Rules Are Made to Be Broken! (CD 1502)

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Rules Are Made to Be Broken! (CD 1502)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:56 am

"Fun things... Happy things... They'll all... They'll all eventually change some day, you know? But can you still love this place?" -- Furukawa Nagisa

Council Directive 1502

Proposal: The ISML 2016 Charter is passed and released.
Proposed by: Tachibana Kanade
Consent: Katsura Hinagiku, Sakagami Tomoyo, Takei Hisa, Tachibana Kanade, Minamoto Chikaru, Sakurano Kurimu
Dissent: None
Abstain: Kōsaka Honoka


*The Transitional Seitokai members are working in the Office, when the door suddenly bursts open.*

Hanayo: Honoka-chan!

Honoka: Hanayo-chan! What's the matter?

Hanayo: Help... Help me... :onion20:

Honoka: What is happening? Hang on there, Hanayo-chan!

Hanayo: The Charter for the ISML 2016 has been released! And there are a number of changes to the structure of the tournament!

Honoka: What?! Let me see it!
ISML 2016 CharterShow
Honoka: T... This is big news! Everybody!

*Tomoyo looks at the others, takes a deep sigh and turns to Honoka.* :onion12:

Tomoyo: Honoka, all those changes had been covered in our previous discussions. Were you paying attention?

Honoka: Eh... Eh?! I had no idea at all!

Hinagiku: I believe Kanade sent the draft to everybody before the official release. Did you read it?

Kanade: ...

Honoka: Eh... Haha, I am not good at reading long texts...

Chikaru: I wonder how you ever managed to become a Student Council President...

Hisa: Well, it doesn't hurt to go over the key points again.

Honoka: I am really grateful, Hisa-chan! I will make sure to pay 120% attention this time!

Hisa: Alright. First of all, the female Contestants won't be divided into Nova and Stella any more. There will only be two Divisions, the Female and the Male.

Honoka: That is a nice change. Eli-chan always told us there shouldn't be discrimination between upperclassmen and underclassmen. This change allows all of us to be on the same stage together, and that is very good!

Hisa: There will be no Preliminary matches. Nomination results will directly determine the Contestants of the Main Tournament...

Hanayo: N... No more Preliminaries? But that was exactly where I could not get past last year! Does this mean this year I won't even have the chance to make an appearance? :onion77:

Hinagiku: Calm down, Hanayo. Although there are no Preliminaries, the number of slots in the Main Tournament will be increased to 128 on each side. You did very well in the Nominations last year, so I think you definitely have a chance!

Hanayo: That is reassuring...

Honoka: Ganbatte, Hanayo-chan!

Hisa: Instead of having a round-robin Regular Season, the format will be changed to a series of Group matches with elimination at each stage.

Honoka: Does elimination mean you go home at once if you lose a match?

Tomoyo: No, you will face each opponent in the same group once. When you have competed against all opponents in the group, the results of all matches will be summed up, and the top performers in each group will advance.

Honoka: That means some of us will only appear for a very short time...

Kurimu: But the total number of people who get a chance to make an appearance has been increased, so that is still a good thing!

Hanayo: Posters! Will there still be posters of beautiful girls that I can collect?

Hinagiku: Actually there are posters for boys too... Yes, there will still be posters for Necklace and Pendant winners. What is different from last year is: there will be no more Circlets or Crowns. Both Sapphire and Diamond will be reverted back to Necklaces/Pendants, and we will have seven Periods for the Main Tourament instead of five. One thing to note though, this year we are not going to release the posters at the same time as the results. Instead, we are going to release them one week later, which allows more time for the Graphics Staff to work on making the posters more beautiful.

Hanayo: Oh, no more Circlets and Crowns? Well as long as there are still beautiful posters... And I like the idea of allowing more time to make the posters more pretty!

Hisa: Yes, because under the new format there will be no more Postseason. After the seven Periods, the number of Contestants has been narrowed down to 16 in each Division. One more round of group matches will be held, and from Quarterfinals onwards the tournament will follow single elimination format with consolation matches.

Honoka: That sounds like a good idea. When we reach the later stages of the tournament, win-or-go-home definitely makes things more interesting...

Chikaru: There will also be a change in the format of the Necklace/Pendant Matches. Instead of seven, we will have eight Contestants in the match. We are getting rid of all the troublesome statistics, and the top performers in each Group will directly advance to the Necklace/Pendant Match. We are also getting rid of the old Necklace/Pendant formula as well, so instead of (PSAO/3 + VF%), the votes received in the Necklace/Pendant Match will directly decide the winner.

Honoka: I like this change! No more complicated maths! This makes things so much more straightforward!

Hanayo: Posters! Beautiful posters! Last year there was a beautiful poster of Kanade-chan here, will we have that this year as well?

Kanade: ... :onion36:

Tomoyo: You mean the Tournament of Champions? Due to scheduling reasons, we have decided to move it to the beginning of each year. So instead of having it at the end of 2016, we are organizing it before the Main Tournament in 2017.

Hanayo: That means I have to wait for a longer time before I see the beautiful posters...

Honoka: The best is always left till the last, right? It will be worth the wait! All those changes sound very nice! I am voting yes!

Hinagiku: Honoka, the voting for this was already done last week... :onion50:

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Re: Rules Are Made to Be Broken! (CD 1502)

Post by Reverend » Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:21 pm

A Kanade CD.., without Kanade saying a thing... with a Honoka pic instead...
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Re: Rules Are Made to Be Broken! (CD 1502)

Post by Chibasa » Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:46 pm

Reverend wrote:A Kanade CD.., without Kanade saying a thing... with a Honoka pic instead...
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