, again, are we playing right now?"
Masked Player 3: "Steph, she’s coming."
Masked Player 4: "Oh? Yes... Here we come!"
Yui: "Two, this time, huh? No problem. I still have cards to play. Hey, blonde old-man!"
Gilgamesh: "Old- You shall pay for that, mongrel! Gate of Babylon!"

Commentator: An unexpected contestant has arrived in the aid of Yui! Gilgamesh the pet betrays his masters! Thousands of his noble phantasms hail upon the field where Yui and the 2 remaining defenders stand! Will the Seitokai team survives this tragedy? Or will they fall like the rest ot the brave heroes who had come and face the King of Kings?

Masked Player 4: "ARGH WHAT IS THIS!?"
Masked Player 3: "Gilgamesh! You are the Seitokai’s pet! How dare you attack your masters!?"
Gilgamesh: "Hmph! You lowly creature think you can restraint me forever? You had your way for too long. Taste the aftermath of your insults, mongrels!"
Masked player 1: "Yami, please."
Yami: "Okay. "

Commentator: The ref has decided to use her strength! She draws her sword and charges forward!

Gilgamesh: "Come to my aid... Enki-"
Yami: "Too slow!"

Narrator: Whoa Gilgamesh is caught between the referee’s magical hairs! Gilgamesh’ rampant is over! Order has been restored to the field!

Yami: *shows red card*
Gilgamesh: "Basta- How dare you send-off me, the strongest player in this field!?"

Narrator: Gilgamesh is sent-off! (Is he even a part of this game in the first place?)

Masked player 1: "This is turning into quite an ordeal, is it?"
Masked Player 3: "Eh? Where’s Yui?"
Yui: "So, you’re the last one, huh? I don’t care if I have to kill you! I’m going to get that goal!"
Keeper: "Kill- Eh, I mean: Kukuku. You infidel creature wishes to challenge me? I dare you, ghost!"
Yui: "Take this! Super Killer Guillotine Shoot!"
Keeper: "Hmph. What a lame name is that! You don’t ex- wait... WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, Someone save me! An-chan!!!"

Commentator: Another miracle happens! Somehow, from those skinny legs, Yui pulls out a very powerful shot!

Masked player 1: "Yami, the plan... Yami?"
Masked Player 3: "Yami is busy putting Gilgamesh back to his own dimension!"
Masked player 1: "No... Kobato-chan, duck!"
Keeper: "Kiii!?"

Commentator: The keeper ducked and... Goal! Yui scores! The ball flies into the top right corner of the goal with so much power! No goalkeeper would be able to save that!

Yui: "YAY! I score!"
Ayase: "Phew... I’m glad it’s finally over."
Steph: *in a teary eyes* "Nozaki-kun, hang in there! Nozaki-kun!"
Nozaki: "Steph... I’m sorry. It seems... I won’t be able to fulfill our promise. I hope... you can find-" *passes out*
Steph: "Nozaki-kun? Nozaki-kun!"
Ayase: "What’s with this cross-series shipping?" -_-

Across the field, under the goal

Yuigahama: "Kobato-chan, are you okay?"
Kobato: "Kaichou!?" *cries in Yuigahama’s arms*
Yuigahama: "It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s over." *pats Kobato*
Ayase: "Kaichou!"
Yuigahama: "Ah, Ayase. Seems like your plan works. Well done!"
Ayase: "Thank you. Yui-san, is that enough?"

The two of them turn their sights on Yui. Unexpectedly, Yui has stopped jumping around in a cheerful manner. Instead, they find Yui standing with her head upwards and her eyes closed, as if she is waiting for something to come from the sky. The wind drizzles, as if it is trying to kidnap her and take her somewhere else. But, after a few seconds, nothing happened. Yui opens her eyes and now puts her head down, as if she is lamenting something.

Ayase: "Yui... -san?"
Yui: *talks to herself* "Argh why is this not working? What else must I do?"
Yuigahama: "Working? Is something wrong, Yui-san?"

Yui does not respond. She seems to be deep in her thoughts.

