39 for Everything (CD 1501)

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39 for Everything (CD 1501)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:53 am

"*sigh* But maybe .. I just have to wear these ear things. It doesn't mean I have to ... talk in a funny way. Oh, wait. Yes, it does-nya. ...nyaa..." -- Crisu

Council Directive 1501

Proposal: A very special message!
Proposed by: Katsura Hinagiku
Consent: Katsura Hinagiku, Sakagami Tomoyo, Takei Hisa, Tachibana Kanade, Minamoto Chikaru, Kōsaka Honoka, Sakurano Kurimu
Dissent: None
Abstain: None


Hinagiku and the rest of the Magistrates are standing on the stage of a large auditorium. The seats are completely filled, with hundreds of people in the audience. Hinagiku steps forward and approaches the podium. She looks up and gets ready to speak.
A lilting melody begins to playShow
Hinagiku: Ladies and gentlemen, protagonists and heroines, today we are gathered here to celebrate the commencement of the 9th year of ISML. I ask each of one you to look around. Do you recognize these faces? From magical girls to necromancers, from otakus to detectives, from aliens to espers to ordinary (or not so ordinary) club members, people from all different walks of life are standing side by side. People from stories long ago and people with stories just beginning. People from every universe imaginable. I see the boys in the crowd are making themselves comfortable; how does it feel to be finally a part of everybody? *many cheers come from the crowd* Today, the very notion that we are able to gather together and enjoy talking, playing, and having fun with each other is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle that wouldn't be possible without the help of teams of dedicated individuals who work hard day and night to make our dreams a reality.

Hinagiku: I want to take the time right now to recognize one of these individuals. If I were to describe him in one word, it would be sincere. He works hard because he's sincere about the things he does. He's friendly and fun to talk to because he's sincere in building relationships and getting to know people. He leads by example and serves with a passion. Personally, I am always in awe and inspired by the way he carries himself and just how much he's been able to do for all of us. And by now I'm sure that everybody knows who the person I'm talking about is, so why don't we all just shout his name in 3...2...1...

Crisu wrote:I, Crisu, am retiring as ISML Commissioner. For about 7 years I've been happy and proud to plan, design, and execute this tournament alongside fellow staff -- all of whom have given countless hours (and they're not stopping!) of their time and energy to make this community a fun and engaging place for everyone. I started making spreadsheets while a senior in college, then transitioned to writing code and web design from graduation and beyond. I've been working full-time for a while now, and each year of that plus other responsibilities has gradually pulled me away from saimoe, and it has come time for me to step down. ISML needs passionate people at its helm, and I can no longer give the tournament the leadership it deserves.

Thus in 2016, the League will be in the capable hands of KholdStare and Hikari-chan. They have years of experience and have already played major roles in keeping this tournament fresh and exciting through the years. ISML will continue strongly for years to come. We've recently welcomed new staff members as well: RegalStar, Just, smartboy, and Shmion also have that passion and dedication to keep ISML going.

I'm not disappearing completely. So far I have been helping to transition ISML to a new web server, which is basically complete. Eater-of-All has been helping with server administration, and RegalStar has been studying the backend technical functions and coding as well. I will still lurk the forums and provide help to new staff where needed.

I look forward to seeing new life breathed into ISML. The community is awesome and has been so memorable, and I will enjoy watching it continue to grow. Thank you all for your love of saimoe.
Hinagiku: And now I'll let the rest of the Magistrates have their turn on the mic.

Kurimu: *sniff* S-s-stupid Crisu! Why do you have to leave! It was so fun being with you, and all the time we spent together were such precious memories for me. Y-you slave! Don't think you're anything better than a pet dog! You can't just run away from your master! Bad Crisu! Bad..*sniff* b-bad...C-cr...*sniff* don't go, I'm going to miss you so much...*sniff*

Hisa: Now now, it's not like Crisu's going to be gone forever. He'll still be around so you can talk to him and stuff, so cheer up! Anyways, Crisu, your leadership has really impressed me over the years. You're patient and soft-spoken, and you're not afraid to take risks and invest in other people. The fact that ISML has been around for so long is a testament to your commitment and dedication. Thanks for everything!

Tomoyo: Crisu, it's been a great time. Looking to the future, I really want to help preserve all the hard work you've spent in making this special place for us. I know things will change, some for the better and some for the worse, but I think we have a lot we can build on top of all these years of success. Please continue to help guide us!

Kanade: We should go out...to eat mapo tofu sometime.

Chikaru: I think the others have said plenty. Crisu, I hope that you may succeed in your future endeavors and whatever comes your way! We appreciate all the time you've spent on ISML, but we want you to concentrate on your own life as well. We're all here to support you.

Honoka: Ah? Eh...I'm not so good with speeches...Umi says I get too passionate. So I won't say much besides thanks and good luck with everything!

As Honoka steps down from the podium, suddenly dozens of people stand up in the crowd. Each of them have a "Seitokai Member" armband and a microphone in their hands.

