Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

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Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Tue May 03, 2016 9:53 am

"I am curious!" -- Chitanda Eru

Council Directive 1504

Proposal: The Forum Currency will be changed from lollipops to ice creams. Chitanda Eru will run the Ice Cream Stand 2016. Ice creams will be given out to Community members who contributed to the ISML 2015.
Proposed by: Minamoto Chikaru
Consent: Katsura Hinagiku, Sakagami Tomoyo, Takei Hisa, Tachibana Kanade, Minamoto Chikaru, Kōsaka Honoka, Sakurano Kurimu
Dissent: None
Abstain: None


Hisa: Welcome to the Magistrate Office, Chitanda-san.

Honoka: Eru-chan! I have always wanted to meet you! You've got such a gorgeous body, nice straight hair and charming face... You look like a school idol! Would you be interested in joining-*BONK*-Ow!!!

Tomoyo: Honoka-san, please calm down.

Eru: I feel very happy to receive such a compliment! Thank you! It is such an honour for me to have a chance to visit!

Chikaru: This is a special prize for the Tiara winner of ISML 2015. You deserved it.

Eru: So what does the Magistrate do during the offseason when there are no ongoing matches? I am curious!

Hinagiku: Well, at present we are also serving as the Transitional Seitokai, before the actual Seitokai can be elected. We also have to clear the mess that last year's Seitokai left us... *sigh* These kids never stop me from worrying.

Kurimu: Hina-chan, as we are on the topic, last year's Seitokai has used up all the lollipops in stock and we need to replenish them.

Hinagiku: Good grief, that was the last of them!

Hisa: Oh well, we have been using lollipops for quite some time now so it's only natural that they'll eventually be used up. I guess it's time for us to change the Forum Currency to another kind of food.

Kanade: Mapo...

Everyone: NO! :onion23:

Kanade: ... :onion21:

Honoka: Eru-chan! Is there any food that you really like?

Eru: Me? Well...

Honoka: I remember that you and your friends have a Club that is into ice cream!

Eru: Ice cream? Oh, that was actually just a certain mystery that-

Kurimu: I like ice cream. :onion6:

Chikaru: Yes, ice cream sounds nice.

Kanade: Mapo...

Hisa: That is a good idea! I will arrange the supplies. *takes out her phone and starts to dial a number*

Tomoyo: OK, now that we have got this issue settled, we will also have to prepare to set up the Ice Cream Stand for this year.

Eru: Oh! What is the Ice Cream Stand and what does it do? I am curious!

Kurimu: It is a place where Community members can spend the ice creams that they have earned for titles and badges. There are various titles and badges that members can buy at different prices, and some of them have eligibility criteria that have to be unlocked before they can be purchased. This year, there is also a new feature of tradeable ISML Cards, which can be purchased there as well.

Eru: That sounds very interesting! Can I help with this Ice Cream Stand? It would be really fun to see what Titles, Badges and Cards there are, and how people can get them! I am very curious!

Hinagiku: I think there would be no problem. You can work with Tomoyo, she will provide assistance when necessary.

Eru: Thank you for having me!

Tomoyo: That would be my pleasure. The Stand will be set up in the "All Season" board late next week.

Hinagiku: One more thing, we need to hand out ice creams to contributors from the Community for the year 2015.

Eru: Oh! So you actually give out ice creams to members of the Community? How do you decide who will get them? :neko031:

Honoka: Community members can earn ice creams through participating in Forum activities such as Karaoke, Fantasy, Results Trivia and other community-initiated activities. Members who contribute to the ISML through writing, designing artwork or organizing activities will also earn ice creams.

Chikaru: In fact, I have compiled a list of the amounts that shall be earned by different Community members in 2015. It can be finalized if Hina-chan approves.

Hinagiku: Let me see...
Amount of ice creams earned in 2015Show
Contributors for the following are awarded:
Art/Avatar Submissions
Character Profiles
Community Activities
Featured Matches Write-up
Results Trivia
Saimoe Database
(Rewards for Karaoke had already been processed previously.)

~Baumkuchen-kun~ 240
10ZHAbin 1535
apcsandstorm 20
avery-kun 1930
Bastion 135
blaZofgold 545
BugH 1565
Chibasa 1180
Chimizu 5
Chiyome 5
Crisu 50
CureRainbow 195
Curisu 15
Cytrus 250
DarknessHid 380
dczmydc 5
Desufire 360
Eater-of-All 75
Fuijiwara 2770
fujibayashi 15
Grish 2025
Hachiko 50
haebaragi 200
HaloCapella 50
HasbeenaHibiki 750
Hetaliafan09 5
Hikari-chan 885
hinakatbklyn 220
Homura 110
houreki 1440
Ichigo-Sora 375
InfiniWen 5
instrern2 60
Isla 650
itsukayuzuru 700
Jessica52520 5
Jiharo 15
Just 2755
Kamineko 300
kanohistorm 285
kukimunstir 1215
Kurogarasu 1735
Kyuubi 30
LeaderMagnet 5
Lian 55
LittleWater 10
lolcatstheotaku 50
LOveLive! 1500
lowesmonti 5
Lurke_Skylurker 15
Luv Spheal 690
LXY1234 5
maglor 340
Magnux7 155
Marinara 1000
matchbaby 1260
maytion 10
Momento10 2055
Momo 620
MonteCristo-sama 115
niwa87 1100
puremashiro 125
RailWarrior 1185
Reverend 985
RichardJoash 475
RockmanXt 60
Ruisu-Sama 315
Sedon 50
shadowfax070 20
shadowhunter 120
Shmion84 705
sirwence 10
smartboyhw 785
snowhyzhang 125
Sphire 10
ssdcgaddq 20
superunature 5
Tachibana Kanade 405
TeamRocketElite 355
tehyc 1885
Toady 290
Tokei Shikake Tenshi 70
Veon 255
WarmMist 80
WoodyMC 1550
XxPurpleCrystalxX 465
xxx 305
YagamiHayate 1090
Yamadall 5
Yumaol 15
Hinagiku: It looks fine to me.

Chikaru: Thanks, Hina-chan. I will process this list then.

Kurimu: I guess that sums up our work for today.

Eru: Thank you for letting me visit you today! It has been a very fun and interesting experience!

Hinagiku: It is our pleasure! Feel free to visit us any time when you would like to!

Minamoto Chikaru
ISML Seitokai
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Re: Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

Post by smartboyhw » Tue May 03, 2016 9:55 am


Wait, ice cream is countable?

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Re: Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

Post by Reverend » Tue May 03, 2016 10:09 am

No Mapo for Kanade? How dare you!?

#freeKanade #MapoforKanade #KanadeforMapoTofuShop
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Re: Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

Post by BugH » Tue May 03, 2016 12:25 pm

Eru's curiosity ice cream shop
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Re: Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

Post by Bastion » Tue May 03, 2016 11:24 pm

*turns on sunlight* XP
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Re: Watashi Kininarimasu! (CD 1504)

Post by kanohistorm » Wed May 04, 2016 9:01 am

Special flavor of the day: Eru's Jelly Eyes Cream
spoiler alert :3
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