Kobato: "Ghost-chan?"
Yui: "Ghost? I’m no ghos- Eh, I mean: yes, Kobato-chan?"
Kobato: "Kii-"
Ayase: "So, this should be enough for the current request, yes?"
Yui: "Yes. Thank you, Seitokai, for arranging this match-up. By the way, where are those masked characters? I want to thank them, too."
Yuigahama: "Eh... they... left. They are busy."
Yui: "That’s too bad. Can I ask you to pass them my thanks, then? And also to that commentator..."
Yuigahama: "Commentator?"
Ayase: "Ah, I’ll pass that one to him. (Dammit that lame writer! Inserting some unknown chara in a scene and just get rid of it when the scene is over... I’ll school him when this is all over.)" *clinches fist*
Kobato: "Gho- I mean: Yui-san, what’s your next request?"
Yui: "Ah, I’ll explain that later in the Seitokai room. My shirt is all wet and sweaty right now. I want to get changed, first. I’ll meet you guys again this evening in the Seitokai. Bye!"
Yuigahama, Ayase, Kobato: "Bye."

And so, Yui leaves the scene, in her cheerful hum again.

Yuigahama: "Well, shall we get changed also?"
Kobato: "Hemmm!" *nods*

Evening, same day, Seitokai room.

Yuigahama: "And so, our conclusion is: Yui is a ghost."
Kobato: *cries in fear*
Nozaki: "Well, she certainly is not alive again, according to the record. Yui-san died 3 years ago, according to the school record."
Steph: "And then she became the ghost on that mysterious empty seat for 2 years straight."
Ayase: "That’s... kinda sound like a certain story I read in a novel once. But I guess it explains why Kobato said Yui-san has the same voice as that voices Kobato has been hearing, and why the lyric she sang is the same with the one we found the other day."
Nozaki: "Well, it certainly sounds like a cheap rip-off of a serial movie."
Yuigahama: "Hmm... Yami, do you think it’s possible?"
Yami: "Hmm... perhaps. According to those books I read in the library, it is believed that if a human dies with some unfinished business, there’s a 50-50 chance that parts of his/her soul might get left behind. I never really encountered one, before, since I have never visited earth before my mission with Yuuki Rito."
Yuigahama: "And this concert, soccer match, and the next request: a home run, is this unfinished business?"
Ayase: "Hmm... seems to be. I mean: she was crippled her whole life, so it’s pretty logical if she wanted to do this during her life and didn’t get to do so."
Kobato: "B-but-"
Yuigahama: "Hmm... so Yui’s true request is that she wants us to help her move on?"
Nozaki: "Yes."
Kobato: "E-eve-everyone, ple-"
Yuigahama: "And the only way to do so is for us to help Yui fulfill all the things she wanted to do in her previous life?"
Steph: "I think so."
Ayase: "But we don’t know how much request she has left in her mind! How are we supposed to finish this?"

Everybody is silenced for a moment.

Kobato: "W-will anyone listen to me now?"
Yuigahama: "Eh... I’m sorry, Kobato-chan. We’re busy thinking of how to help Yui move on."
Kobato: "That’s what I want to say, I think I know how to help Yui move on."
Steph: "Oh? Really? What do you have in mind, Kobato-chan?"
Kobato: "Ehm... I mean: I don’t think doing all the things she had not done previously will help her move on."
Ayase: "What do you mean?"
Kobato: "In movie or such, usually if somebody becomes a ghost, it’s because he/she has some promises left unfulfilled, or somebody has not fulfill his/her promise to that person. Usually it’s something dramatic or such, like romance or a very close friendship."
Yuigahama: "And... you’re trying to say: that perhaps Yui-san had a lover or some sort in her previous life?"
Kobato: "Yes. We need to find her lover or friend or such and reunite them so that they may deal with their problems."
Ayase: "Nozaki-kun, Steph-san, do you have in your notes a name of a person who, perhaps, visited her regularly, or close friend with Yui in the past?"
Nozaki: "Eh... according to the hospital logbook, Yui often received a visit by a person named Hinata Hideki."
Yuigahama: "Hinata... Hideki?"

Yuigahama looks shocked.

Steph: "Is there something, kaichou?"
Yuigahama: "Don’t tell me you guys have forgotten! That Hinata Hideki, member of the baseball club, who got OD’ed and died last year!"
Nozaki: "Ah... that boy. I heard his confidence got shot deep because he lost on regional finals."
Yami: "Then, if he died and already moved on, there’s no way to finish this request?"

Everyone is silenced again. Yami is right: there’s no telling how many things Yui wanted to do. What if it all fails? What if the reason why Yui is unable to move on is because she has something to do with Hinata? Unless they can get Hinata’s spirit back, there’s no way for them to finish the request.