Suzumiya Haruhi: Listen Up! You go and live an exciting life, beat that mundane reality!
Charlotte Dunois: I think you're a real man, Crisu!
Kotobuki Tsugumi: We should get together for some tea sometimes.
Holo: May you have blessings of good fortune and success!
Yui-nyan: Hey! Don't forget us, alright! :onion60:
Misaka Mikoto: I-it's not like I wanted to say goodbye to you or anything!
Nakano Azusa: Even though things change, memories of happiness are what keep us going.
Victorique de Blois: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Fujibayashi Kyou: Crisu, you've got some nerve to be leaving us without any warning.
Asahina Mikuru: I just wanted to say--eh Haruhi-chan, what are you making me wear? Ah, stop taking my clothes of--
Gokou Ruri: Hmm...even though your future lies in darkness, the light within you shall overcome it.
Nagato Yuki: ...
Eucliwood Hellscythe: ...
Senjougahara Hitagi: See the stars? Don't stop reaching for them.
Seraphim: Get it right, I'm a vampire ninja. Vampire and ninja.
Aisaka Taiga: You idiot! Tell us about stuff like this sooner, will ya? :onion48:
Shana: That's right! You can't just drop the news so suddenly!
Furukawa Nagisa: Happy things and sad things are all a part of this circle.
Sanzen'in Nagi: For some reason, even though I haven't said anything I feel like I've said a lot already...
Nakamura Yuri: You might be a better leader than me, even.
Izumi Konata: Go watch some anime now.
Saber: It is the fate of all people to meet and to bid farewell.
Last Order: All 10000 of us say goodbye SAYS MISAKA
Akiyama Mio: Goodbye is just the beginning - there's always the next part of life.
Hirasawa Ui: Don't worry about the future; just have fun!
Shiina Mafuyu: Mafuyu will miss Crisu... :onion100:
Hirasawa Yui: Charge straight ahead, don't look back!
Akagi Sena: We'll meat again! Wait, I meant meet.
Tamura Hiyori: Oh, I bet you'll be great in a yaoi ship with
Karisawa Erika: Yeah, yeah, I agree! Also with and
Naganohara Mio: Let me help you draw that...
Oshiroi Hana: You have no regrets, right?
Kuroyukihime: Moving on is just a natural part of life.
Takanashi Rikka: Your future...I see it beyond the horizon!
Dekomori Sanae: Master, we must crush this boring reality with our *donk* owwww
Nibutani Shinka: And that's what you get for bringing this chuunibyou stuff to a farewell party.
Takanashi Toka: I'll speak for this delusional bunch: thanks for everything, Crisu.
Nyarlathothep: Crazy is good! Be crazy! :onion107:
Yukinoshita Yukino: You've done a lot for us, and we appreciate it.
Haqua du Lot Herminium: You're going already? So soon...
Kurousagi: I refuse to be seen as an American bunny girl stereotype. :onion21:
Oshino Shinobu: Kukuku human.
Chitanda Eru: I'm interested in what you're up to now!
Tokisaki Kurumi: Your future... I can see it...
Itsuka Kotori: Stop being so weird, you time witch.
Yoshinon: Yoshino thinks that you did a great job with ISML.
Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko: Buy me a meat bun. Then I'll let you go.
Aoyama Nanami: Thanks for all the hard work!
Yatogami Tohka: Every moment of this was fun. Thanks!
Shiina Mashiro: Plan C?
Mikazuki Yozora: No Mashiro...augh, when is Sorata coming back?
Shiomiya Shiori: ...
Chocolat: Chocolat is happy for Crisu!
Momo Belia Deviluke: I think I'm falling for Crisu's manliness... :onion6:
Nomi Kudryavka: Oh! Hauaayuu? Ai'm fine sankyuu!
Yato: Your wish has been heard loud and clear!
Miyazono Kaori: Keep making music while you still can.
Tina Sprout: Wasn't last night fun, Onii-chan?
Sora: Losing is not an option. Except in life. You can lose that.
Onodera Kosaki: Hang in there!
Gilgamesh: I suppose the king will allow you to leave his presence.
Yuigahama Yui: Yahallo!
Aragaki Ayase: Hey! Don't dodge my send-off kick!
Stephanie Dola: You're Imanity's last hope!...wait.
Nozaki Umetarou: I think you'd make a great shoujo hero.
Konjiki no Yami: I dislike perverts...are you a pervert?
Hasegawa Kobato: Kukuku...by the power of my twisted soul...
Lelouch Lamperouge: Should I force you to stay in ISML? :onion27:
Fate Testarossa: It's been a long time...take a nice rest, now.
Kinoshita Hideyoshi: Why am I always the poster girl?
Ichinose Kotomi: As a farewell gift, I'll play the violin for you.
Sebastian Michaelis: Wait no, that'll really be a farewell then.
Sento Isuzu: All your hard work will surely be repaid.
Kanie Seiya: In fact, it's probably already paid off in many ways.
Mikoshiba Mikoto: Hmmph! You're not as impressive as I am.
Sakura Chiyo: What are you talking about, Mikorin? Crisu is super impressive! (Not as much as Nozaki of course but)

Hinagiku: Well! Even though I think a couple of those weren't really goodbye messages, hopefully Crisu gets the overall intent. With Crisu's departure, his leadership position will be filled by the competent duo of Kholdy-sama and Hikarin, so Crisu can rest easy knowing we are in capable hands. These aren't the only changes that are coming this spring, and I'll be giving another address soon to announce what will be different. We have a lot to look forward to this year! And with that, I think it's time to end thi-

Hayate suddenly rushes on stage and hands Hinagiku an envelope. Hinagiku opens it and scans it quickly.

