Dead or Alive (CD 1439)

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Dead or Alive (CD 1439)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:54 pm

Boredom: The desire for desires. - Leo Tolstoy

Council Directive 1439

Proposal: Find a way to bypass boredom..again.
Proposed by: Izumi Konata
Consent: Lelouch Lamperouge, Fate Testarossa, Izumi Konata
Dissent: Kinoshita Hideyoshi
Abstain: Ichinose Kotomi, Sebastian Michaelis


Fate: Well, thaat certainly did take away my boredom. But now, I'm bored again.

Lelouch: I'll have to agree. There must be more that can be done here instead of mere games.

Hideyoshi: Well, the writers are a lazy bunch after all.

Kotomi: Especially Fuijiwara. It's Emerald 7 and nothing has been done.

Fate: We should punish him for this, Sebastian!

Sebastian: Yes, my queen?

Fate: Hunt down that guy named Fuijiwara and show him what it means to keep us useless and bored!

Sebastian: Right away, your majesty.

*Sebastian then teleports away to carry out his duty*

Fate: Now that's resolved. What shall we do now. Games seem too trivi-

Konata: In that case, why not a survival game?

All: Survival game?

Izumi: Yes. It's like modern warfare except we use toy guns and pellets instead of bullets.

Lelouch: How is that supposed to relieve the never ending boredom?

Izumi: You don't understand the thrill of blasting down your opponents... Wahhhh, it's a joy indeed!

Lelouch: I see, very well then, we shall take part in this activity.

Fate: I'm in. It will be great for training my projectile accuracy as well.

Kotomi: Sorry, everyone. I think I'll rather abstain from this activity.

Lelouch: It's okay melons girl, we understand the 'bur-

*Fate whacks Lelouch in the head with her scythe's back*

Hideyoshi: I would also like to abstain from this vio-

Fate: Uhuhuh, Hideyoshi. We need someone to be the loser of this match.

Hideyoshi: You're already counting me out?!

Konata: Well, if no one else has any other comments, let us head down to the field!

*At the field, everyone is equipped with a gun and appropriate battle gear, except for Hideyoshi, who is wearing a wedding dress*

Hideyoshi: Why am I in a wedding dress again?

Konata: Comedic Relief. Also, anyone that gets Hideyoshi first gets to dress up him up all day!

Hideyoshi: Why is that a prize?! And again, I'm automatically being left out?!

Konata: Very well, here are the rules and regulations.
Rules and RegulationsShow
1. No phsyical contact is allowed.
2. When shot, yell 'I'm hit' or something along those lines to admit death.
3. The game ends when time is up or only one player is standing. If game ends and more than one player is alive, a shoot-out will take place.
4. Prize is a one-day coupon of dressing Hideyoshi.
5. Have fun!
6. Don't cheat!
Konata: Kotomi here will act as the medic. Alternatively, If Hideyoshi dies first, he will be the second nurse.

Hideyoshi: I give up.....

Konata: Very well then, let the survival games.....begin!

*Fate, Konata and Lelouch rush towards their respective areas in preparation, while Hideyoshi slowly walks towards he-his side of arena*
Konata: Heh heh, this shall be easy enough. I'm just facing against two rookies and one walking target. An easy win for the ''Shooter Majesty''!

*-Konata walks up to the barrel, scouting out for Fate and Lelouch, Meanwhile....*

Lelouch: Hideyoshi! Meido! Hideyoshi! Nurse!

Fate: That's a dead giveaway, Lelouch. Die!

*Fate shoots Lelouch down with her twin pistols, of which Lelouch dodges all of them*

Lelouch: Really, Is that the best you got Feito?

*Lelouch pulls out his machine gun and blasts away at Feito, whom nimbily dodges all of them*

Fate:Oh really, you thought you can handle me like that. Well, you're in some big-

Konata: Attack!

*Konata takes out her twin rifles to shoot down Fate and Lelouch, of which Lelouch manages to escape but Fate gets hit by one*

Fate: I admit defeat... Oh, I would have loved to dress Hideyoshi in a cat costume.

Hideyoshi: Brrrr, I have this feeling that Fate wants me in a cat costume...
Lelouch: Nice try there Konata, but none can defeat the King. Zero!

*Lelouch uses his Geass in an attempt to control Konata but Konata manages to evade it and destroys Lelouch in the process*

Lelouch: Tch, it looks like you wi......n Kona....ta.

*Lelouch slumps to the ground, signalling his defeat*
Konata: Wahahahahahah. None can defeat the Shooter Majesty. Now, time to claim my prize...

Hideyoshi: Wedding Dress Ambush!

*Hideyoshi jumps from the tree and covers Konata with he-his wedding dress, covering Konata's line of sight*

Konata: Wahhh, I can't seeee!

Hideyoshi: Checkmate, Shooter Majesty....

*A shot can be heard in the air as Konata falls, leaving Hideyoshi as the winner*
Hideyoshi: Whew, glad that's over. Now, wha-

*"Click'', goes Kotomi's camera as she takes a picture of Hideyoshi in he-his underwear, which also happens to be he-his swimsuit*


Kotomi: Are you sure, Hideyoshi?


Fuijiwara: Well, I should probably start on the Seitokai.... nah...

Sebastian: Are you sure, Mr Fuiji?

*Sebastian holds knifes in his hand, smiling evily at Fuijiwara*

Fuijiwara: Welp, I'm dead aren't I....

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Re: Dead or Alive (CD 1439)

Post by avery-kun » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:38 pm


I was rooting for Konata.

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Re: Dead or Alive (CD 1439)

Post by Kiwigiwi » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:00 pm

Hideyoshi always wins. Kekekekek

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