Yuigahama: "Yami-chan, what do you think will happen if Yui finds out about this?"
Yami: "It will depend on Yui. If she can accept the fact, she’ll move on, I think. But if she can’t, then I don’t know what will happen. We would need the help of somebody who expertise on mysticism, occult, or such. An alien like me does not make the cut, although our knowledge about life on earth is more extensive than daily knowledge of mankind."
Yuigahama: "Hmm... Well, then, I think the only thing we can do now is to make sure Yui moves on without ever finding out about Hinata. We don’t know what will happen with her if she ever finds out, so the best way is to make sure she remains oblivious to the fact."
Ayase: "I agree."
Kobato: "But... What if she asks? An-chan taught me that lying is bad and won’t solve things in the end."
Nozaki: "Your brother is right, Kobato-san. But, I don’t think we have another option."
Kobato: "But-"
Steph: "It is fine, Kobato-chan. We don’t have to lie. We must believe that we will be able to help Yui move on without ever have to lie."
Kobato: *sadly nods* "Ehm."
Yuigahama: "Alright. Then, we shall meet again tomorrow morning, in the baseball court. Nozaki-kun, make sure you notify the baseball team about us using the court."
Nozaki: "Yes."
Yuigahama: "I guess that wraps it. See you tomorrow, everyone!"

Evening, the next day, baseball court.

Ayase: "Kaichou, how long must we keep doing this? I don’t think Yui will ever be able to pull a homerun. Those arms don’t look like it has the strength."
Yuigahama: "Hmm... should we continue this tomorrow, maybe?"
Yui: "Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Yami-san, can you still keep up?"
Yami: "Yes."
Yui: "Okay. Keep pitching them, then!"

Yui keeps batting again and again and again, without much signs of she’s going to get a homerun. She even starts to miss some, actually. It has been around 10 hours since Yami started pitching. Between those 10 hours:
- Kobato had fallen asleep and woken up,
- Nozaki had finished making script for the next edition, went home and took some drawing tools, and finished drawing that particular script,
- Stephanie had finished doing the Elchea administration works,
- Ayase had accompanied the Seitokai in the morning, went away in the afternoon for her modeling work, then came back again,
- Yuigahama... had done nothing but watching and occasionally went to get some drinks and taiyaki for Yami.

Yuigahama: "I guess it’s enough for today, Yui-san. We could try again tomorrow."
Yui: "No, don’t worry about me."
Ayase: "But, you’re not even batting right. Let me see your hands."

Ayase, Yuigahama, and Kobato find Yui’s hand full of scratches and blisters.

Kobato: "Whoa that’s some magnificent blister."
Yuigahama: "See? No wonder you can’t hold the bat right. You need to let this heal for a while. Let’s stop now."
Yui: "I see. Well, let’s give up this dream, then."
Kobato: "Eh? Really? Isn’t this your dream, Yui-san? You should fight for it until the last."
Yui: "Nah, it’s impossible for me to begin. Besides, I don’t think hitting a homerun would be able to help me move on."
Kobato: "Of course not! We’ll help you do what you didn’t get to do in your life previously. It’s what the Service Club is for."
Ayase: "Eh... Kobato-chan? We should-"
Yui: "It’s okay, Ayase-san. I already knew you guys already noticed that I’m not... human, in the first place."

Everyone looks saddened. (Well, in exception of Nozaki, whose expression remains plain at all times. )

Yui: "You see: when I was little, I was involved in an accident that took away my Dad and crippled me for life. I spent my whole life on bed. My mom single-handedly taken care me. She got me into a special academy that allows home-schooling and took care of me for life. There were a lot of things I wanted to do. But being able to move like this freely actually already makes me very happy."
Yui: "But I realized that there’s must be a reason why I remained here. I always know what it is, but I know it has become impossible to fulfill. You guys already know what it is, too, isn’t it?"

Everyone turn their stare away. They dare not make an eye contact with Yui.

Yuigahama: "Yui-san, I’m sorry, but Hinata-"
Yui: "Really. I’m very grateful for all that efforts the Seitokai has done. Really, this is a very great Seitokai, and a very great Service Club. It’s just that I already know my wish won’t come true. I know that senpai must have been waiting for me in the next life. Maybe if I pretend that wish, a marriage proposal from him, already happened, I could just move on. No need to do the rest of those dreams I have on my list."
Kobato: "Yui-chan..."
Voices: "Strike this one, Yui!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a ball flies toward Yui at incredible speed. It hits her right in the head, and looks like it might kill her if only she was still alive.

Yui: "Sh*t! Are you trying to kill me, stupid senpai? Eh- Senpai?"

Everyone looks astonished. A boy with blue hair stands before them.