Hinagiku: I think we have time for goodbye messages from the Community.
From the CommunityShow
Hikari-chan wrote:Crisu~

FIRST OF ALL, we're doing this as though you're leaving us forever which (I really hope!) you're not, so it's not worth saying any goodbyes or farewells. But I know you're a busy person and I know we don't get a chance to talk often! So there are some things I want to say. First of all, thank you for being a great administrator! You're one of the people that's really helped bring this community together and really put smiles on peoples' faces. Secondly, thank you for being a great leader for us staff. You've kept everyone in line and made sure that many things get done when we're not all focused on what we needed to do! Lastly, thank you for being a great friend. I still remember RaidCall days where we talked most of the day, or days where we just said "hi" and "how are you"s and just went on with the rest of our day. Regardless, I'm happy to have met you and I'm still happy just knowing that I got to meet someone as great as you! I hope you stay as wonderful as you are and thanks for everything thus far!
blaZofgold wrote:Crisu,

Thanks for the last two-ish years of fun! I remember the first time we were both on Raidcall and you spoke and I completely didn't think you would sound like that. But your Yakusoku karaoke was absolutely amazing. Thanks for all the work you do around here, and for playing along with all the stupid and silly stuff we come up with. I'm super glad I got to know you. It's been fun, good luck with real life stuff, and may God bless your future paths!
tehyc wrote:Crisu,

It's pretty good experience for me when we worked together in the writing, even our interaction is pretty limited. Once again, thanks for everything you done for the past eight years. Seriously, if you didn't takeover and become the Commissioner, and ISML is no more since that time, I'm pretty sure that I'm still someone who don't even have a standpoint in real life. Wish you good luck and all the best with your real life stuff, and don't forget to come back to visit us from time to time.
Just wrote:Crisu,

I don't think a short message can summarize everything I want to say to you, Crisu. Real life or online, I have worked in many groups and under many people, and you are one of the leaders that I admire and look up towards most. Not only the style and the personality that I like, but also your ability to trust people and to make people trust you, working together and make the most of all individual talents. You are my role model, and I have learnt a lot from watching you. We will continue to build upon the foundation that you have laid for us, best wishes in your real life!
Fuijiwara wrote:KamiCrisu,

As a late comer to ISML itself, I haven't gotten to know you much considering I don't see you much on Rizon or other platforms. But, the work you have done here is stupendous and the amount of dedication and care that you have placed into ISML is unparalleled. While you may be stepping down from the pivotal role, I do hope you will come back often and see how ISML goes and all. Once again, thank you so much for bringing ISML to life alongside the others and I hope life blesses you with many nyan-derful memories.
smartboyhw wrote:Crisu,

I never was part of the ISML scene prior to 2014, so to be totally honest, my knowledge of you is still very limited. What I do know, however, is how you manage to bear hardship without complaining. Every time I PMed you for some tasks that only you could do, you would patiently reply and do it for us. I highly respect you as a leader, yet at the same time a friend (even if we only "talk" through e-mail and IRC). I sincerely appreciate your enormous and selfless effort put into developing the League to its status today, and I'm sure many, including me, shall be trying our best to succeed your legacy. Thank you, and may you have a pleasant journey onward on your other pursuits.
Eater-of-All wrote:Crisu,

The server is on fire.
shadowhunter wrote:Crisu,

Like any usual user I want to thank you for all of your work! I`ve joined ISML only at 2015. But that year was really fun! It had many positive moments and some negative moments just like in real life. Of course, existence of that tournament was achieved by your effort! It`s impossible to value your contribution. I hope you will get some interesting time in future! And we will try to continue development of International Saimoe by different ways!
Hinagiku: As always, we are looking forward to this next year with each and every one of you. Best wishes!
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Re: 39 for Everything (CD 1501)

Post by Just » Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:57 am

All of you can also leave a message to Crisu! All messages will be added to the contents of this CD! Just follow the format (putting your message inside a quote from yourself, just like what others have done) and reply to this post, we will add them into the CD once we see it! Everybody is welcome to join!
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Re: 39 for Everything (CD 1501)

Post by shadowhunter » Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:45 pm

shaadowhunter wrote:Crisu,

Like any usual user I want to thank you for all of your work! I`ve joined ISML only at 2015. But that year was really fun! It had many positive moments and some negative moments just like in real life. Of course, existence of that tournament was achieved by your effort! It`s impossible to value your contribution. I hope you will get some interesting time in future! And we will try to continue development of International Saimoe by different ways!
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