Hinata: "Yo, Yui."
Yui: "Impossible... What the f*ck are you doing here? I think I said it clearly: you should find your own happiness! Don’t waste your life for a dead girl like me, bas****! I’m sure... one day... senpai... will find... someone who loves you... the way I-" *sobs*

Sometimes, love just finds a way.

Hinata: "Stupid. Didn’t I promise you already that I would marry you no matter what? Why are you still here, now?"
Yui: "... But I want a proper one, with the ring and stuff."
Hinata: "You know that it’ll be difficult."
Yui: "I know..."

As the two of them hugs, it feels like time is paused. Not a single voice dares to break the silence. Not a single breeze dares to blow the suspense; of the reunion between a boy and a girl, of a romance that has transcended lives and transcends it again, of love that surpassed all limits of reality.
The frame is stopped and split from the rest of the animation. There can be no motion, before or after it. The spectators can only spectate. The pair of lovers is busy with each other. Eye to eye, lips to lips, hands to shoulders, breath to breath. Nothing will ever come between them. Nothing can ever separate them ever again.

Yuigahama: *blushes* "Eh... should we be here?"
Ayase: "Who knows?"
Hinata: "Now, Yui, pick up that bat."
Yui: "Hmm?"
Hinata: "Come now, isn’t you said you wanted to play baseball with me? Now I’m here, I’m not letting you go without hitting a homerun, first."
Yui: "Heh... and who was it who said he’ll never let me hit any of his pitching?"
Hinata: "Shut up. Now, here it comes!"
Yui returns to the batting post. She is ready, to blast away the ball of reality. She is confident – she knows there’s no stopping her this time. Her eyes are focused. Her grip is firm. Her swing is strong, as the bat hits the ball, flies it away across the field, above the scoring chart, and out of the park. It’s a perfect home run, one that is good enough for a professional major league.

Yui: "I did it... I DID IT!"
Hinata: "Another miracle, huh?"
Yui: "Haha... Now you go get that ball!"
Hinata: "Nah, it’s fine. Let someone else find it. It might be the start of a legendary career"

The two of them come close to each other again.

Hinata: "Hey, Yui. There’s something I need to apologize first."
Yui: "About that lost in the regional finals? Hah, it’s fine. I know senpai is lame catcher."
Hinata: "Phew... You never change, don’t you?"

Yui: "Everyone, thank you for your help. Really, I’m very grateful for your aid."
Yuigahama: "Your welcomed, Yui-san. Let us know if you have any help in the future. The Service Club is always ready to help."
Yui: "Okay. And oh yes, Kobato-chan..."
Kobato: "Is something matter, Yui?"
Yui: "I’m sorry if I scared you. It’s pretty hard, you know? Getting myself a flesh form like this. I didn’t know how to approach you guys, first, so I think a true ancestor like you would notice my presence."
Kobato: "It’s fine, Yui-chan. Goodbye, Yui-chan. I hope you find happiness in next your life."
Yui: "Thank you. Bye, everyone! Senpai, shall we go?"
Hinata: "Heemm!" *nods readily*

Suddenly, they disappeared, as if the wind blows them into another world, unseen to normal men. In Yui’s place, were left behind her helmet and her bat, the memoir of her struggle in this life, and her dreams that finally were fulfilled.

Ayase: "So... in the end, we didn’t do a thing, huh?"
Yuigahama: "Who knows?"
Yami: "Let’s get back to the Seitokai room."
Yuigahama: "Oh, Yami. Great work."
Yami: "Thank you."
Ayase: "Nozaki-kun, Steph-san, let’s get back."
Nozaki: "Yes."
Steph: "Okay. Kobato-chan, let’s get back-"

Kobato glances at the empty court. The last light of the day glimmers into her blue iris. There, she wonders, a thought that maybe has never crossed her mind before: is such romance in store for her in this life? Or is it a better one? Or maybe nothing, as she laments of why he and she are siblings? Well, who knows?
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Re: Home Run (CD 1437)

Post by smartboyhw » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:18 am


This CD sure is long.

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Re: Home Run (CD 1437)

Post by Chocola » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:28 am

But I like it.
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Re: Home Run (CD 1437)

Post by smartboyhw » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:31 am

Oh, on that remark, this CD is written by somebody who's not currently in the writers group. You can try guessing who that person is.

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Re: Home Run (CD 1437)

Post by avery-kun » Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:33 pm

Holy... I'm gonna have to take the long weekend to get through this.

Good job... whoever that is.
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Re: Home Run (CD 1437)

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